Podcast 323 about Yoga, Vegans and Genetics

Who should be a vegetarian and who should not? Are genetics playing a role here? Read More

Podcast 322 about Undoctored – The Documentary

Jeff Hays documentary about health care, its costs and outcomes. Read More

Podcast 321 about Vaccines, Infant Death and more

Many struggle with the decision. We are pro immunization, but against vaccines that injure thousands. Read More

Podcast 320 about How Science is Corrupted – Statistically Significant Factoids?

Different metabolic types react diametrically opposite to the same stimulus. So how can we continue to treat everyone the same way? Read More

Podcast 319 about Arthritis-Ease and Joint Health

Herbal tincture to help reduce inflammatory reactions in joints. Read More

Podcast 318 The Brain Retrain For Optimal Health – End Fibromyalgia and CFS

Gupta Program Brain Retraining™ Is A Powerful Revolutionary New Program For Chronic Conditions. Read More

Podcast 317 about Bought The Movie

Jeff Hays documentary about vaccines, drugs and food industries. Brace for impact. Read More

Podcast 316 about Food Cravings and How To Eliminate Them

Endocrine dominance predetermines how our body will react to food and other inputs. The food cravings we have are a reflection of the glandular dominance. Read More

Podcast 315 about The Hard Working Male

In praise of the hard working people who wear out their bodies in jobs that are the “salt of the Earth”. Read More

Podcast 314 about Muscle Testing For Your Health

Learn to be independent, to rely upon your own resources to know what is right for you. No need to follow costly advisers, be your own guide. Read More

Podcast 313 about The Truth about Fibromayalgia

We created a closed group on Facebook, that has grown to over 60,000 members. There is definitely a lot of interest in finding solutions and support for people with fibromyalgia. Read More

Podcast 312 with Chase Hudson about CBD Hemp Oil

Hemp extracts are very helpful with mood imbalance, neurological dysfunction, and general need for relief from stress. Read More

Podcast 311 about Rapid Life Change Programs

Dr Mike Amendolara explains his Rapid Life Change Program, how a chronic pain condition can be resolved using NeuroLinguistic Programming methods. Read More

Podcast 310 about Skin Sorcery – New Skin Care Line

Skin Sorcery is unusual, potent, without harmful chemicals, effective and affordable. Read More

Podcast 309 about The Industrial Food Catastrophe

Depleted soils produce deficient foods that cause health problems we are trying to fix with chemical drugs. Read More

Podcast 308 with Ian Clark about Marine Phytoplankton and Seed Oils

Activation Products review and introduction with Ian Clark. Read More

Podcast 307 about Menstrual Cramp Relief

Many are suffering with not understanding if the causes. Relief is possible … Read More

Podcast 306 about Martin Sharing his Story

As many other healers there is a story of adversity, learning, and personal growth. Learn from the hard won wisdom. Read More

Podcast 305 with Dr Amendolara about Live Pain Free

Zero Pain and Rapid Pain Elimination are possible. We just need to reprogram the brain – and the techniques are known. Read More

Podcast 304 about Metabolic Typing

Martin discusses biological individuality, something that is almost completely ignored by mainstream health practitioners. Read More

Podcast 303 about Supernutrition and Making Life Enhancing Decisions

Why has it become necessary to supplement “food” with superfood blends? Industrial food is deficient, and cannot support life. Read More

Podcast 302 about Stress Illnesses

There are tried, true and tested methods that work for reducing stress-caused and stress-related health problems. Read More

Podcast 301 about Hemp Oil Q and A

Let’s explain the terminology, and the confusion between hemp oil, and hemp seed oil. How does it work, why does it work, and what does it do for you? Read More

Podcast 300 about Hemp Oil Q and A

There is so much to learn – the topic is both old and new. We are finally able to bring the goodness of hemp to the people. Read More

Podcast 299 about Epstein-Barr – The Secret Epidemic

The review of the book Medical Medium by Anthony William takes us to explore viral infections, chronic inflammation and potential cures. Read More

