Oceans Alive

Marine Phytoplankton for Energy and Focus
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  • Ultimate Activator to High Levels of Health
  • Stored Light and Minerals - the Basic Building Blocks of Life
  • Power to Make the Most of Every Day with Joyful Mental Energy

Marine Phytoplankton for Energy and Focus


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Activation, Oceans AliveActivation, Oceans Alive


Oceans Alive is marine phytoplankton. Provides high-density nutrition for energy, vitality and optimal performance.

The ultimate activator to high levels of health. Maximize your quality of life. Enjoy a whole body inner strength like never before.

Beyond simply making you feel more zest for life, the list of health benefits is quite extensive…

  • Powerful antioxidant to keep you tumor-free
  • Anti-inflammatory to ease muscle and joint discomforts
  • Boost your immune system
  • Enhance digestion
  • Metabolize fat – encourages weight loss
  • Helps cleanse and detoxify your blood
  • Repairs inflamed red skin issues
  • Helps control blood pressure
  • Improves sleep quality and emotional well being.

Liquid Marine Phytoplankton is a unique super-nutrient from the ocean. Benefits are from an abundance of natural vitamins, minerals and original life force (absorbed directly from the Sun).

Upgrade your life on a daily basis going forward with this microscopic, ultra powerful ocean nutrient. Every drop contains more than 5 billion identical cells of energy that feeds your mitochondria. Give you more energy.

Fresh-harvested Life Energy

Nannochloropsis gaditana, plankton grown in closed environment, preserved in desalinated sea water concentrate.

Directions for Use

Plankton is food. You can take a little, or a lot. Start with just a couple of drops in a glass of water, and increase your dosage once you know that you are not getting a strong cleansing reaction.

No refrigeration required.

Recommended Use

Use to improve energy, support cleansing, and increase performance.

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Activation, Oceans Alive

What Are Marine Phytoplankton Health Benefits?

The common health benefits of marine phytoplankton are to regenerate all tissue cells, purify your body of toxins, and provide a jolt of natural energy when added to a drink.

Blog, Oceans Alive Pure Phytoplankton

Oceans Alive Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton is high-density nutrition for energy, focus and optimal performance…

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Phytoplankton nourishes all the oceans of the world, but thrives in the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Scientific References: Algae, Plankton, Seaweed