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Care for the skin over your whole body, because it's your largest organ. Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed inside. Perhaps not at the same speed. But it WILL get into your lymphatic fluids and blood. Your skin is an excellent way to deliver important nutrients. Miracle II has natural plant-based soaps and moisturizers. They're also antibacterial and detoxifying. Support the health of all your systems. Cleanse, detoxify and deodorize. Use natural and effective underarm deodorants to smell fresh all day. Care for your skin over your whole body and remember that your skin is permeable. Take care and use only non-toxic, healthy products. Take a look at our Blogs about Skin CareYou might enjoy listening to our Podcasts for current information on health repair and maintenance.

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  • Metasomer skin cream and topical gel bundle


    Natural Skin Cream or Gel

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     By: Life Enthusiast
    Natural Skin Cream or Gel

    Metasomer delivers a safe, revolutionary method of skin repair. Helps repair and revitalize skin. Relieves discomforts from wounds and burns. It absorbs into your body and supports immunity. May improve energy too. Safe and revolutionary way to restore key biological functions. Topical form of Metadichol. See 'Scientific References' tab below. Metasomer is a plant-based policosanol nano emulsion of long-chain alcohols found in many unrefined foods (rice, sugar cane, wheat, peanuts). Complements our Nano Soma oral...

    • Helps Repairs Skin Wounds and Burns
    • Relieves Skin Discomfort, Promotes Skin Health
    • May Boost Immunity
  • Miracle Soap

    Natural Plant-Based Soap

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     By: Miracle II
    Natural Plant-Based Soap

    Miracle Soap is exceptionally versatile. By varying the dilution, it can perform diverse jobs such as: Cleanse and detoxify humans and animals, both internally and externally Cleaning and deodorizing household, industrial and institutional Insecticide and fertilizer for house plants, gardens and field crops Clean up industrial oil spills Helps relieve muscle and joint pain, and eliminate body odor Apply topically to help repair inflamed skin conditions and rashes (bites, stings), age spots, stretch marks, scars and bed sores Effective treatment for head lice and parasites Wonderful as a shampoo and body...

    • Adjust Concentration to Clean ANYthing
    • Eliminates Head Lice and Other Parasites
    • Great Bubble Bath
    • Continues Down the Drain to Help Clean Sewage
  • TransDerma Minerals, Magnesium Oil all sizes

    Magnesium Oil

    Easy Mineral Supplement

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     By: TransDerma Minerals
    Easy Mineral Supplement

    Fast and effective Magnesium Oil helps relieve stress and more... Magnesium is critical for your cellular health, nervous system, and regenerating and maintaining living tissue. Magnesium is an essential nutrient for virtually every reaction in your body. Supports cellular regeneration. Magnesium is involved in almost all cellular processes in your body. It is traditionally used to relieve pain from inflammation and stiffness. It is the most important mineral that your body requires for cellular health (along with calcium, sodium and potassium). It supports  maintenance, repairs and regeneration of living cells. It soothes your nervous...

    • Soothes Nervous System for Deeper Rest
    • Helps Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain
    • Helps Overcome Stress and Bad Moods
  • Moisturizing Miracle Soap

    Good for Dry and Sensitive Skin

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     By: Miracle II
    Good for Dry and Sensitive Skin

    Moisturizing Miracle Soap is a natural soap with moisturizers. The perfect cornerstone for any skin and hair regime, as it will clean and deodorize anything that water will not damage, and benefit from the added moisture. Helps alleviate inflamed and dry skin conditions, rashes, dandruff and diaper rash. Excellent for normal and dry skin and hair, as it gently cleanses away any dirt, pests, impurities and toxins. Add to a bath, use as a body wash, or in place of shampoo. By using Miracle II products you will eliminate toxic and...

    • For Sensitive Skin and Hair
    • Concentrated – Use Full Strength or Dilute
    • Astounding Health Benefits (see user reports)
  • Miracle Neutralizer

    Detoxify, Re-mineralize and Alkalize

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     By: Miracle II
    Detoxify, Re-mineralize and Alkalize

    Miracle Neutralizer can be taken internally. Or used externally on your skin, your pets and your plants too. Often used in combination with Miracle Soap for powerful detoxifying bath. Taken internally to help: Remineralize and balance your body May restore proper functioning at the cellular level Helps  balances electrolytes in your bloodstream Supports proper nutrient absorption and may return good health, even from very challenging illnesses. May alleviate indigestion, constipation and even colic in infants. Used externally to help: When sprayed in the nose, it helps clear nasal congestion due...

