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  • Helps Reduce Stress (emotional, chronic, traumatic)
  • May Improve Sleep Quality
  • Stop Nightmares and Excess Vigilance

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Earth Friend Herb Tincture Cortisol Ease 1 ozEarth Friend Herb Tincture Cortisol Ease 1 oz


Cortisol-Ease is an organic herbal tincture to help reduce stress. By removing and reducing excess cortisol.

Helps Eliminate Stress, Emotional and Traumatic

This unique formula addresses the issue of stress from excess cortisol in your body. Helps lower cortisol levels to normal – and stay there. Excess cortisol is the common after-effect of stressful lives with too much activity and not enough down-time.

Over time, excess cortisol can cause all manner of symptoms from anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances and brain fog, to pain, food intolerances and drug addictions. Other symptoms include intestinal problems, energy crash, exercise addiction, slow repairs, noise and odor intolerance, and chemical sensitivity.

It is important to understand that your body recognizes excess cortisol as toxic. Habitual excess cortisol levels are caused by inordinate amounts of stress that may occur in many ways. When there are continual occurrences, then adrenal glands begin to over-work.

Excess cortisol can trigger long-term fight or flight response, creating a surge of chemically induced energy to either fight to save yourself, or to flee the situation.

High cortisol levels constantly act to create more cortisol. The cortisol levels that are high generally stay high when spiking. They do not usually return to non-spiking normality after they remain high and spiking for an extended period of time. This makes high spiking cortisol levels virtually self-perpetuating. This is one of the main reasons that excess cortisol is such a problem.

The herbs in Cortisol-Ease help to neutralize the excess spiking cortisol in your system. Over time, Cortisol-Ease helps your body return to normal, as the symptoms of stress finally fade away for good.

The most common extreme case of high cortisol are the effects of living through traumatic stress events, such as military deployment, police work, natural or man-made disasters, and abuse. It can linger with you from a childhood trauma, or from witnessing violent acts, or just watching gory movies.

Earth Friend Herb Co., Cortisol-Ease

High Cortisol Level Effects

Your adrenals manufacture adrenaline and cortisol. After going through high-stress periods we all end up with high cortisol levels. Your pituitary gland is supposed to neutralize the adrenal hormones, but with the excessive stress of a traumatizing event, the high cortisol levels persist. The good news is that Cortisol-Ease will bring the cortisol level back to normal.

The ongoing effects of traumatization creates a nightmare existence for you, an emotional haze that is “not in your head”, it is permeating your entire emotional structure.

When we feel threatened and unsafe, our cortisol is the first hormone to rise in our blood stream. If we anticipate physical action, we also get adrenaline. When the source of anxiety is gone, these hormones are supposed to be re-absorbed. Cortisol-Ease accelerates this process, when your body is failing to do it on its own.

Stage One is the reaction to a threat: danger, heat, cold, irritation, infection, violence, insecurity (financial, emotional, physical), whether it is real or imagined. Your endocrine system kicks in and cortisol level goes up. Your heart beats faster, your blood pressure rises and your pupils dilate.

Stage Two is adaptation to living with chronic, repeated, unrelieved stress. The stress source could be your job, your spouse, your children, or whatever is stressing you. The classic nightmare scenario has you growing up in a dysfunctional family with no sense of safety, feeling vulnerable and with continuously high cortisol levels in your bloodstream. Your adrenal glands have enlarged in response to be able to release large quantities of adrenal cortical hormones. You are able to function, but eventually, your chronic stress catches up with you and you crash into the last stage.

Stage Three is exhaustion with a the “cascade effect” of symptoms. Your reserves are depleted, your resilience is down, your chronic stress depleted your mineral reserves. You can expect a physical collapse, an emotional breakdown, physical dysfunction and eventual organ or body system failure, including heart attack or stroke. Many people trapped in the emotional nightmare of high cortisol seek mood altering or controlling drugs to get some peace, ending up addicted to either street drugs or to opioid pharmaceuticals. This cycle can be stopped.

Causes of High Cortisol Levels

Every human responds to stress differently. Either chronic stress or sudden trauma can trigger the high cortisol levels. Your reaction depends on your ability to cope with the situation.

