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Twilight America

Topically Everything

Pain Relief You Don't Ingest

Topically Everything will help to bring you back from painful inflammatory conditions that affect your joints or soft tissue by supplying magnesium to maintain your health & vitality. With its extracts of Kelp and Alfalfa it supplies minerals and amino acids from both sea and land
Twilight AmericaTopically Everything

Twilight America

Topically Everything

Pain Relief You Don't Ingest

  • Pain Relief Herbal Supplement - Try It For Headaches, Cramps, Tight Muscles
  • Quickly Relieve Joint Aches - Fast acting relief with skin delivery method.
  • Iodine Supplement That Can Improve Thyroid Function and Balance Weight

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  • Pain Relief Herbal Supplement - Try It For Headaches, Cramps, Tight Muscles
  • Quickly Relieve Joint Aches - Fast acting relief with skin delivery method.
  • Iodine Supplement That Can Improve Thyroid Function and Balance Weight



Topically Everything will help to bring you back from painful inflammatory conditions that affect your joints or soft tissue by supplying magnesium to maintain your health & vitality.

With its extracts of Kelp and Alfalfa it supplies minerals and amino acids from both sea and land plants in a naturally chelated form.

Results are often instant, or within hours of the first application.

This is a totally unique way to apply herbal remedies directly to the cellular level, by way of your skin, your body's largest organ. Carried by Twilight America's Magic Oil and its magnesium chloride, the pain relief & healing properties of alfalfa and kelp are delivered directly to your cells for immediate absorption.

Apply it onto your skin, and it quickly soaks in, delivering much needed magnesium.

I recently went water-skiing, an activity that I've seldom done in the last decade. This resulted in one particularly very sore arm muscle. Before bed, I applied Topically Everything, two times. In the morning, my arm was so much better, it was as if a few days of healing had passed! Truly amazing!
AnnLouise in Canada

  • Pain Relief Herbal Supplement - Try It For Headaches, Cramps, Tight Muscles
  • Quickly Relieve Joint Aches - Fast acting relief with skin delivery method.
  • Iodine Supplement That Can Improve Thyroid Function and Balance Weight

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Customer Reviews

Top Reviews

The pain reliever ever

by Myra L on November 01, 2006
Verified Purchase

Its WONDERFUL - Been using this for over a year, now and I love it. Arthritis be GONE! I use it twice a day and one (1) bottle will last me 3 MONTHS! Now what perscription or over the counter 'pain' reliver does that. This really, really, works. Try it you will love it.

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Helped me heal much faster

by Ann-Louise E on April 08, 2008
Verified Purchase

"Yesterday, while out on a lovely day walk, I twisted my ankle. It took my breath away, but I managed to walk the rest of the way home, which was fortunately only 10 minutes. I put ice on it right away, and then one hour later too. It was still swelling and hurting more, then I remembered my Topically Everything. One spray into my hand, then rubbed onto my ankle, and WOW! Mere minutes later, my ankle felt better. I was even able to stand up for the event that we planned to attend that same evening! This amazingly fast acting spray took away most of the pain! What a miracle product! A.L. in BC Canada"

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rapid healing power.

by Nicole R on August 18, 2008
Verified Purchase

This is not my favorite magnesium supplement, I think the magnesium gel is a better product, but I will say this� I went river tubing with friends for the first time several weeks ago and thanks to my novice skills, found myself dragged along the river bottom for a significant portion of the trip. When I got home, I was badly bruised and banged up. I applied topically everything (remembering the reviews I had read here) twice that night, and again the next morning and was healed within a couple days. I would not recommend applying the product to scratches if you are faint of heart, the pain was truly searing, but I can't complain about the rapid healing power.

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Dead skin peeling off

by Lester M on August 29, 2008
Verified Purchase

Dead skin on my feet, toes, heels and sides of feet peeling off big time.

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My thyroid numbers corrected

by Casey A on November 18, 2010
Verified Purchase

I just wanted to let you know that I did some blood work last week and my thyroid came back great. They said my thyroid looks the best its ever been, even when I was on the meds from the doctor. The doctor asked what meds I was taking so she could get me a refill. She was surprised when I told her I wasn't on anything that was a prescription. I have been doing the Topically Everything for 3 months. Just wanted to say thanks and that it is working for me!

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Great Pain Relief

by Adrienne U on January 28, 2012
Verified Purchase

A friend from church called this week and asked that I get her some more Topically Everything Pain. She is having severe health issues and foot problems and said that this is the only thing that appears to be helping her. I have recommended other more thorough things to get to the root of her problems, but at least she is getting some relief.

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Leg Pain Reduced

by Adrienne U on May 25, 2012
Verified Purchase

I am friends w/ an elderly woman who has many health issues, one of which is a lot of pain in her legs. She just told me that this product and Eucalyptus oil are the only 2 things that are helping her currently. Thanks for a good product.

