Cells that do not naturally die cause mutated cell growth, into tumors. Free radicals cause mutated cell growth. They are undesirable by-products of your metabolic processes. Caused by  insufficient nutrition and  detoxification, and more. Take a look at all our Health Concerns Blogs about Tumors. Free radicals are extinguished by antioxidants and ellagic acid. Ellagitannins from ellagic acid have the ability to stop mutated cell growth. To help your abnormal cells die. With abundant oxygen, tumors cannot grow. Create an internal environment where free radicals cannot exist. Eating enough fiber can seriously inhibit bowel tumors. Kill free radicals with nutritional support for your immune system. Sufficient cleansing and detoxification endeavors will support your good health also.

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  • Electrolytes of Oxygen Molecules

    Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen

    Electrolytes of Oxygen Molecules

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     By: Life Enthusiast
    Electrolytes of Oxygen Molecules

    E.D. Goodloe's Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen (ASO) Concentrated Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen Molecules Boost Your Immune System has the same electrical charge created by the breathing process. changes minerals from a solid state to an ionic state of assimilation. cannot over oxidize the cells; iron atoms in the red blood cells releases only the amount of oxygen the cells can use. And, did you also know that.... ? the immune system combats infection. aerobic bacteria must have oxygen to survive. food ingested putrefies prior to digestion... putrefying bacterium is never favorable for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria...

    • Raise Your Oxygen – Destroy Infections
    • Improve Physical Performance and Immunity
    • Boost Food-to-Energy Conversion
  • Amazing Soak

    Oxygenating Soaking Solution

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     By: Wetway
    Oxygenating Soaking Solution

    Amazing Soak Increase Your Oxygen to Eliminate Pain Rejuvenate Your Skin and All Internal Tissues Soak your body (or feet) to increase your oxygen, energy and alertness.  Revitalize your skin with deep pore cleansing. Reduce stress and pain. The longer you soak, the deeper it goes. Enhances your available oxygen to help: Alleviate sore, tired or over-exercised muscles Recover faster from injury, surgery, strenuous activity Reduce pain from inflammation Increase blood flow Effective oral antimicrobial rinse Improve energy and sleep or relaxation Support elimination of toxins. Amazing Soak Diminishes Skin Problems Antiseptic (disinfecting) and anti-inflammatory (reduce...

    • Raise Your Energy and Sharpen Your Senses
    • Reduce Swelling and Pain, Sleep Better
    • Revitalize Skin, Muscles, Organs
  • Improve Bowel Regularity

    Apple Fiber

    Improve Bowel Regularity

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Improve Bowel Regularity

    Improve Your Digestion and Eliminate Toxins Improving your digestion will enhance your nutrient absorption and waste elimination (bowel regularity), thereby energizing your immune system for overall increased health, vitality and healing. Allowing yourself to detox is a great first step to battling both obesity and abnormal glucose levels. This very special high quality, pure apple fiber is naturally occurring, and extracted with minimal processing. Natural pectin is neither removed, nor added back. The peel and dried apple pulp are included, rich in soluble and insoluble apple fibers, with all the naturally occurring...

    • Promotes Digestive Regularity and a Healthy Intestinal Tract
    • Reduces Cholesterol and the Risk of Major Diseases
    • Strengthens Your Immune and Lymphatic Systems
  • Bundle: Immunity

    Daily Immune Support

     By: Life Enthusiast
    Daily Immune Support

    This Bundle: Immunity provides natural support for your immune system. A healthy immune system results in fewer colds, flus and infections. This Bundle: Immunity Support includes Strata-Flora (Powder: 115g/4oz) Biome Magic  (Drops: 60ml/2oz) Immunagen (Drops: 30ml/1oz) Immunity – The cornerstone of long life Enjoy 10% discount when you buy these products...

    • Three Essential Immune Supplements
    • Fewer Colds, Flus and Infections
    • Enjoy 10% discount when you buy these products together.
  • Chag-o-Power

    The King of Medicinal Mushrooms

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     By: North American Herb & Spice
    The King of Medicinal Mushrooms

    Raw, Wild Chaga Mushroom Emulsion Mushrooms Boost Longevity and Healing Antioxidant Immune boosting (antibacterial and antiviral, prevent and recover from colds and flus) Anti-inflammatory (capabilities similar to steroid drugs - without negative effects) Improves cardiovascular health (cholesterol control) and metabolic health Helps balance blood sugar Detoxifying Mushrooms in Chag-o-Power are the best known source of the antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) - up to 30% SOD by weight. SOD plays a critical role in reducing oxidative damage (tumors) and inflammation (pain, stiffness). Chag-o-Power is Packed with the Vast Nutrition of Wild Nature B complex Minerals...

    • Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory
    • Improves Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health
    • Detoxifying to Boost Immunity
  • Cuminol

    Extremely Concentrated Antioxidant

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     By: North American Herb & Spice
    Extremely Concentrated Antioxidant

    Cuminol is a powerful combination of cumin and other wild spice oils containing beneficial phytochemicals and nutrients. Rich Source of Antioxidants Reverse free radical damage that can cause tumors and aging. Brown cumin seed oil is 2800 on the ORAC scale - 70 times more powerful than blueberries, and more powerful than vitamin E and beta carotene combined (about 100,000 ORAC per bottle). The components of Cuminol have been shown to increase the cellular production of glutathione, an important and powerful antioxidant. Cuminol is highly potent for protecting your digestive system. It produces the key...

    • Potent Antioxidant
    • Helps Reverse Free Radical Damage
    • Cumin, Fennel and Oregano Oil, Emulsified in Olive Oil
  • Support Natural Cell Turnover


    Support Natural Cell Turnover

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     By: RemedyLink
    Support Natural Cell Turnover

    Ellagic Acid Antioxidant can Restore Malignant Cells to Normal The safest and most potent way to take ellagic acid antioxidant. How It Works Contains ellagic acid and other plant compounds to support the body in resolving infections and other pathological processes. Ellagic acid inhibits the enzyme gyrase, which many viruses use to enter our cells and replicate, inhibits chitin-synthase, which fungi use to build their cell walls, and kills certain parasites. Ellagic acid stimulates apoptosis, the pathway by which abnormal and pathological cells are directed to self-destruct. In addition, Ellagica contains four plant extracts...

    • Powerful Antioxidant for Massive Cellular Clearing and Rebuild Healthy Cells
    • Inhibit Parasites, Bacterial and Viral Infections
    • Prevent growth of abnormal cells, promote apoptosis (natural renewal)
  • Exsula Superfoods, Ellagiplex


    Ellagic Acid SuperFood

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Ellagic Acid SuperFood

    Promote Abnormal Cell Death Within Days! Ellagitannins are beneficial to our bodies, and the EllagiPlex formula delivers them in a healthy and delicious smoothie powder blend. Your body has a built-in ability to shut-off and dissolve cells that cannot be repaired and to replace them with young and healthy cells. Ellagic acid helps activate this natural mechanism called apoptosis. EllagiPlex is a blend of ellagitannins from raspberry seeds, complemented by strawberry, blueberry and blackberry seeds helps boost a suppressed cellular turnover mechanism. Scientific studies show that ellagitannins prevent uncontrolled cellular replication. When combined in a...

    • Breakthrough For Healthy Cells and Longevity
    • Activate Apoptosis – Eliminate Defective Cells
    • Reverse Damage from Oxygen Deprivation
  • Digestive Health Aid

    Fennel Seed Oil

    Digestive Health Aid

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     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Digestive Health Aid

    Fennel Seed Oil Known to be a potent and powerful aid for digestive health. It has a licorice-like flavor and aroma. Relieves  digestive troubles (cramps, gas, bloating) Natural laxative Purifying and detoxifying effects Eases monthly menstrual cycles Supports a healthy lymphatic system May improve eye health Reduces symptoms of breathing troubles Natural mild expectorant (loosen lung congestion, soothes cough) Helps suppress sweet cravings Reduces water retention, flushes out excess fluids Antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is an aromatic herb that has been widely used as a...

    • Promotes Digestive Health
    • Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory
    • Antibacterial and Antifungal
  • antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, insecticidal, anti-malarial, cleanse, detox, detoxifiy, vasodilator, hight blood pressure, anti-convulsant, anti-spasmodic, antidepressant, antimutagenic

    Graviola XP

    Broad Use Amazonian Health Tonic

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     By: UHTCO Corporation
    Broad Use Amazonian Health Tonic

    Graviola XP Best natural supplement for building healthy cells. And much more: Antioxidant Antibacterial, anti-fungal Anti-parasitic, insecticidal and anti-malarial Whole body detoxification Vasodilator and helps lower blood pressure) Anti-convulsant and anti-spasmodic Antidepressant Antimutagenic Reduce severe headaches Relieve inflamed, red skin issues. Graviola XP has no known side effects, toxicity reports or interactions with any supplement or pharmaceutical...

    • Antioxidant
    • Antibacterial and Anti-fungal
    • Whole Body Detox
  • Pure Antioxidant Drink

    H2 Elite

    High-Dose Antioxidant Hydrating Drink

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     By: QuickSilver Scientific
    High-Dose Antioxidant Hydrating Drink

    H2 Elite is Molecular Hydrogen Powerful Antioxidant for Optimal Health Turn any glass of water into an instant energy drink. Dissolves in less than two minutes for fast-acting, free radical quenching replenishment. Gentle Rejuvenation Molecular hydrogen tablets produce millions of tiny nano bubbles that flood your body with nature’s purest antioxidant. Mild yet powerful, it can support: Increase metabolism and energy Detoxify Boost immunity Improve focus Restful sleep Balanced inflammatory responses Overall increase in health and...