Podcast 298 about Fibromyalgia

Explaining the complexities of dealing with a complex autoimmune syndrome that is often called fibromyalgia. But it has been known under many other labels. Read More

Podcast 297 about Balancing the Good and Bad Microbes

Supplementing with good, friendly bacteria – probiotics – aids digestion, promotes natural immunity & resistance to diseases, and is crucial in regaining and maintaining your health and vitality. Read More

Podcast 296 about Humic and Fulvic Acid

Rebuilding the microbiome with ancient dirt – rebooting the original blueprint of life. Read More

Podcast 295 about Current Situation at Fukushima Part 2

Detoxify your system of all electro-positive pollutants, including toxic heavy metals, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds, radioactive elements and others without removing beneficial minerals. Read More

Podcast 294 about Current Situation at Fukushima Part 1

How can you protect yourself against excess radiation and other toxic elements in our environment? Read More

Podcast 293 about New Programs at Life Enthusiast

Results of a survey we ran asking our subscribers to tell us what they would like to see us cover in our presentations. Read More

Podcast 292 about Human MicroBiome, Germs and More

There are 10 times more cells from micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses & fungi) than human cells, in and on our bodies. Read More

Podcast 291 about Life Enthusiast News

What happens when you eat against your Metabolic Type? Your genetics loads the ‘gun’, and what you eat pulls the trigger. Read More

Podcast 290 about Hemp Oil, a Powerful Healing Agent

There is a rich history to be explored of how hemp was once used, then banned, and now again back in use. It is time … Read More

Podcast 289 about Life Crystals from Doc of Detox

Meet Joshua Flint, the production manager for the Doc of Detox (formerly HumaLife) humic, fulvic and Life Crystals products. Read More

Podcast 288 about EssenceSea Products for Body Maintenance and Repairs

Remineralization, magnesium versus calcium, and what works for rejuvenation … Read More

Podcast 287 about Best Day Ever With Taylor Wells

Taylor Wells, a parent of five, uses real-life examples to inspire us in every way. Her fun, easy, and effective approach makes the Best Life Ever book accessible to all. Read More

Podcast 286 about Body Type and Weight Loss Secrets

Martin Pytela and Scott Paton explain the glandular dominance, body type, and genetics and how we lose or gain weight. Read More

Podcast 285 about Thyroid Function and Effects on Health

The thyroid gland regulates the temperature of the body by secreting two hormones that control how quickly the body burns calories and uses energy. Read More

Podcast 284 New Product Announcements

Discussing new products, what they are and why we bring them on. Read More

Podcast 283 about Glandular Fitness for Losing Weight

The thyroid gland is an important endocrine gland regulating metabolism in every cell of your body. Read More

Podcast 282 about The Sacred Science Documentary

Nick Polizzi, a very accomplished movie producer, more recently in a groundbreaking new documentary film called “The Sacred Science” talks about his work. Read More

Podcast 281 with Paula Horan about Conscious Eating

Martin Pytela with Paula Horan on conscious eating, on vibrational health, mindfullness and how we create health. Read More

Podcast 280 about Toxins and Mental Health

Look under the surface of psychiatric methods. and you will find them seriously lacking. Read More

Podcast 279 about Electromagnetic Frequencies Making You Sick

Anything from radio waves to cell phones, wi-fi or electric motors emits these invisible waves. Read More

Podcast 278 about Bacterial Contamination in Beef

A massive recall of beef products has consumers questioning the safety of their hamburgers and looking for alternatives. Read More

Podcast 277 about Genetically Modified Foods

The US government ignored repeated warnings by its own scientists and allowed untested genetically modified (GM) crops into our environment and food supply. Read More

Podcast 276 with David Wolfe on Higher Wellness and Peak Performance

David Wolfe shares his thoughts on Manna, Superfoods, why certain diets work for some people and not others. Read More

Podcast 275 about Food Affecting Your Mood

Moods are affected by the pH balance which is the result of the ratios of carbs fats and proteins on every meal. Read More

Podcast 274 about Obamacare

Martin Pytela explains his views on the health insurance industry and the politics of health. Read More

