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Lovers Tonic
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  • For Deep, Lasting, Profound Vigor
  • Link Sexual and Spiritual Energies
  • Open Your Heart Chakra

Lovers Tonic


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Lovers TonicLovers Tonic


Embrace is a formula for lovers to share. Excellent for deep, lasting and profound vigor.

Can be used by anyone for personal empowerment and longevity. It can help attract the perfect life-partner.

  • Harmonize with your loved one
  • Link sexual and spiritual energies
  • Improve lovemaking
  • Open your Heart Chakra
  • Fertility tonic
  • Beauty tonic
  • Anti-aging

Embrace helps balance the masculine and feminine energies. The protector and the nurturer.

Balances Yang Jing with Yin Jing herbs. This aligns the essences of the 1st and 4th Chakras. Creates sexual energy harmony.

ORMUS (orbitally rearranged monotomic elements) is included to increase efficacy. It helps boost your health in every way. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Nourish your body, mind and soul. An easy path to body repair and enlightenment.

Ancient Egyptian and Chinese tombs contain urns holding ORMUS made from gold. This ORMUS is derived from precious inner-Earth salts, making it affordable, but equally effective.

Excipient-free 10:1 powdered extracts of:
Desert hyacinth (Cistanche, Chinese: Rou Cong Rong)
Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium, Chinese: Yin Yang Huo)
Raspberry (Rubus idaeus, Chinese: Fu Pen Zi)
Chinese foxglove (Rehmannia, Chinese: Shu Di huang)
Longan (Dimocarpus longan, Chinese: Long Yan Rou)
Orchid (Dendrobium, Chinese: Shi Hu)
Jujube date (Ziziphus jujuba, Chinese: Da Zao)
Milkworts (Polygala tenuifolia, Chinese: Yuan Zhi)
Monk Fruit (Siraitia grosvenorii, Chinese: Luo Han Guo)
Bamboo (Bambusoideae, Chinese: Zhuli)
Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis, Chinese: Wu Wei Zi)
Pearl (Calcium carbonate Chinese: Zhen Zhu)

Cistanche and Epimedium are well-known for imbuing sexual vigor.

Rehmannia and Dendrobium help restore our energy, helping us avoid burnout.

Polygala gives strength to persevere, or if needed, walk away.

Schizandra and Pearl imbue the formula with exotic beauty-enhancing essences.

and ORMUS.

Directions for Use

Add 3/4 teaspoon to a mug of hot water.

Add creamer (suggest milks of almond, cashew, oat, flax,) and natural sweetener to taste.

Recommended Use

Embrace is a formula for lovers to share. Excellent for deep, lasting and profound vigor. Harmonize with your loved one.

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