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Healing my sore hand

by Ann-Louise E on July 25, 2014
Verified Purchase

I hurt my hand by golfing a little too much, so I got out my Topically Everything and used my intuition to guide the palm of my right hand over the exact nickel-sized spot of pain on the back of my left hand. I immediately felt where the energy needed to flow outwards. I pressed very gently over this and it felt wonderful. I repeated this every few hours for a few days, and it's healing nicely. Days later, I compared my hands to each other and noticed how much better the skin looks on my left hand that was treated with Topically Everything - the pores are smaller, the skin is smoother and just looks so much younger! Makes me want to smother my whole body in this stuff! It's the magnesium that's responsible for this transformation, so I'm going to order some Magnesium Gel to spread all over me, every day. I might just do half my body to see the comparison (for fun) then do the other side next week. What a great product!

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This product is awesome.

by Brenda B on November 06, 2014
Verified Purchase

This product is awesome.

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had to order it again

by Ellen O on January 09, 2015
Verified Purchase

I've used this product before and had to order it again. I love it.

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Clear aches and pain in my joints

by Norma T on January 30, 2015
Verified Purchase

Magnesium never fails. I use it topically when ever I have aches and pain in my joints.

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Healing from injuries

by Ian R on April 22, 2015
Verified Purchase

"I've got some things to tell of the Twilight Magnesium. This is good stuff! - A carpenter friend of mine cut off the ends of three of his fingers about 4 weeks ago with a table saw. There was no infection and they are healing up nicely. The second week however, he had to continue to work even with his hand in bandages. His hand got pretty sore and stiff. We sprayed some Twilight Magnesiuml on both sides of his hand and fingers and worked it in over a minute and a half. In less than five minutes, all the pain and stiffness was gone. - A friend of mine at work has a grandmother who has tried everything over the years to help with pain in her joints. It took about three days of applications but the Magnesium is finally helping her grandmother. Help where there was no help. - A fellow at church who is in his early seventies was helping with the church re-roofing project and took it upon himself to climb up and down the ladder with supplies, really brought grief to one of his knees. We sprayed Magnesium on all sides of his knee and by the time he worked it in and got back out to the service he reported his knee as being like new. - A nurse at work who came into a twelve hour shift reported that she had a stiff neck, as she had slept on it wrong. She worked three sprays of oil into it and within three minutes the pain was all gone except for one small area we missed - sprayed that and it was taken care of as well. At the end of the 12 hour shift on a heavy medical floor with lifting and turning of patients, the pain never returned. - A nurses aide at work had some long standing pain in her neck, right elbow and right knee. She looked at the Magic Oil, smelled it and sensing no odor, thought it was a joke. She put some on her elbow and neck but declined to go into the bathroom and put some on her knee. She went home. The next time I saw her, she said she was sorry she hadn't put some on her knee too. When she got home the pain in her neck and elbow had gone. - I met a man in his 60's the other day at a meeting. His wrist was sore and had been so for a number of years. I said, 'Here, try this stuff' and sprayed magic oil on both sides of his wrist and he rubbed it in. In less than two minutes his pain was gone. I asked him the last time his wrist felt that good and he replied 'over thirty years ago' When I talked to him on the phone the next day, the pain was still gone. I didn't pray or meditate or go into product explanations - we just used the product and it worked! Go figure! Not everyone reports immediate relief to me. With deeper injuries and wounds it can take several days. But even then, it can provide relief when there was none to be found elsewhere. It seems to be amazing stuff."

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Vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and other nutrients extracted from:

Magnesium in Magic Oil
Saturated solution of magnesium chloride in energized water.

Known to relieve joint & soft tissue pain, reduce cholesterol & blood sugar levels, promote liver health, detoxify, alleviate peri-menopausal symptoms (hot flashes), increase energy, and reduce fatigue. Like other members of the legume family, alfalfa is a good source protein, vitamins & minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and potassium.

Commonly known as seaweed, contains many times more minerals than land grown plants, especially since our soils have been depleted of essential minerals. With nutrients that are vital to well being, kelp is known to improve skin, nails & hair, protect against radiation & toxic metals, heal ulcers, alleviate constipation, and improve intestinal flora. It is known to be beneficial for the brain, spinal chord, & nervous system, and contains iodine which stimulates the thyroid. Kelp contains chlorophyll, and naturally chelated minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine, and sulfur.


Directions for Use

Two sprays, on the palms of your hands and/or rub on the soles of your feet (or any other tough skin), at least once daily, or as often as desired.

It can be used on any area of concern on your body, but avoid spraying into your eyes.

One bottle contains over 300 individual applications, providing vitamins, minerals, & amino acids, extracted from alfalfa and kelp.

Recommended Use

Fast-acting pain relief herbal supplement to quickly relieve muscle & joint aches & pains. Also an iodine supplement that can improve your thyroid functioning.

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Twilight America inventor, Jim Carter, says that as soon as you are taking in more magnesium that you are losing, you have stopped the aging process, and have started getting younger.

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