The Most Complete Natural Nutritional SupplementAll body systems are supported with this broad reach blend. Don't dismiss these words - unlike puffed up claims of others - Iridesca SuperFood Powder delivers You will live longer with more quality, liberated from discomforts and pain. Wake up your immune system to fight infections and disease. Increase your physical and sexual performance. See naturally healthier hair and skin, from ...
Humic Acid Powder
Nutrient, Mineral Rich and Full of FlavorExperience the healing power of the top rated, organic humic acid powder. It smoothes, calms and clears. It fuels the spark of life in all living organisms people, pets and plants. Humic Acid powder is able to chelate toxins and remove them safely. It helps to regulate and balance your immune system and your hormones, and to reduce inflammation. Humic acid powder protects your body from harmful ...
Metabolic Typing Advanced
Find Your Biological IndividualityAs a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor I will be able to assist you with the determination of your Metabolic Type and with the interpretation of the results. I will also be able to assist you with the implementation of the life style changes needed to achieve your goals: better health, elimination of pain, improved performance. You will soon be seeing the positive effects of matching your food ...
Part No: ZLE100
Cleanse Your Prostate or OvariesMany men suffer needlessly from the gradual biochemical feminization that happens with age as testosterone starts to convert into estrogen. If you want the energy levels, prostate and sexual function you had when you were a younger man, try Endosterol. Endosterol suppositories contain high amounts of four different phytosterols and six other herbs to support the body in suppressing the ...
Pure Canadian Elk Antler
Rejuvenate and Reverse AgingAntler Velvet has been used since ancient times as a traditional medicine. Contrary to popular opinion, Antler Velvet is much more than an aphrodisiac - it helps a wide variety of conditions: Arthritis relief Muscle development for increased strength and endurance Speeds recovery from injury, decreased soreness and stiffness Relief for PMS and menopause ...
Burdock Spagyric Tincture
Balance Physical and Spiritual EnergyThe object of plant alchemy is to supplement forces lacking within the body, tempering energies and restoring balance. "Alchemy provides the perfect medium through which the state of perfection or harmonious balance can be gained." ~ Frater Albertus, The Alchemist's Handbook Burdock Root: Chakra - Heart Day - Friday Planetary Ruler - Venus Energy - highest love, refinement, sensuality, ...
Genki Phyto
Hormonal & Reproductive HealthFor the Health of Your Hormonal and Reproductive Systems Genki Phyto supplies phytoestrogens and the building blocks of hormones with Don Quai and Wild Yam which are used in Chinese Medicine for the health of the hormonal and reproductive system. This supplement contains Genki Grains which is a combination of raw, whole grains, seeds and legumes and four powerful green foods: Spirulina, ...