Adequate nutrition can solve almost all health issues. Superfood blends contain concentrated nutrients from a vast array of whole foods. They are an easy upgrade for your diet and health, to replace what’s missing in your diet for higher performance. Healthy fats called Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are necessary for your nutrient absorption. They are not stored as fat. They are burned for energy. Algae and Plankton are perfect nutrition from Nature, with hundreds of essential nutrients to target your hidden nutritional deficiencies. And clear your body of toxins. When your body gets it's required nutrients, it can clean, repair and maintain itself. Find out your specific Metabolic Type to determine what foods contribute to your health. And which foods take away your well being. Take a look at all our Blogs about SuperFoodsYou might enjoy listening to our Podcasts for current information on health repair and maintenance.

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  • Exsula Superfoods Powrtein bottles in 160 and 450 grams


    Raw Plant Protein and SuperFoods

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Raw Plant Protein and SuperFoods

    Powrtein helps curb your appetite and boost physical energy. Supports weight loss. Also helps boost mental energy, memory, mood and creativity. Easily digested plant-source of  raw protein powder. This synergistic blend is formulated to support and help: Curb your appetitive Help boost energy and endurance to build muscle and burn fat Boosts mental energy, memory, mood and creativity. Every body system may benefit from this wide array of nutrients May strengthen immunity Helps restore health of skin, nails and hair May help extend sexual function and desire into advancing years. Compatible with other...

    • Helps Boost Energy for Weight Loss and Muscle Building
    • Helps Control Appetite
    • May Enhance Memory, Mood and Creativity
  • Exsula Superfoods, Iridesca, both sizes


    The Most Complete Nutritional Master Blend Supplement

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    The Most Complete Nutritional Master Blend Supplement

    Iridesca supports all body systems with broad spectrum nutrition. For Serious Immune Challenges and Peak Performance Iridesca SuperFood Powder Delivers You may live longer with more quality, liberated from discomforts and pain. Helps wake up your immune system to fight infections and disease. May increase your physical and sexual performance. You may see naturally healthier hair and skin, from the inside out. Helps moderate your blood sugar to curb...

    • Ultimate and Complete Nutrition
    • For Serious Immune System Challenges
    • Supports Optimum Health, Peak Performance and Longevity
    • Convenient and Economical (highest quality ingredients)
  • AuraSil

    Superfood Blend with Silica and 30mg Ecklonia Cava

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Superfood Blend with Silica and 30mg Ecklonia Cava
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    AuraSil contains 30mg Ecklonia Cava. Choose your Silica rejuvenation boost factor with the amount of Ecklonia Cava you need: AuraFit (300mg Ecklonia Cava) AuraMax (1200mg Ecklonia Cava) May Minimize Joint Discomfort Transfers calcium and essential minerals into the bone matrix. Helps Increase Flexibility and Mobility Reduce muscle soreness from physical activity. Silica for Bone Support Maintain bone density and strength. May Strengthen Arteries Increase elasticity of blood vessels. Supports Skin, Hair, Nails Teeth and Gums AuraSil helps restore youthful appearance with moisture and lubrication back into an aging body. In women, depletion of silica can be...

    • Helps Restore Connective Tissues
    • May Increase Mobility and Bone Strength
    • For Cardiovascular Health use AuraFit
    • For Athletic/Sexual Boost use AuraMax
  • Exsula Superfoods SuperFoods Excela 50


    Supports A Weakened Body

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Supports A Weakened Body

    Excela-50 Supports More Energy and Enthusiasm for Life Make this base-line Superfood part of your daily routine and you may feel more energy and zest for life. Each bottle of Excela-50 delivers a vast improvement over the nutrition that the produce section of your grocery store can deliver. It's an artfully crafted formulation of enzyme rich plants and microscopic sea vegetables. Your life energy level is a sort of enzymatic bank account. Many persons on typical processed (low enzyme) diets are making mostly withdrawals (and very few deposits), until their life-energy (health) is...

    • Enzyme Rich Superfood for General Maintenance
    • Peacefully Energizing
    • Best for Beginners or For Very Ill People
    • Suitable For Both Young and Old, Pets Too
  • GaiaThera Barley Gold 454 g

    Barley Gold

    Organic Protein Supplement

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     By: GaiaThera
    Organic Protein Supplement

    Barley Gold May help with faster muscle recovery and regeneration. May speed muscle recovery and regeneration and more lean body tissue. You may feel fuller, a satiating effect, helps control hunger. Sprouted Barley is Beyond a Superfood! Helps Improve Overall Good Health and Performance This nutritional protein food supplement is a great foundation to help all your body systems and functions. With more enzymes and nutrients than any other protein supplement, Barley Gold is highly digestible (alive) with bountiful nutrients, raising it beyond the category of a Superfood to BIONOMIC! What makes Barley Gold better...

