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$$15.00In stockMinerals \ Minerals: MultiM2-6

Miracle II

Miracle Neutralizer

Cleanse and Mineralize, Naturally and Safely

Take internally or use externally on yourself, your pets and your plants too. This liquid is colorless & tasteless, and can be taken alone, with water, or with any beverage. Often used in combination with Miracle Soap for powerful detoxifying bath. When taken in
Miracle II650 ml = 22 oz
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Miracle II

Miracle Neutralizer

Cleanse and Mineralize, Naturally and Safely

  • Detoxify & Alkalize Your Body, By Either Drinking or Bathing
  • Alleviate Indigestion, Constipation and Even Colic
  • Eliminate Body Odors, Fungi and Yeast Infections Too
  • Fertilizer for House Plants, Garden and Crops
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Take internally or use externally on yourself, your pets and your plants too.

This liquid is colorless & tasteless, and can be taken alone, with water, or with any beverage.

Often used in combination with Miracle Soap for powerful detoxifying bath.

When taken internally, the Miracle II Neutralizer will remineralize and balance your body. It restores proper functioning at the cellular level, and balances electrolytes in your bloodstream. You will have proper absorption of nutrients for healthy functioning, and this can bring back your health, even from very challenging illnesses.


  • alleviate indigestion
  • constipation
  • and even colic in infants.


  • When sprayed in the nose, it can clear nasal congestion due to colds or allergies, and stop nose bleeds.
  • Added to a vaporizer it will relieve harsh coughs.
  • Detoxify yourself by adding to your bath.
  • End the life of any fungus on finger & toe nails.
  • Taken as a douche will clear up a yeast infection.
  • Body odors can be eliminated, not covered up.
  • Works beautifully as a hair conditioner.

Plant Fertilizer:

  • house plants
  • gardens
  • field crops.

This Neutralizer has had some astounding results: in agriculture, crop yields have been improved by over 100%, with enhanced taste & nutrition, and without using any chemical or organic fertilizer.

  • Detoxify & Alkalize Your Body, By Either Drinking or Bathing
  • Alleviate Indigestion, Constipation and Even Colic
  • Eliminate Body Odors, Fungi and Yeast Infections Too
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Customer Reviews

Top Reviews

Stopped my Restless Legs

by Jan B on September 17, 2006
Verified Purchase

I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and Periodic Leg Movement. Both are complete torment. I purchased the neutralizer and began adding it to water. One night I had a terrible spell of my limbs moving without my wanting them to do so. It makes you go crazy. I went to the kitchen and poured a few ounces in a glass and stood there and said a prayer asking God to aleviate my suffering and I drank the neutralizer and gave thanks. I had one last jolt of unwanted movement and my symptoms were gone. I am amazed and delighted and I to thank God for this miracle! The next night I also had no symptoms and I feel now they are gone for good. Please use this amazing product for God wants us all to be healed. Many Blessings, Mary Jane, Pennasylvania

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No More Heart Burn

by Myra L on November 01, 2006
Verified Purchase

THIS IS THE BEST!! It has warmed my body up. I take 7 drops in a glass of water every morning and 7 at night - no taste. I have frozen to death all my life and now I am not. I can get heartburn after eating an apple, everything was getting me. Not now. The Neutralizer takes care of it instantly. And it doesn't cost me a $100 or more a month like the drs. product did. I like that even more. No side effects. Just health!

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Great products

by Daniel L on January 17, 2007
Verified Purchase

"Just wanted to let you know what incredible results I have had with the Prill water and the Miracle 2 Neutralizer.My rose bush has been the envy of the neighborhood since I planted it (the compost, bat guano, and most importantly chlorine-filtered water contributed to my success). But since I started using your products I've been occasionally giving the bush some of the Prill water and Neutralizer. The leaves have turned a beautiful deep green.We've just recently had a week of freezing temperatures, and many people are losing their plants. I watered the bush just before the freeze started and didn't bother with wrapping or covering it. I give it a gallon of of Prill water with a squirt of Neutralizer every 4-5 days. It has totally survived the freeze - no black spots or leaf loss. The plant is doing quite well.I also give the Prill water and Neutralizer to my elder cat, and she now really enjoys her water and is playful and energetic.These are great products and I thank you!"

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done wonders for my singing voice

by Janet P on December 13, 2007
Verified Purchase

I can't believe the difference in the water since I started using the product. I am not as thirsty all the time, and I don't have that dryness all the time. It has done wonders for my singing voice. Thank you so much for suggesting it. I truly appreciate it very much.

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Cleared my sinus issues

by Neil K on May 04, 2008
Verified Purchase

Miracle II neutralizer liquid continues to be a great help for sinus issues... which are NONE when we use it weekly. Love my Prills too!

