Lysosomal Detox
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  • Effective and Convenient Detox
  • May Improve Health of Arteries and Brain
  • Good for Intermittent Fasting

Lysosomal Detox


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Albedextrin is an effective and convenient way to detoxify secondary toxins. This can improve:

  • Arterial health- may clear buildup of plaque
  • Brain health – may stop amyloid formation
  • Skin appearance – may eliminate brown spots
  • Organ health – may restore optimal performance

Especially good for people experiencing performance decline associated with aging.

Your path to better health must include cleansing to detoxify. Dramatic detoxification can eliminate almost every chronic disease.

Most diseases are the direct result of accumulated toxins from your body’s inability to eliminate them. Almost all of us are becoming loaded with toxins. We are constantly exposed to performance-degrading toxins from:

  • Food we eat
  • Air we breathe
  • Water we drink
  • Clothes we wear
  • Cosmetics we apply
  • Furniture we touch
  • Cleaning products we use
  • Medical procedures we undergo.

Arterial Health
Humans are one of the few species that do not synthesize vitamin C. We are also one of the few species that develop plaque in the arteries. The plaque is stimulated by oxysterols (oxidized cholesterol). In a young body, Apolipoprotein A and lysosomes work together to keep plaque from accumulating. With age, we have less Apolipoprotein A and more of the B variety (which makes plaque worse) and our lysosomes are less able to detoxify oxysterols. Cyclodextrins may support the body in a healthy response to oxysterols and support lysosomes.

Brain Health
Most neurological disorders are now known to be caused by prion like particles. Prions are misfolded proteins that misfold other proteins. When we are young, our lysosomes are better able to digest these folded proteins, but with age, they can accumulate in a chain reaction which can cause all sorts of issues with nerve function, mood balance and movement control. Cyclodextrins may support a healthy response to prions and prion like particles.

Lipid Exchange
Over 70 years ago German doctors found that when patients were injected with phosphatidylcholine, a lipid found in healthy cell membranes, liver, kidneys, lungs, nerves, brain, eyes and the cardiovascular system, all began to regenerate. This is because we as we age, the phospholipids in our cell membranes go rancid and when we give the body fresh unoxidized phospholipids, the membranes can repair themselves. Alpha cyclodextrins may support flushing of rancid/oxidized phospholipids from cell membranes.

Intermittent Fasting
Many benefits, specifically cleaning out and regenerating of lysosomes. Cyclodextrins may support many of the same systems as intermittent fasting.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (reconstituted with water)
Servings/Container: 48

Proprietary Blend 2.63g
(2-Hydroxypropol) ⍺-cyclodextrin*
(2-Hydroxypropol) β-cyclodextrin*
Ascorbic Acid*

*Daily Value Not Established

Directions for Use

Mix entire bag slowly into 5.5 ounces of warm distilled water in a sterile container while stirring with a sterile whisk. Keep mixing until solution is clear. As small layer of foam may appear on top. Seal in an airtight sterile container and refrigerate.

General Maintenance Dose:
Take one teaspoon every 3rd day.
Take on an empty stomach.

Do not eat fats or oils for 2 hours after taking.
12 hours later take 1 teaspoon of phosphatidyl choline and/or XtraPure Lecithin. This is based on a 150lb person.


  • Do not drink directly from the container. Bacteria present in the mouth can contaminate the mix.
  • Do not drink if fizzy, or if any smell is detected. This indicates bacterial contamination.

Keep out of reach of children.

Recommended Use

Effective and convenient way to detoxify – especially helpful for:

  • Declining cognitive function
  • High level of cholesterol
  • Clogging of blood vessels – arteries and veins
  • Brown age spots (lipofuscin).


  • Do not take if pregnant or nursing.
  • Do not take if pregnant or nursing.
  • Do not take if you have low cholesterol.
  • Do not take if you are on cholesterol lowering drugs.
  • Discontinue use if you experience any negative reactions.

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