Barley Gold

Organic Protein Supplement
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  • Helps Build Good Health
  • Protein Level 1 Helps Limit Inflammation, Rebuild Intestines
  • Protein Level 2 Helps Build Muscle, and for Blood Type O

Organic Protein Supplement


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GaiaThera Barley Gold 454 gGaiaThera Barley Gold 454 g


Barley Gold

  • May help with faster muscle recovery and regeneration.
  • May speed muscle recovery and regeneration and more lean body tissue.
  • You may feel fuller, a satiating effect, helps control hunger.

Sprouted Barley is Beyond a Superfood!

Helps Improve Overall Good Health and Performance

This nutritional protein food supplement is a great foundation to help all your body systems and functions.

With more enzymes and nutrients than any other protein supplement, Barley Gold is highly digestible (alive) with bountiful nutrients, raising it beyond the category of a Superfood to BIONOMIC!

What makes Barley Gold better than any other protein supplement?
Barley Gold seeds are carefully selected and start in enhanced and balanced soils. Only viable live seeds remain and sprout, becoming enzymatically and nutritionally active. When stabilized, the seed’s nutrient and enzyme content is protected for up to 3 years.

Protein Level 1:
Starting Program (min. 1 bottle) to help rebuild from allergic and auto immune reactions

Protein Level 2:
Helps lose weight and/or build muscle (with exercise). May help stabilize  blood sugar.

The Benefits of Barley Gold Sprouted Seed Protein

  • More enzymes for help better digestion – as much as six times more
  • May improve glutathione recycling
  • Produces vitamin C
  • Increases vitamin B content (especially B2, B5 and B6)
  • Increases carotene dramatically – sometimes eight-fold
  • During sprouting, complex sugars responsible for intestinal gas are broken down, and a portion of the starch in grain is transformed into sugar.
  • Sprouting inactivates aflatoxin, potent carcinogen found in grains
  • Neutralizes enzyme inhibitors including phytic acid (a substance present in the bran of all grains that inhibits absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc). These enzyme inhibitors can neutralize our own precious enzymes in the digestive tract, often causing gluten intolerance.

All the seeds are alive and 95% usable by your body. This means quick transport and absorption of needed nutrients, enabling your body to efficiently eliminate toxins and heal.

You get high glycemic quick results with low glycemic endurance!

Beyond Holistic… Beyond Organic… to a new realm of Bionomic!

Raw, Alive, Organic and Vegan

Barley Gold provides a bountiful, natural balance of exponentially enhanced nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and antioxidants) through a revolutionary 4-Point Bionomics process.

The Revolutionary 4-Point BIONOMIC Process…

This process ensures quality and assurance of Barley Gold’s digestibility and usability. Starting from the ground up, here’s the depths undergone to create Barley Gold.

1. Ecological Soil Management System
We ensure the soils are balanced and rich in providing the plants with nutrition to be healthy, strong and very nutritious.

2. Density Alteration
One bad seed can spoil the bunch! This process separates the dead seeds from the live seeds, which means no yeasts or molds.

3. Growth Enhancement Method – Sprouting
The key to sprouting is to make sure all the seeds are given the optimal amount of water, to not drown seeds which causes yeast, mold and gluten issues in most sprouted grains.

4. Nutrient Stabilization Process
Once any food is picked from the vine or soil, they have minutes before most of the vital enzymes and important antioxidants deteriorate. Barley Gold has been stabilized in this alive and nutritiously beneficial state for up to 3 years!

The Nutrient Stabilization Process has increased the superoxide dismutase (SOD) antioxidant levels…

  • Zinc up 15%
  • Copper up 50%
  • Manganese up 88%

“Zinc, copper and manganese form a very potent antioxidant called SOD or superoxide dismutase. This enzyme is a very powerful antioxidant that actually neutralizes free radicals and prevents damage to our cell membranes. When the membranes are being assaulted by smoke, radiation from the sun, poisons or chemicals, SOD acts to repair them. If we don’t have enough zinc, copper and manganese, the repair process will not be effective.” ~ Don Colbert, M.D. Walking in Divine Health

“SODs are free radical scavengers. Free radicals are found in inflamed tumors, and other inflammations and degenerative diseases.” ~ Dr. Harold Klassen

How Barley Gold is Different

Barley Gold comes in 2 forms. The #1 for most users wanting to build health and #2 for advanced healing, and for “O” blood types and diabetics. The product can be used by everyone with caution given to people with severe intestinal problems such as Crohn’s, and celiac disease.

Barley Gold #1 starts at 56 lbs per bushel in weight and has a 12% protein content. #2 is at 68 lbs per bushel in weight with up to 18% protein content. Both have upwards of 97% digestibility. For comparison, regular non-processed barley runs at 48 lb bushel weight, 8-10% protein content and is at a 5% digestibility.

