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We do not have refrigeration in our warehouse. None of the items we sell require this treatment. They do fine in most situations, except if they are left in a mail box in direct sun. Please ship your orders to addresses where you can avoid direct summer sun. There is an exception to this rule: E3 Live frozen algae is drop-shipped directly from manufacturing, with FedEx 2-day service, on dry ice, in a freezer box – 6 bottles at a time.

In the online store, navigate the Shop through Categories, or use the search bar to find the product you are looking for. From the product page, select the Variation, and the quantity you would like, and add the product(s) to your cart. You may then continue shopping, or click on the view cart button, review your order, change quantities, and then click on checkout to complete the payment and address details.

You can pay with Credit Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and with Check – for that you will need to send us a check by mail.

You can also have us process your order by phone, just call us at 1-866-543-3388.

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All our Prills come from the same source, with different packaging. The Twilight America Prill Beads are 2 oz. The TransDerma Minerals Precious Prills are available in multiple sizes, 3 oz, 2 lbz, 7 lbs, 20 lbs. Both do the same thing – discharge stored energies from water, helping it become a better hydrating version of water.

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Plastic should be fine with Crystal Pearls. NOT for Prills as they will decompose most plastic (even the hard, clear polycarbonate). Prills need to be in glass or glazed ceramic containers. It’s OK to leave your Crystal Pearls in plastic bottles, but we recommend that you use glass water containers whenever possible.

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To clean Prills, leave them in their bag and rinse with running water, or… If they’re particularly stuck with minerals from sitting in hard water, place the bag in a bowl and cover it with vinegar. Let soak until the minerals loosen, then massage them gently and rinse thoroughly. If your Prills start growing green algae, please understand that this is natural, as they support life. Algae grow in all natural springs. If you want to get rid of the algae, rinse the Prills in hydrogen peroxide to bleach them, and keep your main Prill jug out of sunlight.

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We are available by phone or by Skype for health coach support. Give us a call at 1-866-543-3388.
Or e-mail us your Skype details and let’s arrange a meeting.

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