Podcast 273 about The China Study and Long Term Health

Known as the China Study, “this project eventually produced more than 8000 statistically significant associations between various dietary factors and disease.” Read More

Podcast 272 about Healthy Weight Loss

The weight loss industry is pulling in a lot of money, and most of it on solutions that would work a lot better if Metabolic Typing were included. Read More

Podcast 271 about Price vs Value in Supplements

Martin Pytela and Scott Paton talk about value in nutrition, in supplements, and in general. Do you want it good, fast and cheap? Pick any two. Read More

Podcast 270 about Herbal Relief for Chronic Pain

How many years does it take for a person to give up on opiod drugs for treatment of pain? Will they switch before they die of their addiction? Read More

Podcast 269 about the 4-20 Day

April 20 is the day for all hemp enthusiasts to celebrate the weed. Read More

Podcast 268 about Food Addictions and Soy

Illinois convicts have gone to court, claiming that too much soy in their diets has left them with severe health problems, including heart issues and thyroid damage Read More

Podcast 267 about Martin becoming Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor

Announcing the Metabolic Typing Advisor certification for Martin Pytela and what that means to our customers. Read More

Podcast 266 about Healthy Babies with Soil-Based Probiotics Part 5

Newborns require the right exposure to microbial cultures to develop a healthy immune system. Read More

Podcast 265 about Healthy Hearts with Soil-Based Probiotics Part 4

Microbes are involved in detoxification processes, and having the right support can make all the difference. Read More

Podcast 264 about Iron Absorption with Soil-based Probiotics Part 3

The intestinal microbes are responsible for the absorption of iron that we need for oxygen transport. Read More

Podcast 263 about Soil-Based Probiotics Part 2

For our ancestors, SBO Probiotics were naturally provided in their diet from the rich soil that coated their harvested vegetables. Read More

Podcast 262 about EFT with Joan Kaylor

Discover how powerful this non-invasive method can clear stored emotional injuries. Read More

Podcast 261 about ORMUS Success Stories with “David the Oracle”

Experiencing the ORMUS minerals is quite an adventure … Read More

Podcast 260 about ORMUS with David the Oracle Part 4

As our environment seems to becoming so increasingly dangerous to life, it’s nice to know mother nature also provides some aid to balance things Read More

Podcast 259 about New Soil-Based Probiotics Part 1

Today, we hear from Kelly Desante, president of Body Biotics, introducing the SBO microorganism products. Read More

Podcast 258 about ORMUS with David the Oracle Part 2

Organic Heritage seeds planted into a variety of garden beds, produce, wild-crafted crops, field crops and with all of the right empowerment symbols, OmManna ORMUS Gold Fertilizers and many other earth blessings. Nutritional and delicious! Read More

Podcast 257 about ORMUS with David the Oracle Part 3

ORMUS is not well known, but it will likely be the staple of supplementation for people in the know, the inner circle of advanced researchers. Read More

Podcast 256 about Flu Season and Immune Enhancers

There are powerful tools that can help upregulate the strength and readiness of the immune system to deal with common viral infections. Read More

Podcast 255 about Smart Minerals Part 8

Become both more grounded and more open at the same time. Support your energetic connection with above and below, through the mineral based information source. Read More

Podcast 254 about Magnesium Testimonials

Let’s hear form our clients about magnesium. Read More

Podcast 253 about ORMUS with David the Oracle Part 1

Let’s hear about the vibrational side of life, creating at the connection with nature. Read More

Podcast 252 about Smart Minerals Part 7

The most common limiting emotions are low self esteem, fear, guilt and shame. They are the primary limiters of our success. Read More

Podcast 251 about Homeopathy and Healing

The subtle energies often are the driving forces in our lives. Read More

Podcast 250 about Steve Jobs RIP

Treatment choices are a personal thing. One point is obvious, having more money, and access to the best of mainstream medicine does not guarantee a happy outcome. Read More

