Aura Infusions

Guardian Angel

Feel Protected and Safe
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  • Block out toxic influences at home or office
  • Feel Safe and Fearless... Protected from Attacks
  • Allows timid people to become more assertive

Feel Protected and Safe


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Feel Protected and SafeFeel Protected and Safe


FellGuardiExperience a Cleared Aura

Guardian Angel helps you interrupt victimization patterns, become assertive and have a positive workplace.

Aura Infusions, Guardian Angel Works on both personal and environmental levels to upgrade energy, provide protection from negative or toxic influences, and keep the aura field clear. For this reason, Guardian Angel can enhance the effectiveness of other Aura Infusions products.

Can be worn as a protective perfume for those who wish to assert themselves when faced with powerful outside influences. Guardian Angel helps you:

  • Feel protected from negative energy
  • Clear your environment
  • Help sell a house
  • Protection in a court of law
  • Attract Customers
  • Repel negative intentions
  • Clear negativity/trauma in home

People who should have a bottle always with them:
Real estate agents
Business owners
Sales people
Those who need to set limits
People who don’t feel safe or have been traumatized
People dealing with car or other accident or illness/surgery.

Guardian Angel is a tool that lets you feel protected easily and effortlessly.

These complex formulas contain up to 30 flower essences, essential oils, gem elixirs, and alchemically activated gems that saturate energy fields.

Each infusion is prepared using a time-intensive process, combined the ingredients in a unique fashion.

And each bottle is prepared individually and harmonized with the use of alchemically activated gems.

Only after each formula has been thoroughly evaluated by a panel of intuitives on three continents and by extensive testing on a variety of subjects is it considered ready for you.


Directions for Use

Spray above your head, to infuse your personal energy field.

Also spray throughout your air space to alter the energy of your environment.

Recommended Use

For personal and environmental clearing and protection. Feel safe and fearless, protected from attacks.

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