ADR Systems

Bundle: ADR Pack

EMF Protection for Home and Away
Price: $161.83
  • Popular Package to Supply Your Whole Household
  • Harmonize Your Food and Your Space
  • Protect Yourself When Away From Home

EMF Protection for Home and Away


ADR-4 Harmonizer

  • First Aid for Microwaved Food
  • Take With You to Eat Out and Travel
  • Improves the Taste of Your Food and Beverages - Salads, Soups, Drinks
  • Improves Cellular Hydration to Help Relieve Pain

998 in stock

ADR-3 Geopathic Solutions

  • EMF Protection from Wi-fi, Cell phones, Microwaves
  • Helps Neutralize and Harmonize Energy Forces, Geopathic Radiation
  • May Create a Positive Living Environment

997 in stock

ADR Protect × 2

  • May Reduce Fatigue and Pain from Inflammation
  • May Reduce Adverse Effects of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)
  • Helps Balance Your Energy
$22.46 each

997 in stock

999 in stock

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ADR Systems, Bundle, ADR PackADR Systems, Bundle, ADR Pack


Bundle: ADR Pack

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Protection

This bundle includes:

1. Two ADR Protects

Energy Stimulator, Electrosmog Protection Device

2. One ADR-3 Geopathic Solutions

Neutralize and Harmonize Energy

3. One ADR-4 Harmonizer

Food and Beverage Energizer and Harmonizer

For Ingredients please see individual product pages.

For Directions for Use please see individual product pages.

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