    • Safely Detoxify both Internally and Externally
    • Alleviate Indigestion, Constipation and Even Colic
    • Eliminate Body Odors, Fungi and Yeast Infections
  • Skin Moisturizer

    Serious Healthy Moisture

    $0.16 Cashback
     By: Miracle II
    Serious Healthy Moisture

    This Skin Moisturizer is wonderful on dry skin, hair and scalp, as a foundation for make-up, and for more severe cases when broken skin won't heal, such as chapped lips and frostbite. It contains fabulously hydrating oils and emollients, and possesses the same detoxifying benefits as the Miracle Neutralizer. It's greaseless and has a very pleasant aroma. Use it after your bath or shower to naturally lock-in...

    • Greaseless Moisturizer For Any Skin Type
    • Edible Essential Fats – True Skin Food
    • No Fragrance, Just Natural Ingredients
  • Bundle: Miracle II 5 Pack

    Enjoy 20% off and Combined Effects of 5 Products

     By: Miracle II
    Enjoy 20% off and Combined Effects of 5 Products
    Original price was: $95.00.Current price is: $64.00.

    Bundle: Miracle II 5 Pack Try a new product for 20% off. Enjoy the combined effects of Miracle II products. This bundle includes: Miracle Soap (22oz) Non-toxic and very concentrated. Moisturizing Soap (22oz) Naturally cleanse with added moisture. Miracle Neutralizer (22oz) Minerals to help correct your pH balance. Neutralizer Gel (8oz) Excellent first-aid tool, soothe skin irritations. Skin Moisturizer (8oz) Light and non-greasy. Miracle II products are exceptionally versatile as they will clean anything that water won't hurt....

    • Non-toxic for Your Home and Body
    • Neutralizer Gel is an Excellent First-aid Tool
    • Naturally Concentrated, Use Saringly, Less is Better
  • OHmist Refresher, Cleansing and Sanitizing Spray 2 fl. oz.

    OH Mist

    Sanitize Virus, Bacteria and Fungi

    $0.12 Cashback
     By: Wetway
    Sanitize Virus, Bacteria and Fungi

    OH Mist uses emerging technology to kill biological pollutants, natural and man-made toxic byproducts. Extremely effective against all waterborne and airborne contaminants. Safe to spray on all face masks. It will not affect impermeable coatings. Use OH Mist On Hands and Masks: Sanitize and reduce up to 99.9% of germs Safe to apply onto a mask while wearing Effective barrier against all germs Neutralize allergens and airborne contaminants Inactivate virus Eliminate bacteria and fungi Reduce face breakout and rashes caused by prolonged mask use. OH Mist can be applied on high-touch surfaces. Safe on contact...

    • Sanitizer for Hands, Face and Masks
    • Use As Often As Needed
    • No Rinse Required
  • Complete Collagen Plus

    Feel and Look Younger

    $0.45 Cashback
     By: EverBella
    Feel and Look Younger

    Complete Collagen Plus Formulated to help you stay healthy, strong and beautiful. With this complete collagen blend your body has been craving. Enjoy the restorative benefits: See younger and healthier skin May reduce fine lines and wrinkles Helps grow healthier-looking hair May speed muscle recovery after workouts Helps you feel satiated throughout the day Promotes fat...

    • Helps Grow Healthier Hair
    • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    • Promotes Fat Burning
  • Two packings of Alexandria Professionals Mud Puddle Hungarian Mud where one bottle showing mud spilling out of it

    Mud Puddle

    Anti-inflammatory Skin Treatment

    $0.25 Cashback
     By: Alexandria Professional
    Anti-inflammatory Skin Treatment

    Mud Puddle is a rejuvenating skin treatment. For use as a face mask and/or body wrap. Deeply penetrates to help clear toxins. Promotes tissue firmness and strength. Anti-inflammatory properties soothe red, swollen skin conditions. Helps relieve both acute and chronic pain. From sports injuries, fractions and dislocations. May also help tight muscles or tendons in need of stretch. May improve skin texture Helps reduce ingrown hair problems Helps increase blood circulation May relax soft and connective tissues Helps increase lymph and metabolic activity. Mud Puddle is made from all-natural Hungarian Wellness...

