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Volixer Water Concentrate

Experience Volixer Water with Minimal Expense

Experience Optimal Hydration Like Never Before! Volixer Water Concentrate creates optimally-hydrating water that restores cellular hydration in record time. Simply add it to your own water
EssenceSeaVolixer Water Concentrate


Volixer Water Concentrate

Experience Volixer Water with Minimal Expense

  • Supremely Energized Water for Enhanced Cellular Hydration
  • Superior Hydration Fights Inflammation, Eases Joint Motion
  • Boosts Your Mental and Physical Energy

Item #: ESVWC16

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  • Supremely Energized Water for Enhanced Cellular Hydration
  • Activated Trace Minerals to Replenish Cellular Needs
  • Superior Hydration Fights Inflammation, Eases Joint Motion



Experience Optimal Hydration Like Never Before!

Volixer Water Concentrate creates optimally-hydrating water that restores cellular hydration in record time. Simply add it to your own water, and you create pure, living, mineral-rich, alkaline water to rejuvenate your whole body.

This innovative Water Concentrate has been restructured through a patent-pending process, creating biologically-preferred molecular structures that increase your nutrient absorption and utilization.

Volixer Water's unique structure allows it to easily pass through cell walls, delivering oxygen, nutrients and enzymes. The unique structure also assists the removal of toxic waste that accumulates in your cells.

  • Provides optimum cellular hydration and mineral balance
  • Reduces inflammation and pain for improved joint motion
  • Boost physical and mental energy
  • Enhanced mental clarity, less stress, restful sleep
  • Increases nutrient absorption and utilization
  • Revitalizes detoxification processes
  • Elevates oxygen levels
  • Enhances metabolic efficiency (for weight loss)
  • Supports the immune system
  • Restores pH balance
  • Better digestion
  • Softer, suppler skin
  • Refreshing taste!

All water is not created equal.

Although water is essential for survival, many people exist in a chronic state of mild to moderate dehydration without knowing it.

Over 99% of all cellular chemical reactions are facilitated by water. Lack of water OR quality of water can lead to dehydration, loss of concentration, headaches, irritability and weight gain. Many people confuse hunger for thirst. Occasionally, there may be a decrease in appetite and an increase in thirst as the activated Volixer Water penetrates into the cells more readily.

Cellular dehydration is a major contributing factor for aging and contributes to many degenerative conditions.

With optimal hydration, inflammation is reduced and joint motion improves so you can feel rejuvenated.

Common experiences that can occur within minutes of drinking your first glass of Volixer Water include a decrease of localized inflammation, or a sense of greater well-being in the digestive system and throughout the body.

Some users may experience a detoxification reaction, which could show up as a stronger odor in sweat and is usually a sign of dehydration prior to drinking Volixer Water. If the strong sweat odor persists, there may be a magnesium deficiency (widespread problem plaguing the western lifestyle). If you show symptoms of this, try taking Sea Vitality - formulated to reverse magnesium deficiency.


Volixer Water's Unique Structure

The estimated 50 trillion cells contained in our body rely on water to sustain them. Many of the important cellular functions are optimally facilitated by hexagonally clustered water. Unlike tap water or traditional mineral water, Volixer Water consists of this unique structure, allowing it to pass freely through cell walls to deliver oxygen and nutrients. The efficiency and speed of Volixer Water is due to the design and shape of the water molecules and the design and shape of the cell itself. Small water clusters fit into, and through, the hexagonal channels in the cell membrane and inside the cell.

Research suggests that the absence or decrease of these water clusters contributes to cellular aging and cellular problems. When we are young, our bodies create clustered water with ease. As we age, the ability of the digestive system to transform large tap water clusters into biological water, with small clusters, decreases substantially. The older we get, the more dehydrated we become. Consuming a minimum of 32 ounces of Volixer Water a day becomes imperative to optimum health and is key to achieving extreme longevity.

What is Alkaline Water?

It contains a surplus of oxygen. However, the oxygen occurs attached to some other atom or chemical. The other component to which the oxygen is attached can either enhance or impede the positive utilization of that oxygen. Positive utilization is using the oxygen to create energy in the cells. Negative utilization is called oxidative stress and burns the cell without creating useful energy. We need to ensure that the added oxygen is bound into a bicarbonate ion for optimum utilization. Alkaline water has a pH greater than 7.

Note that too much oxygen of the wrong form is detrimental and can lead to oxidative stress. Conversely, too little oxygen leads to cellular starvation.

When the body is in an acidic state, with a pH less than 7, the immune system becomes deficient in oxygen and its performance is degraded. In addition, cellular energy mechanism has greater difficulty in producing energy. All diseases flourish in an acidic environment, thus keeping the body in an alkaline state discourages the development of diseases.

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Distilled water, low-sodium organic (contains carbon) and inorganic (has no carbon) sea minerals, alkaline/bicarbonate mineral buffers, bioetherically activated using the Volixer, patent-pending processing technology.

A 16 ounce bottle of Concentrate will make 16 gallons of activated Volixer Water.


Directions for Use

A 16 ounce bottle of Concentrate will make 16 gallons of activated Volixer Water.

Drink a minimum of four 8 ounce glasses of Volixer Water per day, preferably on an empty stomach.

Additional Volixer Water may be consumed throughout the day with food or in smoothies, as desired.

Recommended Use

Experience the effects of optimal hydration. Helps fight infections, increases brain power and energy. Nourishes your blood and lymph, supports your immune system.

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