The Gift
Open to Higher Consciousness and Superior PerformanceOpen to Higher Consciousness and Superior Performance Essentially, The Gift is self-esteem in a bottle. Use it to empower personal growth and raising your consciousness. The Gift can simply "opens the door" - it does not force you through it. High self esteem means self-acceptance and love, which helps to lower stress, generate success, and build healthy relationships. It opens the way for ...
Best Grade Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilManifest a Breakthrough from Life to Light Master-crafted from hundreds of tangible and intangible components of the most precious, superior forms. Are you feeling hurt, suffering, sad, angry, hopeless, lost, chained to the past? Negativity? Bad dreams? Release those now with a soothing mist for your face. Feeling suffocated? Hard to breathe? Inhale a fine mist. ...
End the Addictive BehaviorsNormalize - Return to a Balanced, Natural State This product is based in psychological reversal. Sometimes people act unconsciously against their own well being and success, to the extent that they will reject an otherwise effective healing modality. Short term fixes for it were found, but they last only a few minutes. Are you feeling or acting in a way that is just not you? Can you relate to ...
Energy Cells
Function in Optimized StateBased on the subtle energy principles of connecting you to the blueprint of the original vibrational patterns of Life, these Energy Cells enable all living organisms to function at an optimized state. Please read the Details and Product Articles tabs for individual descriptions. Available Energy Cells: Bach Flowers Color Therapy Gems Minerals Germanium Hair Homeopathy Melatonin ...
Life Pen Crystal-Core Wand
Simple and Effective ToolThe Life Pen Crystal-Core Wand is truly a unique, simple, effective tool that connects you to source energy, and to the potential of rebalancing your whole body. The Wand can be used in a a wide range of applications: shift your emotional state remove an energy flow blockage transform (balance) food and drinks Available in 2 sizes. The smaller pen (4) is half-inch diameter and 4 inches ...
Spirit of Love
Feel LovedExperience compassion for yourself and others. Each aura infusion is carefully harmonized to trigger a profound shift in your physiology. Aphrodisiac Draw people to you Attract a partner in a dating situation Heart centered atmosphere Cooperation, Resolve conflict Improve socialization Improve body image and self ...
Star Chamber Bundle
Restore Life Force Energies In Your HomeUltimate Water and Body Energizing Tools Supply your body with Energized Water, a wonderfully hydrating fluid that can cleanse your entire body inside and out, helping get rid of unwanted toxins, and transporting needed nutrients to where they are needed. Where human skin is concerned, proper hydration is the key to health and looking and staying young. Since our bodies are composed mostly of ...
Expand Your AwarenessFor those working with lucid dreaming, meditation, prayer, angels and guides. Align your intellect and intuition. Be uplifted and tranquil, with a heart-centered connection to your higher self. Work with intuitive awareness. Support the flow of energy between your physical being and your higher spiritual self, to anchor and integrate high-vibration energy. Over time, this infusion helps you ...
Seven Basics Spagyric Tincture Set
Clear and Balance Your Seven ChakrasAddress each of the seven energies by taking the Seven Basics Spagyric Tinctures on their appropriate day to be stronger and balanced both physically and spiritually. Each Spagyric Tincture contains a specific Essential Oil blend, creating a focused ORMUS Oil with that extra level of intention and resonance to clear and balance your seven Chakras. Sunday: Rosemary ...
Part No: OOTS01
Ambrosia Essential Oil Manna
Enhanced ORMUS Spiritual EffectsAdd a little extra "oomph" to your spiritual experience that comes from taking ORMUS. This combination of ORMUS (made from Dead Sea Salt) is specially prepared with an essential oil blend that adds a vibratory signature, to charge and direct your ORMUS towards the specific outcomes you intend. Pleasing taste and scent. ...
Lemon Balm Spagyric Tincture
High in Healing Life Force - General Cure AllThe object of plant alchemy is to supplement forces lacking within the body, tempering energies and restoring balance, both physically and spiritually. "Alchemy provides the perfect medium through which the state of perfection or harmonious balance can be gained." ~ Frater Albertus, The Alchemist's Handbook Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis): Chakra - Crown Day - ...
Trinity Manna
Synergistic Blend of ORMUS WatersThe Trinity symbolizes the One Divine Nature of All - a reminder of the unity of all things, and that there is strength, beauty, continuity and purpose in that unity. Mind, Body, Soul. Maiden, Mother, Crone. Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Will, Wisdom, Love. Father Light, Mother Space, Individualized Child. Life, Death, Rebirth. ...