Digestion and Food Intolerances

Digestion and Food Intolerances Symptoms of poor digestion are not always recognized. One can have heartburn, constipation and/or diarrhea. It can also cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body. Allergies can develop or worsen. For good health in both the long and short term, we need to efficiently absorb adequate nutrients. And that means good digestion. Dehydration can cause poor digestion, as can a lack of digestive enzymes and imbalanced gut flora. Support good digestion with Energized Water, Digestive Enzymes, Fiber and Probiotics. Take a look at all our Blogs about Digestion and Food Intolerances. You might enjoy listening to our Podcasts for current information on health repair and maintenance.

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  • Exsula Superfoods, Strata-Flora both sizes


    Cleanse and Rebuild Digestive Health

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Cleanse and Rebuild Digestive Health

    Strata-Flora helps cleanse and rebuild digestive and immune health. May optimize bowel regularity. Helps eliminate bad bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites. More than Probiotic supplementation. Helps balance your digestive flora. Probiotic supplements benefit the natural, good bacteria in your digestive tract. Just as "bad" bacteria can make us sick, good bacteria can protect us from degeneration and disease. Antibiotics means "against life" - probiotics means "for life". Supplementing with good, friendly bacteria (probiotics in Strata-Flora) aids digestion. This promotes natural immunity and resistance to diseases. Crucial to regain and maintain your health and vitality. Living...

    • May Optimize Bowel Regularity (less toxins=less pain)
    • Supports Digestive and Immune Restoration
    • Helps Eliminate Viruses, Bad Bacteria, Yeast and Parasites
  • Body Biotics SBO Probiotics

    Probiotics from Soil-based Organisms

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     By: Body Biotics International
    Probiotics from Soil-based Organisms
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    Body Biotics SBO Probiotics contains Soil Based Microorganisms (SBOs) Powerful Probiotic and PREbiotic Formula To keep your body free of viruses, parasites, fungi, and mold you need to establish a strong symbiotic bacterial teamwork in your intestinal tract. Probiotics provide a good microbial balance so your immune system can unleash itself upon the invaders as they arrive in your food, your drink or in the air you breathe. Body Biotics SBO Probiotics helps your body regulate the balance between friendly and unfriendly bacteria, to enhance immune responses. Helps Boost Immunity It took...

    • Supports Digestive Health
    • May Enhance Immune Functions
    • Helps Deal with Fungus, Yeast, Parasites, Allergies and Inflammation
  • Dr. Miller, Holy Tea

    Holy Tea

    Herbal Bowel and Liver Cleanse

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     By: Dr. Miller
    Herbal Bowel and Liver Cleanse

    Holy Tea helps improve bowel movement regularity. The most important component of good health is a clean digestive tract. The cause of most (if not all) disease is toxic buildup in your colon. For optimal health, your bowels should move every time you eat. For most of us, that's 3 times every day! By drinking Dr. Miller's Holy Tea, you can easily improve your bowel health (two to three movements daily) by adjusting the amount of tea you drink. Improve regularity Break down toxic waste and flush it out Purge parasites Calm digestion...

    • Supports Regular Bowel Movements
    • May Relieve Bloating and Other Signs of Poor Digestion
    • Helps Increase Energy, May Assist Weight Loss
  • Exsula Superfoods High Pectin Apple Fiber Supplement

    Apple Fiber

    Improve Bowel Regularity

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Improve Bowel Regularity

    Apple Fiber promotes regular bowel movements. Improving regularity will enhance your nutrient absorption and waste elimination. This may energize your immune system for overall increased health, vitality and healing. Better detoxification is a great first step to battling both obesity and abnormal glucose levels. As a cholesterol-lowering agent, this formula may be even more effective than oat bran and psyllium. Even more impressive, research suggests that Apple Fiber may battle or guard against colon tumors by accelerating the elimination of toxins. This very special high quality supplement is naturally occurring, and extracted with...

    • Promotes Digestive Regularity
    • Cleaner Digestive System
    • Promotes Stronger Immunity
  • Health BreakThroughs MPS Gold 100

    MPS-Gold 100

    MucoPolySaccharides (MPS) from Aloe and Larch

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     By: Health BreakThroughs
    MucoPolySaccharides (MPS) from Aloe and Larch

    MPS-Gold 100 is a Powerful Immune Boost You May Recover FASTER from a Catastrophic Health Setback MucoPolySaccharides (MPS) and Glyconutrients have improved so many conditions. Difficult to list them all because positive effects have shown in every cell, organ, gland and system in the body. Rebuild Your Health Help rebuild tissues damaged by blood clots or oxygen deprivation People report profound changes in the brain and nervous systems Supports circulatory and digestive systems May reduce inflammation and pain to increase mobility Helps stabilize blood sugar Decrease systemic candida Supports mental clarity and a...