Podcast 249 about Sour Fermented Foods

Sauerkraut fermentation happens naturally, and we can ferment not just cabbage, but all kinds of starchy vegetables. Read More

Podcast 248 about Healthy Blood

Restoring the blood electrolytes may be just what is needed to improve performance. Read More

Podcast 247 about Metabolic Typing

Biological Individuality is largely ignored by mainstream health practitioners. And yet, taking it into account will greatly improve individual outcomes. Read More

Podcast 246 about Mercury Retrograde and Almonds

Soak your tree nuts, seeds and pulses before eating to inhibit phytoestrogenic effects. Read More

Podcast 245 about Smart Minerals Part 6

Focus on the inner work, the emotional balance, and the thoughts will express themselves through solving the external issues. Read More

Podcast 244 about Smart Minerals Part 5

Clear your emotional fields by changing the resonance with which you are interacting with the universe. Read More

Podcast 243 about Smart Minerals Part 4

Feeling love is every one’s birth right. Surround yourself with a cocoon of love energy that supports you through the day’s challenges. Read More

Podcast 242 about Smart Minerals Part 3

Clearing vibrational injuries with the Smart Minerals products leads to the release of old injuries and normalization of function. Read More

Podcast 241 about Smart Minerals Part 2

There is a way to transfer an emotional vibrational state from a person into a mineral supplement, and out to another person – we can bring in the vibration of a person who has already solved their imbalances. Read More

Podcast 240 about Smart Minerals Part 1

The subconscious mind is creating our reality through the control it exerts on our emotions and our behaviors. Read More

Podcast 239 about Toxins We Give To Kids Part 3

Do more of the right things, and consider the consequences of your actions, before you act, not after. Prevention is so much more effective than recovery. Read More

Podcast 238 about Toxins We Give To Kids Part 2

When we put our attention on the detail, we find that many commonly used products are poisoning us and our children. How will the next generation fare? Read More

Podcast 237 about Toxins We Give To Kids Part 1

The industrial food experiment is running in the western industrialized countries, and it is not going great – the “civilization illnesses” are on the rise. Read More

Podcast 236 about Superfoods Part 2

There are some foods that you need to use sparingly for a specific purpose …. Read More

Podcast 235 about Superfoods Part 1

Let’s explore the features of nutrition that make a difference – how do we know that we are getting a good value for the money we paid? Read More

Podcast 234 about Full Moon and Lunacy

There are patterns of subtle influences that we can either ignore, or include in our awareness. Here is a demonstration that explains how these influences project onto the world. Read More

Podcast 233 about Numerology and Biorhythms

Consider the subtle side of our existence, and the patterns we follow and express. Read More

Podcast 232 about Toxic Products We Give Our Children

We must pay attention what we put not only into our bodies, but also onto our skin. And we must thing hard about what we do to our children. Read More

Podcast 231 about a Terrible Injustice to a Mother and Child

Does the state own the children? Do we have the freedom to choose how we want to live? It can be complicated … Read More

Podcast 230 about Vitamin C – Immune System Enhancer

We have to ingest vitamin C every day. The RDA is 150 mg. Orthomolecular scientists say it should be wall above 6,000 mg. Read More

Podcast 229 about Emotional Upsets and Stress

Can every day be sunshine and rose petals on the pillow? And if it were, would it not get kind of boring? Read More

Podcast 228 about Detoxifying From A Visit to the Dentist

It is not just the mercury in fillings, it could be the drugs used for freezing …. Read More

Podcast 227 about Metabolic Typing Part 3

Manage your health with the knowledge of your Biological Individuality and get much better results than the random approach of the mainstream. Read More

Podcast 226 about Metabolic Typing Part 2

Anxiety level rises with acidity, Depression rises with alkalinity. We can manage that with macronutrient balance. Read More

Podcast 225 about Metabolic Typing Part 1

With MEtabolic Typing we have the tools to clearly identify the diet that is right for your Biological Individuality. Read More

Podcast 224 about Carbs, Fats and Proteins

Managing the balance of macro-nutrients is key to managing the pH balance, and many other physiological processes. Read More