TransDerma Silver
Effectively Kills Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi Without Side Effects!Silver has been known for its germ-killing properties for centuries. It was the antibiotic treatment used by thousands of medical doctors, prior to 1938. It was the only effective tool to kill infections. After antibiotic drugs were discovered, Silver was pushed aside. Hypocrites, the ""Father of Medicine"" used Silver for wound healing. Ancient Greeks and Romans used Silver to kill bodily ...
Renaissance Lightning Silver
Feel Fantastic at Any AgeLife should be amazing and you should feel fantastic every moment of it at any age! That is God's design. All 15 Essential Minerals All 27 Additional Known To Be Useful Minerals All 24 Rare Earths & Synergistic Trace Elements 66 Specific Power Minerals Total Plus Others As Found In Seawater 306 Homeopathic Mineral Elixirs 79 Wilderness Flower & Herbal Infusions 21 Energetic Waters ...
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