Minerals: Multi

Multi Minerals include all major and trace minerals that your body needs to build cells and activate metabolic reactions. Minerals are required for proper composition of all body fluids. The formation of your blood and bones. For healthy nerve function, and to support enzymes. It's important to know your specific needs for minerals. Find your specific Metabolic Type to determine what minerals you require. What foods contribute to your health. And which foods take away your well being. Multi Minerals supplementation is now required because our soils have been depleted by industrial agricultural practices. In nature, none appear in isolation, therefore none should be used alone, except in very specific situations. Take a look at our Blogs about Minerals: Major and Minerals: TraceYou might enjoy listening to our Podcasts for current information on health repair and maintenance.

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  • Miracle Neutralizer

    Detoxify, Re-mineralize and Alkalize

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     By: Miracle II
    Detoxify, Re-mineralize and Alkalize

    Miracle Neutralizer can be taken internally. Or used externally on your skin, your pets and your plants too. Often used in combination with Miracle Soap for powerful detoxifying bath. Taken internally to help: Remineralize and balance your body May restore proper functioning at the cellular level Helps  balances electrolytes in your bloodstream Supports proper nutrient absorption and may return good health, even from very challenging illnesses. May alleviate indigestion, constipation and even colic in infants. Used externally to help: When sprayed in the nose, it helps clear nasal congestion due...

    • Safely Detoxify both Internally and Externally
    • Alleviate Indigestion, Constipation and Even Colic
    • Eliminate Body Odors, Fungi and Yeast Infections
  • Druckerlabs Intra Max 2.0 Immune Nutrition Peach Mango Flavor

    intraMAX 2.0

    Complete Nutrition in ONE Ounce

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     By: Drucker Labs
    Complete Nutrition in ONE Ounce

    intraMAX 2.0 Essential Nutrients, Easy to Digest and Absorb Orangic Superfood: Vitmains, Minerals, Probiotics, Antioxidants, Enzymes In just a one-ounce daily serving, intraMAX 2.0 provides an array of: Vitamins with trace and macro minerals Antioxidants and Amino Acids Prebiotics Digestive enzymes Essential fatty acids Fruits and vegetables Bioflavonoids and much more! intraMAX 2.0 Supports a wide range of functions including: Energy, strength, stamina, and stress management Muscular and skeletal health Nervous system, including brain development and cognitive function Cardiovascular system, including blood and cellular activity Immune system health, development, and response functions Endocrine system, including...

    • Powerful Help for Health Repair and Maintenance
    • Broad Spectrum of Easily Absorbable Nutrients
    • Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Probiotics and Antioxidants
  • Jevatee Naturals Crystal Salt Fine Grain

    Crystal Salt Fine Grain

    Delicious, Whole Food Salt with 84 Elements!

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     By: Jevatee Naturals
    Delicious, Whole Food Salt with 84 Elements!

    Crystal Salt, Fine Grain Himalayan Crystal Salt is whole food nutrition, providing minerals, trace elements, and a storage medium for life force energy. Helps balance the fluids in your body. Supports better nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. Crystal Salt, Fine Grain is food, much like fruits, vegetables, grains, and water. It is an essential nutrient, with exceptional abilities and qualities that are fundamental to keeping us alive. The most beneficial, cleanest salt available on our planet! Consuming natural Himalayan Crystal Salt supports and enhances good health. These minerals and trace elements keep things is balance:...

    • A Natural and Tasty Pure Mineral Supplement
    • Contains Trace Elements and Living Energy
    • Finely Milled with Granite Stones
  • Renova, Neuro C3

    Neuro C3

    Mental Health Supplement

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     By: Renova
    Mental Health Supplement

    Neuro C3 (formerly EMPower Plus) provides optimal nutrition for your brain and nerves. Nutrition for Your Brain and Nerves Contains Potential Life-changing Essential Nutrients Supports, Maximizes and Enhances Optimal Mood Stability Memory ~ Concentration ~ Calm Clarity And the ability to cope with all that life throws at you. Also please consider that this product has the chance of correcting the deficiency that is causing the imbalance to begin with. A Solution, NOT a Bandaid We offer the product a discount when you commit to automatic monthly shipments. In as little as...

    • Enhances Mental Clarity
    • Boosts Mood Stability
    • Proven Blend of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids
  • GaiaThera, Black Mica Water

    Black Mica Water

    Water Purification by Agglutination – Detox Your Water

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     By: GaiaThera
    Water Purification by Agglutination – Detox Your Water

    Black Mica Water creates Pure and Energized Water ~ Any Place, Any Time An easy, natural and effective way to eliminate and/or reduce chlorine, fluoride, a number of anaerobic bacteria (E.coli, pseudomonas, etc.), heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.) VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and cloudiness of water in cases where water has been contaminated. This powerful process also ensures that the treated water, when stored properly, will stay pure for an extended period due to its natural stability. A Revolutionary Way to Restore Drinking Water to Its Pristine Purity and Vitality -...