    • Supports Circulatory, Nervous and Digestive Systems
    • Helps Rebuild Tissues Damaged by Blood Clots or Oxygen Deprivation
    • May Reduce Inflammation and Pain to Increase Mobility
  • Allegany Nutrition, Digestive Enzymes HP front of bottle

    Digestive Enzymes HP

    If You Eat Cooked or Processed Foods

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     By: Allegany Nutrition
    If You Eat Cooked or Processed Foods

    Digestive Enzymes HP may improve your digestion and immunity. Helps you enjoy food without gas an bloating. Symptoms of Digestive Enzyme Deficiency Constipation Food Allergies Weight Problems Heartburn Bloating Acid Reflux Chronic Illness Low Energy Digestive enzymes help ensure the proper digestion of your foods and supplements. Partial digestion can cause harmful imbalances in your body, slowly leading to degenerative disease. Allegany Nutrition Digestive Enzymes HP uses the highest quality all-natural blend of plant derived digestive enzymes available on the market today. Digestive enzymes help ensure the proper digestion of your foods and supplements....

    • Helps Proper Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients
    • May Reduce Gas and Bloating
    • Plant Derived Digestive Enzymes – Powerful, Yet Affordable
  • GaiaThera Barley Gold 454 g

    Barley Gold

    Organic Protein Supplement

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     By: GaiaThera
    Organic Protein Supplement

    Barley Gold May help with faster muscle recovery and regeneration. May speed muscle recovery and regeneration and more lean body tissue. You may feel fuller, a satiating effect, helps control hunger. Sprouted Barley is Beyond a Superfood! Helps Improve Overall Good Health and Performance This nutritional protein food supplement is a great foundation to help all your body systems and functions. With more enzymes and nutrients than any other protein supplement, Barley Gold is highly digestible (alive) with bountiful nutrients, raising it beyond the category of a Superfood to BIONOMIC! What makes Barley Gold better...

    • Helps Build Good Health
    • Protein Level 1 Helps Limit Inflammation, Rebuild Intestines
    • Protein Level 2 Helps Build Muscle, and for Blood Type O
  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Test

    Find Your Biological Individuality

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     By: Life Enthusiast
    Find Your Biological Individuality
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    Advanced Metabolic Typing Test to find your specific Metabolic Type. Determines what foods contribute to health. And which foods take away your well being. Learn how to construct meals to build health instead of disease. When your body gets its required nutrients, it can clean, repair and maintain itself. Metabolic Typing is THE tool you need for optimal health. Feeding your unique body type is the single most important principle that affects your maximum performance in all aspects of life. Metabolic Typing is the scientific determination of your individual metabolic needs (Biological Individuality) for...

    • Manage Your Health Through Your Biological Individuality
    • Helps Restore Health by Reversing Chronic Problems
    • Simple Online 30-minute Quiz, with Coaching
  • Earth Friend Herb Tincture Digest Ease LG 1 oz

    Digest-Ease LG

    Liver and Gallbladder Support

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     By: Earth Friend Herb Co
    Liver and Gallbladder Support

    Digest-Ease LG is a combination of herbs that have been used for ages, for the entire digestive tract, including liver and gallbladder. Promotes good bowel health and regularity, so you can obtain more nutrients from the food you eat. It is also very good for stomach aches and trapped gas problems both chronic and acute. And it helps with hyper acidic conditions of the digestive tract. Digest-Ease LG also helps liver and gall bladder problems, where there is general metabolic or tissue weakness. And where there is scanty or congested bile. These...

    • May Improve Nutrient Digestion and Absorption
    • Good for Stomach Aches, Bowel Health and Gas (Chronic and Acute)
    • Herbs Historically Used for Gallstones
  • Remedylink Panaceum


    Prebiotic Blend for Microbiome Support

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     By: RemedyLink
    Prebiotic Blend for Microbiome Support

    Panaceum nurtures your microbiome. A healthy microbiome may dramatically increase your lifespan and quality of life. We all want to feel healthy and youthful up right to the end. This formula is a symbiotic ancient intelligence made up of bacteria and bacteriophages. It helps manage all your key systems: Neurotransmitters Antibodies Hormones Antioxidants Blood sugar Detoxification. Nurturing your microbiome requires some oligosaccharides (special sugars). This powder contains 8 different oligosaccharides. They recreate the diet of a primitive and successful hunter-gatherer. Unfortunately, modern diets are nothing like that of our ancestors. So the microbiome becomes...

    • Supports a Healthy Internal Environment
    • May Strengthen Immunity
    • Helps Kill Parasites
  • Abzorb Nutrient Optimizer 150 capsules


    Vitamin and Nutrient Optimizer

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     By: HCP Formulas
    Vitamin and Nutrient Optimizer

    Abzorb helps you feel improved health, more energy, less bloating and  more normal bowel activity. Advanced blend contains enzymes, probiotics and ozonated magnesium oxides, specially formulated to promote optimum nutrient absorption. This synergistic formula works by cleansing the lining of the small intestine where nutrient absorption occurs, by introducing healthy intestinal microflora, and by supporting balanced pH levels in the gastrointestinal tract. Get More Nutrients From Your...

