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Weight Loss and Obesity

Obesity is an epidemic crisis in our society – most people need some weight loss.

Processed food manufacturers have fine-tuned food to be addictive. They optimize flavor with just the right combination of sweet, salt and fat. They add irresistible stimulants and neurotoxins. These foods are are rich in calories, but poor in nutrients. They are the worst foods for you, yet the most affordable.

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It’s almost unavoidable to become hooked on processed food. They are like a prescription for obesity. They make weight loss necessary for most people. To manage your weight you need to avoid those foods.

When your body gets its required nutrients, it can repair and maintain itself. Find out your specific  Metabolic Type to determine what foods contribute to your health. And which foods take away your well being.

Burn fat and build muscle with less effort than you may have thought. Increase your nutrient-dense foods to feel full for longer. Protein and fiber are exceptionally good for obesity and weight loss.

Exercise is necessary for everyone. For weight loss you must burn more calories than you eat. Simple as that.

Adequate hydration is essential to keep toxins flowing out of your body. Drink Energized Water and you will need less.

Cleansing to detoxify breaks down toxic waste and flushes it out of your system. Excellent for your overall health and weight loss.

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