    • Create Energized Water for Enhanced Cellular Hydration
    • Easily Penetrates and Hydrates Your Cells
    • Superior Hydration Fights Inflammation, May Reduce Pain
  • FiveSignals FiveProvide ElectroLife

    FiveProvide ElectroLife

    Minerals, Enzymes and Amino Acids

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     By: Five Signals
    Minerals, Enzymes and Amino Acids

    FiveProvide ElectroLife Provides natural detoxification and elimination. This may dramatically boost your energy, concentration, and immunity.  It helps kill bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites without harming beneficial microorganisms (probiotics). Also helps normalize your pH. A living compound containing over 85 Dynamic minerals combined with 16 trace metabolic enzymes, 18 trace amino-acids, electrolytes, dissolved oxygen & hydrogen. This nutritional supplement supports increased oxygen, free-radical removal and nutrient absorption. It escorts a film of water into the air sacks of the lungs thereby helping the lungs to completely exhale. It generates and delivers oxygen in the body...

    • Helps Oxygenate and Feed Your Cells
    • May Increase Energy
    • Cleanse and Tune-Up Your Body
  • Renova Lightning


    Nutrients Help Improve Mental Health

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     By: Renova
    Nutrients Help Improve Mental Health

    Lightning is a mental health supplement for your brain and nerves. Get the ability to cope with all that life throws at you. Here's what people are saying it helps with: Improves memory and concentration Lifts brain Balances moods Decreases stress Better sleep and more energy Overall feeling of wellness. 23+ Years of Success Hundreds of thousands of happy customers! Lightning is an instant version of Neuro C3. Simply pour the tasty powder onto your tongue. It's absorbed almost instantly into your bloodstream. Bypassing your digestive system. Revolutionary delivery system to feel...

    • Supports Mood Stability
    • Helps Improve Memory and Concentration
    • May Lower Stress, Better Sleep and Energy
  • EssenceSea Sea Relief Liquid

    Sea Relief Concentrate

    Ocean Mineral Supplement

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     By: EssenceSea
    Ocean Mineral Supplement

    Sea Relief Concentrate helps balance your calcium and magnesium. This may help pain and discomforts disappear. May increase your athletic performance. Helps balance your blood sugar. May increase your brain performance. May Relieve Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency People report: Improve sleep - decrease fatigue Relieve muscle and joint pain discomfort Enhanced performance with physical activity Relax nerves, overcome stress and improve bad moods Improve heart function Increase kidney health Support healthy blood pressure Improve bone health Decreased facial wrinkles Reduced sugar cravings Enhanced concentration and short term memory Reduction in headaches (even...

    • Helps Balance Cellular Calcium and Magnesium
    • May Reduce Calcification (less pain)
    • Helps Improve Sleep – Feel More Rested
  • Miracle Neutralizer Powder

    Detoxify, Re-mineralize and Alkalize

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     By: Miracle II
    Detoxify, Re-mineralize and Alkalize
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    Miracle Neutralizer Powder will make Miracle Neutralizer. Please go see Miracle Neutralizer for more...

    • Make Your Own Miracle Neutralizer
    • Safely Detoxify both Internally and Externally
    • Alleviate Indigestion, Constipation and Even Colic
    • Eliminate Body Odors, Fungi and Yeast Infections
  • Drucker Labs intraMIN Superfood


    Critical Minerals

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     By: Drucker Labs
    Critical Minerals

    intraMIN Minerals to Support Overall Immune Health Nutritional Support for Your Body Processes, Brain, Nervous and Endocrine (hormones) Systems intraMIN contains supplementary minerals for those in need of additional immune system and muscle function support. Natural energy source for athletic performance and recovery. A perfect complement to intraMAX . intraMIN is made with intraCELL Technology... an innovative cold-fill manufacturing process allows the trace minerals to retain maximum nutritional value, while being organically enriched with naturally-sourced fulvic acid. One ounce/day gives you 71 organically-bound trace minerals, and 65 naturally-occurring electrolytes to...