    • Helps Build Good Health
    • Protein Level 1 Helps Limit Inflammation, Rebuild Intestines
    • Protein Level 2 Helps Build Muscle, and for Blood Type O
  • Exsula Superfoods SuperFoods Premium


    Superfood Blend

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Superfood Blend

    Premium superfood blend is formulated to support energy, oxygenation, cell health and renewal. May remove or reduce risk of tumors. You would have to eat 14 pounds of raw broccoli, just to get the 18mg of Coenzyme Q10 in every teaspoon of Premium. And that's just one of the hundreds of nutrients in each sip of a Premium smoothie. Feel a calm depth of genuine life energy, totally unlike the artificial rush triggered by caffeine or other stimulants. Refreshing, Super Nutrition - Energy from Enzymes -...

    • Supports Cell Repair and Restoration
    • Focus on Oxygenation, Energy, Rejuvenation and Cleansing
    • Energy from Enzymes and Important Phytonutrients
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Coarse

    Crystal Salt Coarse

    Delicious, Whole Food Salt with 84 Elements!

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     By: Jevatee Naturals
    Delicious, Whole Food Salt with 84 Elements!

    Crystal Salt, Coarse Himalayan Crystal Salt is whole food nutrition, providing minerals, trace elements, and a storage medium for life force energy. Helps balance the fluids in your body. Supports better nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. Crystal Salt is food, much like fruits, vegetables, grains, and water. It is an essential nutrient, with exceptional abilities and qualities that are fundamental to keeping us alive. The most beneficial, cleanest salt available on our planet! Consuming natural Himalayan Crystal Salt supports and enhances good health. These minerals and trace elements keep things is balance: when they are...

    • A Natural and Tasty Pure Mineral Supplement
    • Contains Trace Elements and Living Energy
    • Finely Milled with Granite Stones
  • Exsula Superfoods Zoetein SuperFood Blend


    Raw Plant-based Protein Powder

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Raw Plant-based Protein Powder

    ZoeTein feeds your body and may slash your junk food appetite. Encourages safe and natural fat loss. Helps boost immunity, cellular and tissue repair. Supports and enhances enzyme activity for your liver and entire body. Organic HempProtein, Probiotics, Enzymes and Amino Acids ZoeTein supports optimal assimilation and utilization, unattainable by single-ingredient products or other formulas. Supports increased energy and endurance May boost immunity Helps inhibits runaway appetite and food cravings Supports healthy brain, blood, cardiovascular and circulatory systems Helps beautiful skin, hair and nails May increase healthy muscle and structural density Helps...

    • Healthy Meal Replacement
    • Helps Controls Appetite, Build Muscle and Burn Fat
    • May Boost Immunity
  • Exsula Superfoods, Advancium


    SuperFood Blend

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    SuperFood Blend

    Nutrients in Advancium may help you achieve: Maximum energy for better performance Re-mineralization pH balance Inside every cell of your body is a trimmer, happier, sexier, more creative and youthfully radiant person very eager to be revealed. By incorporating this powerful Superfood nutrition into your daily plan, you can create results higher for your efforts, regardless of whatever other steps you are (or are not yet) taking for your personal health. First-timers often say that their Superfood experience is the turning point toward hope, a rapid yet nurturing, cleansing and rejuvenating...

    • Ultimate Green Phytonutrient Concentrate Beyond Anything “out there”
    • The Strongest Most Energizing Formula We Make
    • May Improve Your Immune Function, Mental Performance and Memory
  • UMAC-Core - MarinePhytoCaps650

    Marine Phytoplankton

    Nutrient Dense Food from The Ocean

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     By: UMAC-Core
    Nutrient Dense Food from The Ocean

    Marine Phytoplankton Phyto = Plants and Photosynthesis Plankton = Floating in Water The micronutrients and perfect pH balance found in Marine Phytoplankton help your cells function at optimal levels. High density nutrients supports the structure and function of all organs in your body. A diet lacking in these micronutrients may result in dysfunction and increased disease. Key Benefits Helps cleanse and detoxify your blood Helps skin disorders Assists in digestion Helps metabolizes fat Bolsters your immune system Encourages weight loss Provides energy and vitality Powerful antioxidant Helps control blood pressure May increase energy May improve sleep quality Eases muscle and joint discomforts Helps reduce...