    • Helps Relieve Inflamed Skin Conditions
    • May Relieve Both Chronic and Acute Pain
    • Helps Detoxify and Rejuvenate Your Skin
  • GaiaThera Fulvic Deo

    Fulvic Deo

    Deodorant Mist

    $0.49 Cashback
     By: GaiaThera
    Deodorant Mist

    Fulvic Deo helps stop underarm odor immediately upon contact. It naturally eliminates the bacteria causing body odor. Also works without bathing. Whenever odor occurs. Fulvic Acid helps detoxify your lymph nodes. And may reverse ...

    • Helps Eliminates Body Odor on Contact
    • May Regulate Body Bacteria
    • Helps Reduce Irritation
  • Gaia Thera Bugz Off Spray 4.2 fl. oz

    Bugz Off

    Enjoy Outside withOUT Bugs

    $0.20 Cashback
     By: GaiaThera
    Enjoy Outside withOUT Bugs

    Bugz Off gives you real results in ONE minute. With no harmful chemicals. Contains the most effective ingredients, proven to repel bugs, especially mosquitos. Bugz Off contains: Neem Oil Traditionally used as a natural insecticide. Repels harmful insects including mosquitoes. Citronella Oil Pleasant citrus scent that irritates mosquitoes. Silver Ions Relieves itching. Kills pathogens on contact. Bugz Off is manufactured with Proprietary Advanced Implosion Technology. This allows oil to mix with water. No need for detergents, preservatives nor emulsifiers. Use Bugz Off to enjoy being...

    • All Natural, Proven Effective Ingredients
    • No Detergents, Preservatives Nor Emulsifiers
    • Good for Itchy Skin Too
  • EssenceSea Sea Relief Lotion

    Sea Relief Lotion

    Helps Reduce Inflammation and Pain

    $0.50 Cashback
     By: EssenceSea
    Helps Reduce Inflammation and Pain

    Sea Relief Lotion helps reduce inflammation and pain. May improve restful sleep and overall well being. Encourages tissue regeneration. You may feel almost immediate pain relief from both over-exertion (acute) and chronic inflammation. Encourages tissue regeneration too. Magnesium is the anti-inflammatory agent and it's absorbed in the most efficient manner. Through your skin that is your body's largest organ. Because this method bypasses your digestive system, you will have NO digestive upset that easily occurs with oral magnesium. Topical absorption of magnesium is unparalleled to rapidly restore cellular magnesium levels. The active...

    • Topical Anti-inflammatory, Ideal for Muscle and Joint Pain
    • Improve Restful Sleep and Overall Well-being
    • Encourages Tissue Regeneration
  • PurelyWild, SpruceAlive Cream

    SpruceAlive Cream

    Supports Overall Skin Health

    $0.50 Cashback
     By: PurelyWild
    Supports Overall Skin Health

    SpruceAlive Cream is a breakthrough formula, a potent solution for various skin needs. Nourishes your skin. Ideal for normal, damaged, aging, cracked, or irritated skin, and sunburns. Regular use will help keep your skin soft and smooth. Can be used as a preventive face and hand cream. Combines wild spruce resin with wild pine resin. Enhanced with natural, wild essential oils, propolis, royal jelly and raw honey. A rare, natural remedy that was never before available. Both spruce and pine resins have a long history of use for skin support: Pine tar is famously relied...

    • Helps Nourish and Repair Skin
    • Excellent on Damaged, Cracked or Irritated Skin
    • Good for Normal and Dry Aging Skin


    All Purpose Broad-spectrum Antimicrobial Spray

    $0.30 Cashback
     By: North American Herb & Spice
    All Purpose Broad-spectrum Antimicrobial Spray

    OregaSpray helps maintain your space and surfaces (especially in public) free of microbes (kill germs). May help strengthen immunity. Can help with allergies. So natural you can even inhale it! Safe enough to be sprayed on food. Ideal for cleansing the air from food and pet odors. OregaSpray naturally suppresses germs as well as mites, mold, mildew, and can be used on countertops, cutting boards, public restrooms, and even your furnace and air-conditioner filters. A MUST for anyone who has frequent contact with people or pets - for anyone concerned with environmental germs. Its...

    • Completely Edible Essential Oil Blend
    • Kills Germs On Contact
    • So Natural You Can Inhale It