Some call it the “Fountain of Youth”
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  • Spiritual Nourishment of Divine Origin - Extracted and Concentrated
  • Manna - The Very Essence of Life - Food from The Gods
  • Powerful Natural Mix of Rare Metals in Crystalline Form

Some call it the “Fountain of Youth”


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GaiaThera ORMUS GoldGaiaThera ORMUS Gold


ORMUS Gold is anti-aging from the inside out!

  • Feeling tired, run down, overwhelmed or have a lack of energy?
  • Looking for emotional balance?
  • Need more energy, focus and concentration?
  • Concerned with the toxins in your environment and atmosphere?
  • Does nuclear radiation, EMF damage, Chem-trails, tumors, E. coli in your gut, some yet unnamed disease or any other uncontrolled environmental toxins scare the xxxx out of you?

Find out what you can do about it.

ORMUS Gold could be your answer.

  • Helps restore youth and vitality
  • Specialty sacrament elixir, spiritual manna
  • Amplifies medicinal plants and salves
  • Fuel Cells, superconductivity
  • Supports cell regeneration
  • Ultimate crop fertilizer
  • Metaphysical, ESP and paranormal awakening
  • May enhance performance, health and lifestyle
  • Fuels the instant manifestation of thought
  • Nuclear radiation shield and protection
  • May help reproductive issues and libido.

What is ORMUS?

It is the legendary white gold powder used since before times of Egyptian Pyramids for longevity and rejuvenation. The White Gold Powder secret is a historic Quantum Physics Science kept alive throughout our many human incarnations and civilizations.

ORMUS is a natural manifestation of Monoatomic elements found naturally on the planet.

MANNA means Spiritual nourishment of divine origin… the very essence of life… food from the GODS.

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Concentrated mineral essence from a volcanic mineral rich aquifer

Directions for Use

The best use is with lemon juice under your tongue, with a pinch of the powder. If dizziness occurs, reduce usage.

Modify usage for all ages. Drink lots of water, get exercise.

Feed it to your plants, 1 mg per plant per application. Watch them grow!

Store away from light or electrical emanations.

Recommended Use

An ancient, natural product that provides nourishment for your body, mind and soul, with scientific support. Spiritual nourishment of Divine origin. Food from the Gods.

Scientific References: ORMUS