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Energy Wellness Water

Fast Track to Hydration
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  • May Improve Nutrient Absorption and Toxin Elimination
  • Helps Boost Immunity
  • You May Feel Better Overall

Fast Track to Hydration


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Energy Wellness Water molecules are smaller. This allows them to more easily pass into your cells for superior hydration that supports:

  • Better nutrient absorption and toxin elimination
  • Stronger immunity
  • Better overall well being.

Each bottle makes approximately 33 gallons of delicious hydrating water.

Chronic dehydration is very common. But you may not realize that you are suffering from it. Drink Energy Wellness Water and you may need less.

Since water is vital to our health, the quality of water we drink is vital.

For optimum health, the water in our body’s tissues needs to be frequently replaced. As fresh water transports nutrients into cells, old water is expelled, carrying the byproducts of metabolic waste.

The plastic is the industry standard, #1 PETE, which is non-leaching and pharmaceutical-grade.

Each bottle makes about 33 gallons of delicious hydrating water.

Directions for Use

An empty stomach is the best way to provide your cells with optimal hydration. Any food in your stomach will absorb water providing less to your tissues.

Add 1 Tablespoon (1/2 oz) of Energy Wellness Water to one gallon (use glass jar) of your best purified spring or filtered water.

Wait 5 minutes before consuming. Drink at room temperature.

From the gallon of mixed water, follow the schedule below:

Weeks 1 and 2
Take 2 ounces twice daily (4 ounces = optimal)

Weeks 3 and 4
Take 4 ounces twice daily (8 ounces daily, most people start this way)

Weeks 5 and 6
Take 6 ounces twice daily (12 ounces)

Weeks 7 and 8
Take 8 ounces twice daily (16 ounces)

After week 8
Take 12 ounces twice daily (24 ounces)

Daily Maintenance (after week 8)
Take 24 to 32 ounces or more.

Once you are fully ramped up to the 24 ounces daily, drink 12 ounces first thing in the morning, and 12 ounces throughout the day on an empty stomach.

It is fine to boil (to make hot tea or coffee-organic is best) or freeze your water (ice cubes) for your specialty beverages. These would be in addition to your daily water maintenance of 24 to 32 ounces. Once you add something else to water it is no longer water- it is an extra beverage.

Do Not Store Near, or Heat in a Microwave

Recommended Use

Supports better nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. May improve stronger immunity and better overall well being.

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