As a whole food that is 97% digestible, the seed has been synchronized in germination using the G.E.M. (Germination Enhancement Method) process, dead seeds have been removed with the D.A. (Density Alteration) process and the enzymes have been stabilized for up to three years with the N.S.P. (Nutrient Stabilization Process).

History of Barley Gold

Barley Gold was first formulated with Agriculture Canada to test barley feed with broiler chickens. Physiological results were so remarkable that they believed people could also benefit greatly from this enhanced, sprouted barley.

Broiler chickens make ideal test subjects as they do not respond to placebos, and have a relatively short life span for the completion of an extensive battery of tests.

Tests to determine the efficacy concluded the broiler chickens had:

  • Higher red and white blood cells
  • Higher bone density
  • Stronger hearts
  • Leaner, heavier muscle mass
  • Higher intestinal viscosity

Barley Gold’s users report the same results of the broiler chickens!

Biblically and historically, barley has been known as a nutrient rich food. Gladiators used it in preparing and building their bodies for matches. Eastern cultures used to sprout seeds to prevent Vitamin C deficiency (general weakness) before long ship voyages.

“Barley is naturally rich in other minerals also, from calcium and potassium to B-complex vitamins and it’s high in antioxidants called tocols that are known for ages in the Middle Eastern cultures as heart medicine.” ~ The Edmonton Journal, Oct. 27 1999

Pure, organic sprouted barley protein concentrate from selected seeds.

Approximately one-month supply consumed daily at the highest suggested serving of 2 tablespoons per day.

Directions for Use

Always stir Barley Gold into liquids just before consumption.
Best to take in the morning, when you first awake, but you can take it any time you wish.

Barley Gold is a flour-like powder and takes on the taste of whatever you put into, making it easy to camouflage for children in yogurt, or even in a sandwich.

Try it in most any beverage – juice, your favorite smoothie or nut-milk.
Stir it into your cereal or cooled porridge, but do not put it in anything over 35 degrees Celsius (105 degrees F). So do not microwave, cook or bake with Barley Gold.


Start with 1/2 teaspoon per day, for the first week, then double your intake every week, until you are taking 2 tablespoons per day.

Maintenance requirements differ based on weight and athletic activities. Gauge your need based on hunger and fullness after consuming Barley Gold.

Note for Athletes

Barley Gold will release energy over a period of time, so you can go longer and farther without the crash that comes with high carbohydrate foods. This nutritious and highly digestible protein will give you energy needed immediately, and you also have material to build new tissues. Athletes should increase their consumption leading up to competition – up to 6 teaspoons per day.

High Glycemic quick results with low glycemic endurance!

Please Note

  • All teaspoons should be measured flat, not rounded nor heaping
  • Do not heat Barley Gold above 35 degrees Celsius (96 degrees Fahrenheit), so do not microwave, cook or bake with it.
  • Gluten intolerant and very ill persons may want to start with 1/4 teaspoon or less, depending on their condition. Double your intake weekly until up to the 2 tablespoon mark.
  • Animals’ needs are based on their weight. Start slow and increase weekly.

Once you are fully ramped up and able to maintain six teaspoons (two tablespoons) every day, know that it’s important to maintain this full dosage every day, for at least three months to get all of the benefits.

The Barley Gold Alkalizing Flush

Barley Gold has been used in a study by nutritionists in Toronto, Canada as a nutritional supplement taken during a fasting/cleansing regime, and has shown rapid healing and weight loss by putting the body in an Alkaline, thus healing, state.

The idea of Barley Gold Alkalizing Flush was:
“To subsist entirely on a food substance which is rumored to have a useful way of promoting healthy function in organ and tissue systems, while restoring dysfunctional cells.”

Each applicant was given a short questionnaire, a nutritional evaluation and consultation, EAC Testing (electro-dermal), daily record charts and a self-assessment report.

Before starting, you must have increased up to the maximum 2 tablespoons/week. During the Flush, substitute meals with Barley Gold, and consume only raw fruits, vegetables and juicing along with Barley Gold for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Store Barley Gold in a sealed container at room temperature. If your climate is quite humid, keep it sealed in the fridge.

Do not leave Barley Gold in an overheated car, or in any heat above 35 degrees C (105 degrees F).

Freezing Barley Gold is fine, but will not extend its life expectancy, which is up to 3 years – a remarkable shelf life due to our natural Nutrient Stabilization Process.

Directions for Use

May speed muscle recovery and regeneration and more lean body tissue. You may feel fuller, a satiating effect, helps control hunger.

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