Cortisol has a role in regulating blood sugar, energy production, inflammation, supporting the immune system and with repairs.

Common triggers include lack of sleep, a demanding boss, threat of losing your job, relationship trouble, divorce, conflicts with neighbors, death or illness in your family, caring for a sick person, dieting, moving, caught in traffic jam, etc. – essentially your basic city life.

You can dramatically escalate this problem for people who were raped, sexually abused, robbed, beaten, or went on patrols in enemy territory. Events from the past can resurface and send your cortisol levels through the roof (so to speak).

The stress from our environment, EMF and noise pollution, psychological and nutritional stress play a part in this as well. Cortisol blocks your repair and restoration of damaged tissues. Under stress, your immune system becomes suppressed, digestion and assimilation are inhibited, your stomach lining becomes thin and ulcerated, your thymus gland shrinks and your lymphatic system fills with toxins.

Symptoms of High Cortisol

You may be experiencing on or more of these issues:

Belly Fat: with high cortisol the abdominal fat is thickest and hardest to get rid by dieting.

Drug Addictions: stuff you use to “take the edge off” may cut the sense of being threatened, anxious, unsafe or unprotected. Drugs dull these feelings but then you’re caught in addiction.

Food Intolerance: unable to eat grains, milk, nightshades, shrimp, peanuts etc. and chronic gastrointestinal difficulties including diarrhea, constipation, or both.

Anxiety: constant feeling of threat, being jumpy, nervous, fearful, tense. Tension can be felt in the neck, shoulders or anywhere else in our body where we “store it.” Unable to relax, to feel calm, at peace and a deep sense of quiet inside ourselves, there is this sense of being “on edge” is always in the background “noise” of our lives.

Bone decalcification: with compromised adrenals you get insufficient DHEA, and not enough repair time, thinning your bones, shrinking your spinal column and making you shorter.

Intestinal Problems: high stress can devolve into chronic bowel irritation, diverticula inflammation, or frequent painful elimination episodes. Your gut can’t absorb nutrients and you become deficient in minerals and some vitamins. “Leaky gut” syndrome is a part of it.

Sleep Disturbance: you no longer dream, or you don’t remember your dreams. High cortisol levels at night prevent dreaming, or if you dream, you get nightmares that focus on anxiety, violence, vulnerability and danger.

Energy Crash: especially in mid-afternoon, needing to sleep. Not able to keep eyes open during after-lunch meetings. Needing to sleep more than 10 hours every day. Chronic stress/high cortisol antagonizes insulin and will cause functional insulin resistance and eventual pancreatic exhaustion. Your body stores energy fast, especially from carbohydrates. You gain weight.

Exercise Addiction: exercise can burn off cortisol. If you “have to” do five miles a day run, you are addicted.

Repair Speed: slow repair from cuts or insect bites, your cold or flu lasts long time and it takes you a long time to feel normal again.

Irritability: you are too fast to respond in anger, rage or short temper to the situation. Your emotions cloud your judgment and mental ability to look beyond the moment. Road rage is easily possible.

Inflammation: aching joints, arthritis are the outcome of cortisol cascade.

Brain Fog: forgetful, can’t recall names, nouns. You may think you have Alzheimer’s, but you don’t. It is insulin that is blocking sufficient glucose availability for your brain.

Noise Intolerance: noises irritate you.

Odor Intolerance, Chemical Sensitivity: perfumes give you headaches, cigarette smoke irritates you, avoid hospitals because of the sanitizing odors, gasoline smell or dryer sheets trigger a headache-migraine.

Chronic Inflammation: All histamine mediated stress reactions such as those that produce headaches, back pain, dizziness, soft tissue pain, chronic fatigue or tiredness, inflamed painful joints, menstrual irregularities, overall weakness, loss of nerve control, balance, muscle tone and other inflammatory conditions are producing high cortisol levels and/or adrenal exhaustion.

Frequently asked questions about Cortisol-Ease

How effective is the remedy?