    • Helps You Get More From Your Supplements
    • Enables Better Nutrient Absorption
    • Helps Cleanse Digestive Tract and Balance Flora
  • ZeoHealth Esdifan


    Slow Down Over Active Bowels

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     By: ZEO Health
    Slow Down Over Active Bowels

    Esdifan Slow Down Over Active Bowels Enjoy your life without succumbing to the embarrassing situations and uncomfortable pain of diarrhea. No more running home after eating out. Helps slow bowels to allow normal functioning Eases painful cramping Lower incidents of constipation Removes excess fluid in digestive tract (firms stool) Over 80% success rate All-natural alternative, safe for long-term use. Great for travel to exotic locations. Take Esdifan and take back your life. A revolutionary and unique, all natural formula designed to stop diarrhea and sour stomach. Helps as a preventive. Extremely effective for those who suffer...

    • May Eliminate Diarrhea Painful Cramping
    • All-natural and Safe for Long-term Use
    • Lower Incidence of Constipation
    • Warning for California, per prop 65, may contain lead
  • GaiaThera Hhumic Acid 60ml

    Humic Acid

    Essential and Trace Minerals

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     By: GaiaThera
    Essential and Trace Minerals

    Humic Acid helps kill pathogens! It places a prophylactic coating on virus receptor sites. This stops the  virus from attaching to the host cell. Supports your ability to stop the growth of the even the most threatening viruses. Topical application can eliminate/significantly reduce viral lesion outbreaks (orally, sexually transmitted). May Boost Immune Function - Health is Wealth Antiviral, Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory Clinically shown to block viruses Helps block proliferation of bacterial infections, inhaled or ingested May protect against muscle aches and pains, auto immune disorders Helps corrects blood glucose level May resolve breathing problems...

    • Helps Kill Pathogens (antiviral, antibiotic)
    • Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory
    • May Boost Immunity and Balance Hormones
  • Allegany Nutrition, Digestive Enzymes AL front of bottle

    Digestive Enzymes AL

    Special Formula for Gluten Intolerance

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     By: Allegany Nutrition
    Special Formula for Gluten Intolerance

    Digestive Enzymes AL helps people enjoy gluten foods again. May decrease or eliminate gas and bloating. If you eat fast food, processed or cooked food, you may be deficient in digestive enzymes. This formula is designed to help gluten intolerance. Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity are Brain fog, Dizziness Bloating Headaches, Mood swings Calcium Absorption deficit Weight Problems, belly fat Hormone imbalance (PMS) Swollen joints, especially fingers Low Energy Digestive enzymes help ensure the proper digestion of your foods and supplements. Partial digestion can cause harmful imbalances in your body, and may slowly lead...

    • Enzymes for Gluten Sensitive or Intolerant
    • Helps Proper Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients
    • Plant Derived Digestive Enzymes – Powerful, Yet Affordable
  • GaiaThera, Natures Gold

    Nature’s Gold Mix

    Nutrient Dense Seed and Sprout Powder

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     By: GaiaThera
    Nutrient Dense Seed and Sprout Powder

    Nature's Gold Mix supports better digestion and more energy. It's a nutritional powerhouse from seeds, sprouts and probiotics. Helps improve your energy to regain and maintain good health. Most health troubles start from unhealthy/incomplete digestion. Nature's Gold Mix provides the necessary building blocks to support optimal digestion. Seeds are nature's best nutritional storage system, as they contain up to 400 times more nutrients than plant material. But they can be difficult to digest, so Nature's Gold Mix micronizes them (ground down to very, very small particles). So you CAN digest them for maximum...

    • Supports Digestion and Energy
    • Helps You Regain and Maintain Good Health
    • Nutritional Powerhouse from Seeds, Sprouts and Probiotics
  • GaiaThera Ancient Carbon Powder 1.5 lbs Jar

    Ancient Carbon

    Natural Minerals from Ancient Source

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     By: GaiaThera
    Natural Minerals from Ancient Source

    Ancient Carbon Raw Humic Acid with Carbon Ancient plant deposits were composted millions of years ago and now yield pure humate mix rich in carbon. This is the raw source to extract Humic Acid concentrate. Can be used whole in your food, or topically. Humic Acid in Ancient Carbon is clinically shown to stop all bacterial, viral and fungal growth in the body (see Scientific References: Minerals). It places a prophylactic coating on virus receptor sites. This prevents the virus from attaching to the host cell. Works on all viruses. Including...

    • Helps Restore Intestinal Flora for Better Digestion
    • Supports Stronger Immunity
    • May Help Weight Loss