    • Reduce Free Radicals (main cause of tumors and aging)
    • Increase Your Energy (physical and mental)
    • Boost Immunity and Cellular Hydration
  • Liver, Bowel Cleanse and Weight Loss Program

    Holy Tea

    Healthy Bowel, Liver Detox, and Weight Loss

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     By: Dr. Miller
    Healthy Bowel, Liver Detox, and Weight Loss

    Regulate Your Bowel Movements Allow yourself the benefits of a much needed bowel and liver cleanse. With continued use of Holy Tea, you can expect clearer, healthier, younger looking skin, increased energy and a happier personality! As you remove toxic deposits from your body, you will lose dark moods caused by sluggish elimination. By choosing how many cups of this tea you drink in a day you can regulate your bowel movements to two or three each day. Keep the toxic waste flowing, not sitting in your digestive system, rotting and filling...

    • Break Down Toxic Waste and Flush It Out of Your System
    • Calm Your Digestive System, Relieve Bloating, Improve Elimination
    • Increase Your Energy, Sleep Better and Take Inches Off Your Belly
    • 8 Teabags = 2 month supply of tea
  • Infection Fighter and Detoxifier

    Immuno Super Antioxidant

    Infection Fighter and Detoxifier

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     By: Folium
    Infection Fighter and Detoxifier

    Immuno Super Antioxidant Designed specifically to combat toxins and micro-invaders that caused the current world health crisis. Including lung-related complications and hospitalizations. The ingredients work synergistically to disrupt the activity of invaders, toxins and proteins that are linked to diseases and chronic complications. Years of clinical trials and testimonials demonstrate these benefits. Patented formula ingredients work to: Boost Immunity Decrease infections (viruses). Enhance lung health. Especially important in the current world-wide situation. Feel better sooner. Recover faster from illness and over-exertion. Full-Body Metal Detox Cleanse Fast and efficient cleansing. Removing toxins will support immunity. Helps remove heavy metals (mercury, lead,...

    • Boost Immunity
    • Full-Body Cleanse
    • Reduce Inflammation and Pain
    • Boost Physical and Mental Energy
  • Herbal Cleansing Tonic

    Karma Cleanse

    Herbal Cleansing Tonic

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     By: Life Enthusiast
    Herbal Cleansing Tonic

    Eliminate Tumors and Tumor-type Diseases Karma Cleanse is an effective herbal detox to cleanse blood and organs (liver, kidneys, pancreas, digestive). Wild Cherry Bark successfully resolved pulmonary (lung) and digestive conditions, on the recommendation from Edgar Cayce. One other ingredient in this tonic - beet sugar or juice - was also noted for effectively balancing pancreas, kidneys and digestive organs. This tincture has also shown to Kill tumors and tumor-type diseases Detoxify - cleanse Build blood. Decades ago, Harry Hoxsey promoted this Karma Cleanse formula as his own family recipe to eliminate tumors and tumor-type...

    • Eliminate Tumors and Tumor-type Diseases
    • Gentle yet Highly Effective Blood and Organ Cleanser
    • Resolve Lung and Digestive Conditions
    • Optimize Hormone (Endocrine) and Metabolic Functions
  • Stress Relief


    Stress Relief

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     By: Andreas Seed Oils
    Stress Relief

    Kavaplex This oil contains Kava (Piper Methysticum). Most research has focused on its potential to calm an overstimulated nervous system. The active ingredients are called kavalactones, which account for 3–20% of the dry weight of the root of the plant. Studies suggest kavalactones may have the following effects: Reduce nervousness Protect neurons from damage Reduce pain sensations Reduce the risk of abnormal cell replication Kava has been used for thousands of years. Enjoyed by millions as a drink. Traditionally prepared by kneading and squeezing the root powder in...

    • Reduce Anxiety
    • Reduce Pain
    • Reduce Risk of Tumors
  • Antioxidant, Prebiotic, Fiber and More

    Lignan Gold

    Antioxidant, Prebiotic, Fiber and More

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     By: GaiaThera
    Antioxidant, Prebiotic, Fiber and More

    New Awakening for Every Cell Uniquely concentrated flax Lignan Gold, for superior potency and synergy of antioxidant, prebiotics, fiber and more: Supports the beneficial bacteria in your intestines, enhancing your digestion and immune system. Hauls away cholesterol. Improves breast and prostate health, hormones and sleep. Antioxidant to eliminate free radicals and protect your DNA and cells. This detoxification helps cleanse your every cell, organ and system, and stop pain from inflammation, enhancing joint mobility and energy. For adults and pets too. Flax Lignan Gold 100% organic concentration of flax hull lignans - the hull...

    • Superior Antioxidant – Reduce the Speed of Aging, and Related Ailments
    • Anti Viral, Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial and Anti Parasitic
    • Prebiotic for Healthy Bacteria – Excellent Source of EFAs and Fiber