The Cortisol-Ease formula is very effective. Results are often seen in the first two or three weeks of usage. High levels of cortisol in the body have become a highly prevalent problem in our modern society. There are many types of stress that is now constantly present. This can include prolonged emotional or physical abuse, wartime experiences, stressful jobs or lack of a job and numerous other difficult or painful repetitive events. This condition can occur in children as well as adults, and even in the newborn baby if the birth is very stressful. When this continually occurs over a period of time, the body becomes used to overproducing cortisol as a means to cope with the flight or fight mechanism that would in other circumstances enable one to either fight their way out, or to flee the situation. Cortisol-Ease not only reduces high cortisol levels and keeps them low, the all-herbal formula also helps the body to adapt to the stress of repairing to help produce a metabolic environment to aid the normalizing of associated functions.

What is the mechanism of action for the formula?

There are two main functions to Cortisol-Ease. They are the following:

It is important to understand that the body recognizes excess cortisol as a toxin. Habitual excess cortisol levels are caused by inordinate amounts of stress that may occur in many ways. When there are continual occurrences, then the adrenal glands begin to go into an overtime mode. Cortisol is overproduced as a result. This is commonly known as the fight or flight response of the body to create a surge of chemically induced energy to either fight to save oneself or to flee the situation. As a result, cortisol levels soon begin to build up in the body and do not return to normal functional levels anymore.

High cortisol levels constantly act to create more cortisol. The cortisol levels that are high generally stay high. They do not usually return to normal after they remain high for an extended period of time. This makes high cortisol levels virtually self-perpetuating. This is one of the main reasons that excess cortisol is such a problem

1. The first function of Cortisol-Ease is to help reduce excess amount of cortisol by neutralizing it directly in the blood stream. Cortisol-Ease recognizes the surplus cortisol as a poison, much like a poisonous snakebite and reduces it rapidly to normalized levels. This is very important. If this function were not built into the formula, then no matter what else it could do, the high cortisol levels would cause a self-perpetuating loop that would only make more cortisol. Cortisol-Ease safely insures that this does not occur, lowering cortisol levels to insure that they remain low.

2. The second main function is to act as a powerful adaptogenic to the adrenal and blood sugar system, to help the body to begin to repair from the stress that it has labored under for perhaps years or even decades. This adaptogenic system affects the adrenals, the pancreas and helps the body to recover at a rapidly induced rate. The effects of the formula are often seen in the first few weeks of usage.

How soon could one expect to see results?

Results can be quite rapid. Within the first two to three weeks on the average. It is helpful to have an Adrenal Stress Index Test (ASI Test) if possible. This can show the circadian rhythms of the adrenal glands and how cortisol levels rise and fall during a twenty-four hour period. If this is not possible, then the formula may be taken safely with no side effects. Cortisol-Ease is not to be used during pregnancy or for young children under twelve.

How long may Cortisol-Ease be used?

For as long as necessary. The average time using Cortisol-Ease on a daily basis will differ depending on the severity of the condition. After all symptoms are gone, it is suggested that one continues with the standard dosage for another three months.

All herbal ingredients are certified organically grown, or wildcrafted in ecologically clean environments. Grain alcohol tincture with distilled water and vegetable glycerine.

Common Name Latin
Rhodiola Rhodiola rosea
Cedar Berries Juniperus monosperma
Juniper Berries Juniperus communis
Hawthorn Berries Crataegus species
Black Cohosh Root Actaea racemosa
Blue Cohosh Root Caulophyllum thalictroides
Blue Vervain Verbena officinalis
Plantain Plantago major
Ginger Root Zingiber officinale
Lobelia Lobelia inflata

Directions for Use

Take 20 drops 3 times per day.
Best taken away from food. Or at least five to ten minutes before meals.
Take directly in mouth. Follow with water.

Do not mix in water or any other liquid.

If there is difficulty sleeping, one extra dose, one half hour or less before bed may be taken.

If there are repeated episodes of very high stress, then an extra dose or a second one may be taken directly for as long as needed.

Do not increase dosage.
This formula works very fast. The standard dosage is all that is needed.

One ounce lasts approximately 2 weeks.

Recommended Use

Helps remove excess cortisol to take away stress: emotional, chronic and traumatic.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take this.

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