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Gentle Intestinal Cleanse to Boost Immunity
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  • Restore your Digestion to Boost your Immune System
  • Tune-up your Body - Cleanse from Within
  • Increase Sense of Calm and Reduce Anxiety

Gentle Intestinal Cleanse to Boost Immunity


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Body Biotics, Aloe PureBody Biotics, Aloe Pure


Support a Healthy Immune System

The Ultimate Protection Against Infections and Degenerative Diseases

  • Improve most digestive issues (heartburn, bad breath, inflamed and irritable bowel, constipation, hemorrhoids)
  • Support your heart and circulation (lowers cholesterol)
  • Feel clarity and positive moods
  • Increase joint mobility, reduce inflammation and pain
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Aids nutrient absorption and is cleansing (stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, colon)
  • Decrease systemic candida
  • Alkalizing for whole body pH balance
  • General health tonic.

Aloe Pure will improve your digestion. IF your intestines (your gut) is working optimally – absorbing nutrients and eliminating toxins – your immune system is NOT busy helping out – your immune system is free to eliminate every health issue.

You will live a long, healthy life – free from pain and disease.

Digestive dysfunctions are the most common thread found in people with immune system disorders.

Aloe Pure to support your body’s natural ability to regain and maintain health.

Regular cleansing of your body will begin healing discomforts and diseases, and bring you into a more vibrant state of health.

Your body needs cleansing every day. Every system in your body will function more efficiently. You’ll feel younger again.

Almost all of us are overloaded with toxins. We are constantly exposed to potentially dangerous toxins through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. An optimally functioning detoxification system is necessary for preventing disease and providing good health.

All disease is the direct result of accumulating toxins in the body. Unless and until you clean out your insides, diseases can only be in remission, prepared to resurface.

Each capsule contains 600 mg of dried whole leaf aloe vera concentrate.

The whole leaf of hydroponically grown aloe plants, ensuring the purest grade of aloe vera.

The leaf contains active enzymes to help break down and dissolve foods. The gel contained inside the leaf has been used for centuries as a natural, safe, non-addicting internal cleanse.

Directions for Use

For best results, take one Aloe Pure capsule at night with a meal for 2 to 4 nights, then use as needed. You should not need to take more than one capsule per day for regular bowel management.

Non-addicting and safe.

Recommended Use

It usually only takes 3 days to get the intestinal tract moving, but if there is a severe issue (for example a severe case of Candida) You may need to take Aloe Pure for up to 14 days. Aloe Pure is supposed to help the body to slough off the build-up along the intestinal wall. It is safe to repeat this process every 3 weeks. It should take only 3 days to restore elimination.

Some people have no reaction to the Aloe Pure (taking 1 capsule a day) until the third day. After taking the capsule it takes up to 15 hours to begin working, longer depending on the health of the instestines.

You may take 2 capsules at once if you have a severe constipation, but consider that you could cleanse and detox faster than what you’d anticipate.

We recommend not to take Aloe Vera every day because it could deplete the gut of microbes that take a few weeks to rebuild.

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