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Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt is a healthy and delicious mineral supplement. It contains 84 minerals and trace elements.

Take a look at our Product Health Blogs about Crystal Salt.

Table salt is only sodium and chloride. Industrial waste. All other minerals and trace elements have been stripped away and sold. Bad for you like refined sugar and flour. Causes so many health troubles. High blood pressure, fluid imbalances and more. Sea salt is not much better because all water is becoming polluted with industrial toxins.

Our Himalayan Crystal Salt is pure and of the highest grade. It takes millions of years to mature underground. Under great tectonic pressure. Untouched by pollution. Energetically and nutritionally superior.

Delicious and healthy, it uses are many. A Crystal Salt Brine Bath is detoxifying and relaxing. Helps balance your pH. Brine steam inhalation helps acute and chronic respiratory illnesses. Brine poultices are very effective treating pain from inflammation. Also helps fevers and skin conditions. Relieves sores throats and canker sores. Crystal Salt cleans and remineralizes your teeth and gums.

Start seasoning your food with healthy and delicious Crystal Salt.

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