Graphene SPION Trap

Helps Counteract Injection Site Toxins
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  • Helps Stop Unwanted Injected Toxins
  • Helps Avoid Blood Clots
  • May Protect from 5G Exposure

Helps Counteract Injection Site Toxins


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The Graphene SPION Trap uses a magnetic field to trap unwanted biological agents at an injection site. This gives your body time to deal with them before migration into general circulation.

Graphene oxide and SPIONs (super paramagnetic iron oxide particles) may be in certain injections. Being paramagnetic, they may be attracted to a powerful magnetic field. Trapping graphene oxide and SPIONs (and any RNA or other unwanted biological agents bonded to them) at an injection site may support the body in having sufficient time to deal with certain toxins before migration into general circulation.

Graphene oxide is a nano-technology material that is nearly a room temperature superconductor. It can form sheets, rods, tubes, has an affinity for electrically active tissue (heart, brain and nerves) and passes the blood brain barrier. It is made out of carbon which has 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons (6,6,6) combined with oxygen.

Graphene has been used to increase the entry of foreign substances into cells (magnetofection). It has also been proposed by the trans-humanist movement to allow for computer – human interfaces.

Graphene is Dangerous
Graphene has been associated with blood clots. Furthermore, graphene has been reported to have an electronic absorption band in the 5g spectrum. As such, there may be an interaction between graphene and 5G exposure.

SPIONs are superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles that have been used to increase delivery of substances into a cell via a process called magneto-fection. Unfortunately, they may also be attracted to the pineal gland.

Protocols are still in their early phases. A strong magnetic field may hold graphene in the shoulder, the next step would be to get the graphene out of the shoulder. Over time, we expect the graphene to migrate to the skin and then onto the surface of the magnet. How long this will take, we do not know yet. We know graphene depletes glutathione stores so Xeneplex may be suggested.

Directions for Use

Tape directly over injection site as soon as possible (<1 minute if possible). Leave on for 30 days or when no pulling sensation is felt, whichever is longer.

Clean the skin and inner magnet surface with a wet paper towel daily, but do it quickly (3 seconds).

Note: Actual trap is coated with epoxy so the nickel magnet surface does not touch the body.

Recommended Use

Helps trap unwanted biological agents at an injection site, before migrating into circulation.


Graphene and hydrogels may crystallize in a magnetic field. As such, it is possible that the graphene trap may cause graphene at the injection site to temporarily or permanently crystallize. While we believe it would be better to have graphene crystallize at the injection site than in the brain, it is possible that there could be temporary or permanent side effects at the site of injection from induced crystallization. We will continue to research ways to remove crystallized graphene but at this time, it is an unknown. Also, due to it’s extreme magnetism, the graphene trap must be kept away from implanted medical devices including metal stints.

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