Heart Studies Formula
Restore Heart Function without SurgeryInflammation in your cardiovascular system, that is your veins, your arteries, and your heart, are not inevitable. And in fact, can be avoided. Heart Studies Formula is a no-nonsense nutrition strategy to support healthy heart performance and keep your arteries youthful and clean. Cholesterol deposits can be dissolved and flushed out of your body. Your heart will beat 100,000 times for ...
Prevent Blood ClotsThe New Standard In Circulatory Health When your circulatory system functions properly, cholesterol and blood pressure are reduced, and your blood flows free of life-threatening clots. Naticor contains only the high potency protein digesting enzymes. All of the ingredients are powerful when used individually, and when combined, they work synergistically to combat the formation of fibrin ...
Ultimate Q10
Co-Q-10 Synergized with LecithinPowerful Blend of Coenzyme Q10 and Lecithin Strengthen Your Immune System: "Fountain of Youth" Lessen Effects of Environmental Toxins Make Chemotherapy bearable Improve Physical Performance: Build & Maintain Strong Heart Lower Cholesterol & Normalize Blood Pressure Optimize Athletic Speed and Endurance Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain Relieve Joint Pain ...
Rhodiola Root
Physical & Mental Stress SupportRhodiola supports your adrenal gland functions and encourages a healthy response to physical, emotional and mental stress by normalizing cortisol levels and other stress-related hormones. Rhodiola also boosts your feel-good endorphins (hormones), according to a comprehensive review published in the journal of the American Botanical Council. Common Uses of Rhodiola Normalize ...
Re-Ignite Your BodyKing of Carotenoids - Nature's Strongest Antioxidant Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant and helps reduce inflammation, so natural healing can occur. Powerful health benefits for performance athletes and people with age-related health conditions. Nature's strongest antioxidant, Astaxanthin helps fight off the harmful effects of oxidation, caused by free radicals. Prolonged exposure to ...
Liquid L-Carnitine
Increase Energy & Heart HealthL-Carnitine has been approved by the FDA under the name CARNITOR® as a therapy for low energy levels, heart congestion and other diseases associated with low cellular energy. Numerous published studies have shown that L-Carnitine is effective in treating a wide range of diseases including the aging, immune dysfunction, blood sugar complications, cardiovascular metabolism and weight ...
Part No: NHR50018
The Healthy Heart FormulaMaintaining Normal Homocysteine Is Critical To Lower Inflammation Homocysteine is a toxic amino acid that forms in your body by the normal process of other amino acids breaking down in your blood. Deficiencies of the vitamins folic acid (B9), pyridoxine (B6), or B12 can lead to high homocysteine levels. High blood levels of homocysteine have been linked ...
Heart Bundle
Our Most Popular Hearth Health CombinationHeart Studies Formula (Powder: 400g/14.3oz) Restore Optimal Cardiovascular Function without Surgery Optimize Your Circulatory System - Improve Physical Performance Dissolve and Flush Out Arterial Plaque - Normalize Blood Pressure Inflammation in your cardiovascular system, that is your veins, your arteries, and your heart, are not ...
Part No: EXX9927
Support Healthy CholesterolBring your cholesterol levels into normal range, and keep them there. Reduce your risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease, blood clots and stroke. Contains two proven effective, proprietary plant-based blends to lower blood cholesterol. 1. Pantesin Showed a significant improvement in blood lipid ratios over and above the Heart Healthy Diet! Pantethine (as ...
Healthy Heart and Nervous SystemAntioxidants may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food, or by environmental exposures like tobacco smoke and radiation. Free radicals can damage cells, and may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. ...