Aura Infusions


Expand Your Awareness
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  • Be receptive to Insights and Confident in your Intuition
  • Re-calibrate the Left and Right Brain Balance
  • Restore Energy Flow Between the Physical and Subtle Bodies
  • Become Heart Centered, Anchor the Intuitive Way of Knowing

Expand Your Awareness


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Expand Your AwarenessExpand Your Awareness


For those working with lucid dreaming, meditation, prayer, angels and guides. Align your intellect and intuition. Be uplifted and tranquil, with a heart-centered connection to your higher self. Work with intuitive awareness.

Support the flow of energy between your physical being and your higher spiritual self, to anchor and integrate high-vibration energy.

Over time, this infusion helps you recognize what’s important at every moment. Your energy and attention can be directed by your intuitive way of knowing.

Relieve self-doubt and gives confidence to look inside yourself for answers. Releases self-defeating worthlessness, fear, anger and anything that blocks your heart from higher consciousness. Supports movement through grief and sadness. Shifts feelings of alienation to trust and intimacy with life.

Powerful aura cleanser and emotional stabilizer to expand the way you sense and know.

“The first time I used Intuition I blurted out something that I never could have foretold, but I found out later it was true” ~ Sandra H., Malden, MA

Some components are known as euphorics – they raise your vibration to interface with higher consciousness and ancient wisdom.

The sacred moonstone gem essence develops your spiritual and psychic awareness. Other proprietary gems open your channeling abilities, multi-dimensional fluidity and understanding.

The proprietary blend of botanicals and gems include the finest essential oils and essences that support receptivity and permeability to higher dimensions.

An energetically imprinted Herkimer diamond is placed in each bottle to harmonize, stabilize and amplify the intention and potency of the formula.

Directions for Use

At bedtime, mist this aromatic elixir, allowing it to settle into your senses, through energetic pathways of your aura.

Write down a question, issue or situation that you need help with, during dream time. In the morning take notes.

Recommended Use

Be confident working with your own intuition. Be receptive with you own guidance.

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