Most people don’t eat enough Fiber. The recommended amount is 20-35 grams/day. Statistics say most people eat about half of that. Fiber particles are like tiny sponges that absorb water, toxins and cholesterol. It carries them away from your intestinal lining. Then out of your body. Keeps your gut clean of toxic sludge. Harmful yeast, bacteria and parasites. Then you can absorb nutrients efficiently. Your immune system is free to repair your good health. Lowers your risk of tumors. Fiber makes you feel fuller sooner, so you eat less. When you get enough, you have regular and comfortable bowel movements. Better nutrient absorption and waste elimination. Reduced aging and ailments. More energy and lower weight. Loss of fat and inches for better body shape. Sharper mind and better memory recall. Lower blood cholesterol and better circulation. Energized immune system. Fewer colds and infections with shorter duration. Reduce or even eliminate allergic reactions. Steady blood sugar levels. Fiber slows the absorption of fats and sugars. Gives more sustained energy and better endurance. No sugar rushes and cravings that lead to overeating. Fat storage and body bulges. Do you load up on vegetables? Grains, nuts, seeds and beans? If not, Fiber supplementation would improve your life. When you don’t eat enough Fiber, food sits your digestive tract for too long. Days and days. Toxic waste builds up. Your immune system is kept busy fighting the toxins, instead of keeping you healthy. You will be sick more often. Colds, flus and other diseases. Your stools become dry and difficult to pass. You strain to push out hard, dry stools. This can cause painful hemorrhoids and fissures. Decreased immunity and weight gain. High cholesterol and blood sugar. Important to Know that Fiber NEEDS WATER. It must have abundant amounts of water to activate its benefits. Water alone or fiber alone don’t do enough. Drink Energized Water and you will need less.

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  • Improve Bowel Regularity

    Apple Fiber

    Improve Bowel Regularity

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Improve Bowel Regularity

    Improve Your Digestion and Eliminate Toxins Improving your digestion will enhance your nutrient absorption and waste elimination (bowel regularity), thereby energizing your immune system for overall increased health, vitality and healing. Allowing yourself to detox is a great first step to battling both obesity and abnormal glucose levels. This very special high quality, pure apple fiber is naturally occurring, and extracted with minimal processing. Natural pectin is neither removed, nor added back. The peel and dried apple pulp are included, rich in soluble and insoluble apple fibers, with all the naturally occurring...

    • Promotes Digestive Regularity and a Healthy Intestinal Tract
    • Reduces Cholesterol and the Risk of Major Diseases
    • Strengthens Your Immune and Lymphatic Systems
  • Antioxidant, Prebiotic, Fiber and More

    Lignan Gold

    Antioxidant, Prebiotic, Fiber and More

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     By: GaiaThera
    Antioxidant, Prebiotic, Fiber and More

    New Awakening for Every Cell Uniquely concentrated flax Lignan Gold, for superior potency and synergy of antioxidant, prebiotics, fiber and more: Supports the beneficial bacteria in your intestines, enhancing your digestion and immune system. Hauls away cholesterol. Improves breast and prostate health, hormones and sleep. Antioxidant to eliminate free radicals and protect your DNA and cells. This detoxification helps cleanse your every cell, organ and system, and stop pain from inflammation, enhancing joint mobility and energy. For adults and pets too. Flax Lignan Gold 100% organic concentration of flax hull lignans - the hull...

    • Superior Antioxidant – Reduce the Speed of Aging, and Related Ailments
    • Anti Viral, Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial and Anti Parasitic
    • Prebiotic for Healthy Bacteria – Excellent Source of EFAs and Fiber
  • Fiber and Probiotics

    Daily Multi-Fiber

    Fiber and Probiotics

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     By: NB Pure
    Fiber and Probiotics

    For Complete Digestive Health Daily Multi-Fiber is an ideal fiber supplement for: Overall digestive system health Meets your daily fiber intake needs Does not add additional carbs Relieves constipation from low-carb or keto diets Reduces bloating Helps you manage your weight by curbing cravings Aids in heart health, cholesterol management and healthy blood sugar. Regular bowel movements are critical for healthy digestive function. To cleanse and detoxify for overall health. This boosts your immunity. A great colon cleanse to counteract the typical American diet which is severely lacking in fiber, due to high...

    • Improve Digestive and Hearth Health
    • Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar
    • Curb Appetite, Manage Weight
  • Promotes Good Digestion and Immunity, Improve Your Bowel Health

    Inulation Prebiotic

    Promotes Good Digestion and Immunity

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     By: Allegany Nutrition
    Promotes Good Digestion and Immunity

    Improve Your Bowel Health Increase Your Immunity Inulin is a natural prebiotic that feeds healthy bacteria in the digestive system. It is a non-digestible, soluble dietary fiber extracted from the root of the chicory plant. As a dietary supplement, Inulation is used to create a healthy bacterial balance in the intestines and colon. Inulation is a powder with a slightly sweet taste that is taken with any liquid and is often taken with a probiotic to provide a one two punch. Reduces Bowel Irritation Improves Bowel Management Better Mineral Absorption Inulation Prebiotic:...

    • Promotes Healthy Bacteria in your Digestive Tract
    • Helps Eliminate small LDL and Promote HDL Cholesterol
    • Helps Lower Chronic Inflammation and Auto-Immune Problems
  • UHTCO Corporation, Lucuma Fruit Powder

    Lucuma Fruit Powder

    Sweet and Nutritious Seasoning

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     By: UHTCO Corporation
    Sweet and Nutritious Seasoning

    Lucuma Fruit Powder (from the fruit) reduces the need for other sweeteners. Adds flavors of vanilla, with notes of maple or caramel. Creates a nice creamy consistency. Benefits from Lucuma Fruit Powder High in fiber - filling and supports good digestion. Low on the glycemic index - lower impact on blood sugar than conventional sweeteners. Apply topically for anti-inflammatory effects that help repair skin...

    • Exotic Vanilla Maple Flavor for Smoothies and Treats
    • Reduces Need for another Sweetener
    • High in Fiber, Low on Glycemic Index