    • Organic Trace Mineral Liquid Supplement for Immune-Challenged People
    • Soak in a Bath with intraMIN to Soothe Damaged Joints or Muscles
    • Use as Electrolyte Replacement for Athletic Performance or Recovery
  • QuickSilver Scientific, QuintEssential Bioterrain Restore 0.9

    QuintEssential Bioterrain Restore 0.9

    Therapeutic Marine Plasma

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     By: QuickSilver Scientific
    Therapeutic Marine Plasma

    QuintEssential Bioterrain Restore 0.9 Unique minerals support optimal health, for sensitive systems or a weaker constitution. Use QuintEssential Bioterrain Restore 0.9 when you're not at optimal wellness for an extended period of time. Ideal for a sensitive system or a weaker constitution. Also use it topically, anywhere on your skin to provide cosmetic improvement. The minerals and trace elements in Marine Plasma, extracted from plankton blooms, may enhance the health of your cells and overall performance. Because the composition of our cells is very similar to that of the ocean, this source provides the perfect balance...

    • Load Up with Essential Minerals
    • Supports Better Sleep and Calm Mental Focus
    • May Speed Recovery After Exercise
  • Purely-Zinc Plus

    Immune Support

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     By: North American Herb & Spice
    Immune Support
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    Purely-Zinc Plus is an excellent way to boost your immunity. Whole Food, Ionic Zinc Supplement Enrich your diet with this natural source of whole food nutrients. Naturally in the proper ratio. No possibility of imbalance. Your body knows best and readily uses. Necessary for a healthy immune system. A lack of zinc can make a person more susceptible to disease and illness. Benefits of Zinc in Purely-Zinc Plus May strengthen immunity Supports correctly synthesizing DNA Promotes healthy growth during childhood May relieve diarrhea Helps prevent and treat the common cold Enhances Wound healing May decrease...

    • Helps Strengthen Immunity
    • May Prevent and Treat Colds, Flus and Pneumonia
    • Enhances Wound Healing
  • CR Supplements, Alkalize-U


    Alkalizing Ionic Minerals

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     By: CR Supplements
    Alkalizing Ionic Minerals

    Alkalize-U Alkalizing Ionic Minerals Only a few drops may influence your body's pH level to a healthier, more alkaline state. This discourages bacteria and virus from thriving. Easy for your body to use. Allows maximum absorption, so fewer milligrams are needed. Easy to change an adult serving to a child size. Dilute to use. Mild tasting. Adequate hydration helps detoxify cellular waste, to reduce symptoms of aging. Water is a very strong solvent that sustains and protects life. It carries essential minerals throughout your body. Supplies cells with necessary nutrients. Essential to get the right...

    • Helps Raise Your pH to Alkaline
    • Discourages Bacteria and Virus Growth
    • Mild Tasting
  • Vancouver Island ORMUS, C-FOAM Mineral Cream

    Ocean Mineral Powder

    30X Concentrated Minerals and MacroNutrients

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     By: Vancouver Island ORMUS
    30X Concentrated Minerals and MacroNutrients

    Ocean Mineral Powder is approximately 30x more concentrated than Ocean Mineral Substrate Helps remineralize your depleted mineral reserves. This supports your immune and nervous system. Best Suited for Experienced People If this is your first time using ORMUS minerals, please consider that this Ocean Mineral Powder is approximately 30x more concentrated than Ocean Mineral Substrate, so if you're not familiar with ORMUS minerals, please consider using Ocean Mineral Substrate first. 100% Natural | GMO Free | Allergen Free | Vegan | Sustainably Sourced You...

    • Remineralize Your Depleted Reserves
    • Support Your Immune System
    • Power-up Your Nerve Circuits
  • Exsula Superfoods, Nova Scotia Dulse Powder

    Nova Scotia Dulse Powder

    Reddish Brown Algae

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Reddish Brown Algae

    Nova Scotia Dulse Powder is a great way to extra nutrition to any meal. Many people use dulse as medicine. Benefits of adding to your diet may include: May reduce inflammation and pain May improve thyroid health Supports healthy heart and cholesterol Helps alkalize pH Supports stronger immunity May improve bowel functions Antiviral, anticoagulant and antithrombotic properties Supports regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and blood sugar. Dulse is a rich, natural source of: Minerals Vitamins Amino Acids Essential Fatty Acids Polysaccharides Protein Fiber and more. Used in traditional diets as far back as the 6th...

    • Adds a Savory Kick of Flavor and Nutrients
    • Thyroid Gland Support
    • May Reduce Inflammation and Pain
  • Bundle: FiveProvide Flush Kit

    Detox and Rebuild Minerals

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     By: Five Signals
    Detox and Rebuild Minerals
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    Bundle: FiveProvide Flush Kit helps you detoxify and rebuild minerals. These 2 products work synergistically to help return your optimal health. This bundle includes: FiveProvide Opti-MSM Oxygen from MSM - Bioavailable Sulfur FiveProvide ElectroLife 85 Dynamic...

    • Essential Nutrients help you Remineralize and Hydrate
    • May help Boost Immunity and Detoxify
    • Calming Effect (deep sleep, remember dreams)