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Iodine deficiency is common and terribly harmful. Your body produces none therefore supplementation is essential. We cannot get adequate amounts from the food we consume. In the past it was added to salt, bread and milk. Now none is added to bread and milk, and far less is now added to salt.

Take a look at our Product Health Blogs about Iodine.

Iodine is vital to support your thyroid gland. It manages your energy, weight and hormones. Helps to balances emotional states. More obvious in women because of different hormonal dynamics. Regulates reproductive organs. Ovaries and breasts in women. Prostate gland in men.

Iodine deficiency symptoms include thyroid gland malfunction. Unexpected weight gain. Weakness, fatigue and feeling cold. Dry skin and hair loss. Learning or memory problems. Pregnancy complications.

Our natural Iodine supplements are sea plant-sourced. Sea plants contain many valuable nutrients. Especially important now, because they’re missing in our food.

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