PanaSea Toner

Promote Skin Restoration
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  • May Visibly Reduce Fine Lines and Even-out Skin Tone
  • Helps Relieve Inflamed Red Skin Condidtions
  • Helps Relieve, Bites, Stings and Burns (heat and sun)
  • May Relieve Cold Sores and Fungal Infections
  • Helps Reducee Cold Symptoms (sinus, throat)

Promote Skin Restoration


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EssenceSea PanaSea TonerEssenceSea PanaSea Toner


PanaSea Toner helps renew skin cells, improves hydration, circulation and collagen.

Ground breaking, scientifically advanced skin restoration at the cellular level – penetrates deep into the dermis – beyond the superficial symptoms of tired, aging or unhealthy skin.

Improves hydration, circulation and rebuilds collagen to reverse or delay signs of stress and aging. Get a radiant, youthful glow.

You may see a difference in as little as six weeks.

PanaSea Toner may help:

  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles, restore elasticity
  • Promote collagen production to maintain firm, youthful skin
  • Increase cellular hydration to prevent premature skin aging
  • Help inflamed, problem skin and prevent future break-outs
  • More even skin tone, fade sun-damage brown spots and scars
  • Protect against UV related and free radical damage
  • Anti-fungal effects for cold sores, athlete’s foot, sinus and sore throat
  • Accelerate minor wound healing – help heal minor cuts, abrasions, bites and burns
  • Allows skin to breathe – does not clog pores
  • Restore pH balance to the skin and body

This unprecedented scientific breakthrough begins working immediately to  helps restore skin radiance to a youthful, vibrant glow. Supple skin that is much less subject to blemishes of all kinds.

Nutrients in PanaSea Toner may fortify your skin. Helping resilience and less reactive to future environmental assaults or insect bites of all kinds.

Patent-pending Clear Energy Volixer technology (CEV) creates biologically preferred molecular structures. The CEV restructures the large water clusters in PanaSea Toner to contain large numbers of small hexagonal water clusters. These hexagonal water clusters wrap around the nano-minerals and form onion-like water layers around the minerals. This is a form of water-chelation that magnifies the effective size of the nano-minerals so they then can then be more easily utilized by the cells that have a use for them, thus providing greater benefits. The primary reason for this easier penetration is that the small hexagonal water clusters, that form the water cage, have a similar structure to the ones found inside the cells. Therefore, these water-wrapped minerals are perceived by our cells as much closer to what is natural for them to use for their processes. This generally decreases any cellular stress.

As a result of this complex structure, PanaSea Toner permeates the cells more readily than a salt solution alone. This means that that the other minerals in the Toner can add unique effects depending on what particular cell is being bathed. For example, the magnesium present in the Toner can help remove the excess calcification of the cells of soft tissues and ultimately increase tissue flexibility in this way.

Proprietary blend of anti-aging skin nutrients and 80+ activated ocean minerals, distilled water, dextrose, full spectrum sea minerals, over 150 different mineral bicarbonates and ascorbates, all activated using advanced laboratory techniques.

Contains NO Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oil or Silicones.

More than 80 naturally occurring ocean minerals combined with powerful mineral bicarbonates and ascorbates (Vitamin C), which act as oxygen transporters.

The nano-minerals are enhanced with the patent-pending Clear Energy Volixer Technology, which water-chelates them to further increase their penetration into the cells.

Unprecedented advanced laboratory technologies are used to appropriately blend the large number of ocean minerals with the important bicarbonate and ascorbate radicals. This produces rare chemical compounds that improve cellular metabolism.

Directions for Use

For best results warm the Toner in warm water, to body temperature.

Use anytime you want your skin to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Can be sprayed directly into open eyes, ears, nose, mouth or scalp to provide and array of benefits directly to the cells of these body parts.

Spray generously onto any/all body parts, or onto a cotton for the desired area.

To Help Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Saturate a cloth and apply warm toner over face making good contact with the areas around the eyes and leave for 20 minutes or more. To achieve rapid results, repeat daily for 30 days, then 3x a week thereafter.

For Help Relieve Eczema, Psoriasis and Minor Skin Afflictions
Prepare an absorbent gauze pack soaked with warm Toner as indicated above. Cover the affected area and wrap with plastic for 30 minutes. Repeat daily or as needed.

For Acne
Begin with spraying the affected area until wet and repeat hourly until desired level of improvement has been achieved. Be sure the areas are clean and free of make-up prior to use for best results. For spot treatment use an absorbent adhesive bandage where the sterile pad has been saturated with the Toner. Replace the bandage when the Toner is absorbed and the sterile pad is dry.

For Sinus, Sore Throat and Cold relief:
Warm Toner as indicated above and use with a nasal irrigation device (Neti Pot). You may also gargle with the Toner, swallowing Toner afterwards for increased relief. For cough relief, open mouth wide and spray into throat while inhaling sharply.

For Insect Bites and Minor Cuts, Abrasions and Burns
For best results, treat as soon as possible for less chance of scarring. Spray and cover with soaked adhesive bandages. Inflammation will be reduced and healing begins immediately.

For Cold Sores, Athlete’s Foot and Other Fungal Infections
Spray on several times per day to alkalize the acid effects of fungal growth to promote fast healing. Your immune system responds better to an alkaline environment.

Recommended Use

PanaSea Toner helps renew skin cells, improves hydration, circulation and collagen. Helps relieve inflamed red skin conditions, bites, stings, burns, cold sores, and fungal infections. May reduce cold symptoms in sinus and throat.

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