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May Reverse Calcification of Joints
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  • Helps Restore Movement and Range
  • May Dissolve Bone Spurs and Unwanted Calcified Deposits
  • 100% Organic or Wild-Crafted Herbs

May Reverse Calcification of Joints


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Earth Friend Herb Tincture Arthritis Ease 1 ozEarth Friend Herb Tincture Arthritis Ease 1 oz


Arthritis-Ease is a unique formula developed by master herbalist Elijah Free, helps to address inflammatory joint pain by correcting nutritional imbalances that allow hardened calculi to buildup in joints, causing painful symptoms. You may feel pain relief in as little as two to four weeks, as the calcified deposits are eliminated through re-absorption.

The main action of Arthritis-Ease is to cause proper metabolic balance again, in disturbed metabolism. Once this occurs, your body literally dis-allows the metabolic condition that leads to painful, swollen, stiff joints. As a result, your body returns to its native state of metabolic ease.

Arthritis-Ease uses a blend of herbs that have historically been used to neutralize built-up acid toxins in the body that can be a direct cause of common inflammatory pain and discomfort in joints and elsewhere. When the acid toxins are neutralized and lessened, then symptoms of inflammatory pain can also lessen. Arthritis-Ease is also effective in neutralizing acid toxins globally throughout the body.

The most common cause of inflammatory pain is a complicated nutritional imbalance that allows the buildup of calculi, causing pain. This is an over-accumulation of lactic and uric acid, excess sodium and undigested proteins (similar in nature to calcium carbonate or limestone that builds up over time). An acidic pH is often present and is one of the main underlying factors in this metabolic condition. Diets high in animal products, excess dairy, alcohol, highly processed foods, excess sodium diets, etc. can all contribute to this condition.

The herbs in Arthritis-Ease do not affect the inflammation directly. Arthritis-Ease is essentially a passive formula, helping restore the natural metabolic harmony and chemistry of the body.

Earth Friend Herb Co., Arthritis-Ease

All herbal ingredients are certified organically grown, or wildcrafted in ecologically clean environments. Grain alcohol tincture with distilled water and vegetable glycerine.

Common Name Latin
Iceland Moss Cetraria islandica
Irish Moss Chondrus crispus
Hydrangea Root Hydrangea arborescens
Lobelia Lobelia inflata

Directions for Use

Take 20 drops 3 times per day.
Best taken away from food. Or at least five to ten minutes before meals.
Take directly in mouth. Follow with water.

Do not mix in water or any other liquid.

1 ounce lasts approximately 2 weeks.

Use for as long as necessary. The average time using Arthritis-Ease on a daily basis will differ depending on the severity of the condition. After all the calculi buildup has been eliminated, and pain and inflammation is gone, it is suggested that one continues with the standard dosage for another month. It is however very important to note, that a change in eating habits (see Metabolic Typing) may need change to insure that the arthritic condition does not reoccur.

Recommended Use

Help stop the metabolic process that leads to painful, swollen, stiff joints. Restore youthful flexibility to your joints.

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