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Aloe vera

Aloe vera is yet another magical creation from nature. It supports your health both externally and internally. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals. But mostly glyconutrients and muco-poly-saccharides. They soothe digestive system discomfort and pain. Bloating and gas. Enable digestive repair from micro-injuries. Caused by foods, stress or disease. Soothes stomach irritation. A gentle intestinal cleanse to boost your immunity for body repairs.

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This amazing plant contains muco-poly-saccharides. Anti-inflammatory for pain relief. Increases joint mobility.

Glyconutrients within are a powerful immune boost. They have successfully rebuilt tissue damaged by blood clot oxygen deprivation. Supports nervous and circulatory systems. Stabilizes blood glucose levels. Eases breathing problems. Improves circulation.

Nourishes skin for quick relief from burns (heat and sunshine) bites and stings. Topically it’s wonderful on wrinkles.

Aloe vera in Magnesium Gel will revitalize your skin. And it relieves painful, stiff joints.

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