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Hydration with ORMUS
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  • When You're Ready to Push for Highest Consciousness
  • Open Your Crown Chakra - Connect to Divine Consciousness
  • Helps Increase Hydration, Energy, Oxygenation and Remove Negativity

Hydration with ORMUS


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Health BreakThroughs H2OrmusHealth BreakThroughs H2Ormus


H2Ormus helps transforms elements and minerals within your body, into monatomic form, causing a direct increase in super-conductive and coherent cell to cell communication (based on the properties of coherence and conductivity). This is one major key to a long, healthy life.

Based on a physics principle that deals with electrons going to higher orbits, then coming down to lower orbits, to emit light – some sensitive people can actually see this subtle light in themselves and others, from taking H2Ormus.

The optimum Monatomic Element Program is to take both H2Ormus and MPS-Gold 100 every day. This way, you increase the levels of Monatomic Elements in your body by adding more from an outside source AND through transforming the existing elements and minerals in your body.

H2Ormus should replace your intake of Core-Water, but you should continue adding M-Water to all drinking water.

Pure water, energetically charged.

Directions for Use

Take small amounts of H2Ormus right after waking up, right before going to sleep, or right before meditation to increase healing within all cells.

Long term, Careful Applied Use
For a refreshing and tasty water drink, use two capfuls per gallon or just a few drops in a glass of water

Super Healing Response
To super charge the healing response, take a capful of undiluted Core-Water right after waking up and right before going to sleep.

Recommended Use

To improve hydration, underlying issue for many chronic health problems. Helps open your crown chakra to connect with divine consciousness. Helps remove negativity.

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