We’re told that Calcium makes our bones stronger. Dairy boards and food guides say we need milk products every day. To keep your bones strong. The truth is that Calcium depends on Magnesium to get into your cells. Without Magnesium, Calcium gets deposited in your joints. Causes pain and loss of mobility. Gallstones and kidney stones. Extreme cases cause calcification of body organs. All these conditions often disappear after taking extra Magnesium. Take a look at our Product Health Blogs about Calcium. If you eat dairy foods every day, you need Magnesium supplementation. Coral Calcium has naturally occurring Magnesium. In a perfect balance for your body to use. Plus more than 50 trace minerals and enzymes to help absorption. Exceptional value. To determine the Mineral balance you need, find your specific Metabolic Type. When your body gets its required nutrients, it can repair and maintain itself.

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  • Calcium ionic mineral


    Ionic Mineral Supplement

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    Ionic Mineral Supplement

    Calcium is needed by every organ in your body. Including your  brain and heart. And it's one of the first elements depleted by insufficient intake. In order for calcium to efficiently move into your cells, it must be in ionic form. If not in ionic form, it becomes a burden to your body. It takes energy from other important body processes. Like repairs and maintenance. This stresses your immune system. Adequate Ionic Calcium Intake Benefits Balances your pH for good digestion Enhanced immune system Strengthens bones and teeth Healthy muscles and nerves Energy...

    • Balance Your pH
    • Enhance Digestion and Immune system
    • Healthy Bones, Teeth, Muscles and Nerves
  • Coral Calcium

    Organic Powder

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    Organic Powder

    Coral Calcium has wide range of health benefits. Perhaps the broadest effect is alkalizing the pH of your blood and lymphatic system. This is critical for your overall health and: Important for normal nerve impulse transmission Healthy muscle contractions, not cramping Improves bone density Strengthens tooth enamel Enhances circulatory health Balances blood pressure Reduces risk of circulatory problems Promotes digestive health Boost oxygen transport capacity throughout your body. Coral Calcium is an easy way to supplement. Simply add into water coolers and bottled...

    • Alkalize Your Drinking Water
    • Helps Balance Your pH
    • Crucial for Health