MSM Gold Drops

Good for Eyes, Ears, Sinuses and Skin
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  • Ease Irritations and Infections in Eyes, Ears, Sinuses and Skin
  • Helps Relieve Eye Strain from Screens or Driving
  • Soothe Sensitive, Itchy Eyes

Good for Eyes, Ears, Sinuses and Skin


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GaiaThera MSM Gold DropsGaiaThera MSM Gold Drops


MSM Gold Drops are good for eyes, ears, sinuses and skin.

Helps soften for permeability. This supports good nutrient absorption and waste elimination.

Support cornea health
Alleviates hay fever symptoms
Relieves tired, strained eyes (from screens, driving, dust).

Softens and loosens ear wax
May relieve ear aches.

Soften and lubricates
Alleviates hay fever symptoms.

See your doctor for more serious problems.

Your skin is porous (especially eyes, ears, sinuses), allowing nutrient absorption and waste elimination. If the outer tissue layer becomes thick and leather-like, waste may be unable to exit, and nutrient unable to enter.

MSM Water Drops help soften tissues, more permeable for nutrients to enter and repair damage.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)…

Not a medicine, drug, or food-additive.

Real FOOD. A water soluble, organic compound.

Sulfonyl sulfur is found in every living thing: plants and meats.

Glacial Water, MSM, Crystal Salt, Ionic Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Palm Glycerin, trace of Olive oil.

We use specially activated ancient glacier water – it is pure, without any contaminants. It has not been exposed to any modern day pollution. We dissolve pure MSM, and Himalayan Crystal salt in it, and add some trace minerals that support your immune system for faster recovery.

The liquid is non-toxic. The silver and gold help fight infections. Zinc and copper speed repairs. Hyaluronic Acid builds flexibility.

Directions for Use

Safe for topical use (on your skin) in your eyes, nose and ears.

Consider using after removing your contact lenses.

Recommended Use

For eyes, ears, sinuses and skin. Supports better permeability, nutrient absorption and waste elimination. Helps prevent/clear infections and may improve their overall health.


See your doctor for more serious problems.

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