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Numbness gone from my limbs

by Andrew L on October 11, 2008
Verified Purchase

"I have been using this product for over a month. I had a lot of problems with my left leg, it would be numb, my fingers would go numb also in both hands. My numbness has gone away - just about all of it. I use the soap also together with this. I am now using the Amino Acids I can see plenty of difference using that also. I have spine problems which cause my left leg to be numb and my fingers. Since using these products my health has improved and everything just works better. Why of course give your body what it needs not what you want to put in it, and it will stay strong for you all the days of your life. A new day started one month ago in my life, I went to Life Enthusiast web site, and found out what they said about their products are true. And P.S., so will you. May the Lord God bless all the works of their hands as they bless us."

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Helps my skin

by Albert C on December 04, 2008
Verified Purchase

The Neutralizer is an excellent product for neutralizing any acid build up on the skin. Whenever I have a scratch, cut or abrasion, I spray the area with this product. It is amazing how quickly the sting of the cut goes away! Keeping the body pH in balance is assisted by taking 9-10 drops of the 'Neutralizer' in a glass of water every morning which I've found to be very beneficial to my health. The biggest problem with the product is the shipping costs from the USA which pretty well doubles the cost of the product when ordered. The product can not be ordered in Canada due our BS laws regarding alternative medicine. This is disgraceful for a country such as Canada and shows we have lost our Canadian way to the big corporations that will knock out any product which might compete with their production. Obviously we are a push over as compared to the American marketing system! In summary, a great product which has become too expensive to purchase in Canada due our sell out to corporate interests!

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stabilize my system

by Anna C on December 27, 2008
Verified Purchase

Been using this neutralizer for years now, seems to stabilize my system just fine!

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Cleared runny nose

by Denise B on April 18, 2009
Verified Purchase

The Miracle II Neutralizing Liquid has been wonderful for our spring allergies. I have it in a nose spray bottle (a Wal Mart Equate Saline... dumped down the drain). My youngest son typically has a clear runny nose from Feb-Dec (last frost to first frost here in Kansas). He always looks like a dirty little boy with snot streaks on his t-shirt sleeves and smeared across his face. When it started again this Spring, I had him start using it by flushing each nostril 2 or 3 times (preferably to go down his throat) and letting it drain back out. It has been a wonderful help! Also, when colds were hitting my entire family, I have everyone use it and it did a wonderful job of keeping us wide open.

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Many good uses

by Mary Jane L on May 21, 2009
Verified Purchase

I have been using the Neutralizer for about 3 months now and mixed with the Liquid or Moisturizing Soap the uses seem endless. I have to but this on the top of my list as my favorite product. I use it on a routine basis consuming about a 1/2 ounce morning and night. I use this much because I am slowly coming off of prescription medication and this really seems to greatly reduce the withdrawal that I have. (I am not a DR. and this is just my experience) I also use a small amount as conditioner after I shampoo with the Moisturizing Soap. I spray this on my teeth after I brush them using the Liquid Soap. I also have sprayed this on old pet odors and they have just about disappeared. The combination of using Prill water and Neutralizer to water my plants have produced results overnight. The Neutralizer is great to use along with so many products. I can't say enough good things about this :)

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Balancing my bdy

by Myra L on June 06, 2009
Verified Purchase

The neutralizer is helpful in balancing my system, but the moisturizer soap has actually prevented my dandruff from returning for at least 15 years now. Before the moisturizer soap, I had used all of the various advertised dandruff products which if anything made it worse. Bow I am dandruff free!

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Supplementing my minerals

by Doris M on July 25, 2009
Verified Purchase

This is how I use the Miracle II Neutralizer. I keep, at the ready, 2 1-gallon jars of filtered and prilled well water in the refrigerator. From that store of water, I also keep, at the ready, 2 1-quart sized Nalgene Triton water bottles, which I fill for drinking, as follows: 1. Fill each bottle with 32 oz prilled water. 2. Add the juice squeezed from one fresh lemon (using a $12 lemon squeezer from Bed, Bath and Beyond). 3. Squirt a large shot of Miracle II Neutralizer into the water bottle. 4. That's what I drink or add to my other drinks. I trust I'm getting some of my minerals and maybe reducing my acidity, and maybe saving my immune system a little, while I slowly work on including other healthy lifestyle changes. At least I don't drink soda or fructose drinks.

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Electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water, Ash of Dedecyl solution, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium.


Directions for Use

Most common use is 15 ml (half ounce) in a bath, together with the same amount of soap.

7 to 10 drops in every glass of water you drink. It is safe even at 1 oz per day.

Recommended Use

Cleanse & detoxify, clear up yeast & fungus, alkalize internally, and fertilize your house plants, gardens, and field crops.

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