    • Whole Food Nutrition – Excellent Source of Micro-Nutrients
    • Supports Energy and Immune Strength
    • Helps Stabilize Emotions
  • Abzorb Nutrient Optimizer 150 capsules


    Vitamin and Nutrient Optimizer

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     By: HCP Formulas
    Vitamin and Nutrient Optimizer

    Abzorb helps you feel improved health, more energy, less bloating and  more normal bowel activity. Advanced blend contains enzymes, probiotics and ozonated magnesium oxides, specially formulated to promote optimum nutrient absorption. This synergistic formula works by cleansing the lining of the small intestine where nutrient absorption occurs, by introducing healthy intestinal microflora, and by supporting balanced pH levels in the gastrointestinal tract. Get More Nutrients From Your...

    • Helps You Get More From Your Supplements
    • Enables Better Nutrient Absorption
    • Helps Cleanse Digestive Tract and Balance Flora
  • GaiaThera, Natures Gold

    Nature’s Gold Mix

    Nutrient Dense Seed and Sprout Powder

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     By: GaiaThera
    Nutrient Dense Seed and Sprout Powder

    Nature's Gold Mix supports better digestion and more energy. It's a nutritional powerhouse from seeds, sprouts and probiotics. Helps improve your energy to regain and maintain good health. Most health troubles start from unhealthy/incomplete digestion. Nature's Gold Mix provides the necessary building blocks to support optimal digestion. Seeds are nature's best nutritional storage system, as they contain up to 400 times more nutrients than plant material. But they can be difficult to digest, so Nature's Gold Mix micronizes them (ground down to very, very small particles). So you CAN digest them for maximum...

    • Supports Digestion and Energy
    • Helps You Regain and Maintain Good Health
    • Nutritional Powerhouse from Seeds, Sprouts and Probiotics
  • Andreas See Oils 5 Seed Oil Blend 7 fl. oz. (207mL)

    5 Seed Oil Blend

    Powerful Overall Health Booster

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     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Powerful Overall Health Booster

    5 Seed Oil Blend The ultimate super oil, pressed to perfection, may provide: Increased Energy Digestive support Stronger immunity Brain and heart nourishment Boost for bone strength and density Reduce inflammation Balance hormones. And so much more. 5 Seed Oil Blend supports nearly every single function in your body. It picks up where your regular diet leaves...

    • Digestive Support
    • May Increase Energy and Immunity
    • Feeds Your Brain, Heart and Bones
  • E3 Live RenewMe from BlueGreen Algae

    E3 RenewMe!

    Nutrient Rich Algae Superfood Blend

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     By: E3Live
    Nutrient Rich Algae Superfood Blend

    E3 RenewMe! Contains exceptional ingredients that help nourish and cleanse. May boost immunity and: May provide mood balance, emotional uplift and mental alertness Anti-inflammatory properties may decrease pain and increase mobility and recovery time after exercise Helps promote healthy intestinal flora May increase energy, both physical and mental Helps maintain normal blood sugar. E3 RenewMe! is a nutrient-rich Algae Superfood blend. Supercharged with: Blue Phycomin contains PEA ("molecule of love") E3 Blue Aphanin contains a natural COX-2 inhibitor with anti-inflammatory properties MSM, Camu Camu, Spirulina, Cayenne, Vitamin E complex, Minerals and more. "I had...

    • Helps Nourish and Cleanse Your Body
    • May Boost Immunity
    • Promotes Healthy Intestinal Flora
    • May Increase Energy, Physical and Mental
  • Andreas See Oils Black Cumin Seed Oil 7 fl. oz

    Black Cumin Seed Oil

    Essential Oil May Boost Immunity and Overall Health

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     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Essential Oil May Boost Immunity and Overall Health

    Black Cumin Seed Oil from Nigella Sativa. Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Power May boost immunity Promotes joint health, eases joint pain Helps boost metabolism to promote weight management Strong antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal properties Supports cardiovascular system Regulates cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar Supports digestive health Discourages abnormal cell growth (tumors) May strengthen your liver, helps it filter toxins Alleviates symptoms of breathing difficulties Supports reduction of antibodies in auto-immune challenges. Support Your Entire Body The immune-building properties and active compounds in Black Cumin Oil have proven to help fight a never-ending list of diseases and...

    • May Reduce Inflammation and Pain
    • Helps Boost Metabolism
    • Antibacterial, Antiviral and Anti-fungal
  • Oil of Black Seed

    Healthy and Tasty Aromatic Oil

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     By: North American Herb & Spice
    Healthy and Tasty Aromatic Oil

    Oil of Black Seed is rich in Thymoquinone, a phytochemical that benefits a wide range of health issues: May improve digestive regularity and health Helps strengthen immunity Supports circulatory system health (heart muscle, arteries, lung function) Detoxifying effects support liver and gall bladder health Top source of essential fatty acids and other vital nutrients. Tasty addition to smoothies, soup, salad or veggie...

    • Supports a Healthy Circulatory System, Liver and Gallbladder
    • May Improve Digestion and Immunity
    • Essential Fats, Tasty Addition to Soup, Salad etc.