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Hydration and Emotional Balancing
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  • Helps Increase Cellular Hydration and Oxygen
  • May Uplift and Increase Energy
  • Helps Remove Energy Blocks and Erase Negativity

Hydration and Emotional Balancing


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Health BreakThroughs M WaterHealth BreakThroughs M Water


M-Water helps increase hydration, oxygen and energy, plus:

  1. Helps increase absorption and utilization of nutrients
  2. More efficient detoxification of the whole body
  3. May decrease pain from inflammation
  4. Helps more accurate cellular replication process.

In addition, all other supplements and nutrients may be absorbed more efficiently. You may feel all body systems function better, promoting overall better health.

Independent clinical studies prove that drinking sufficient amounts of M-Water significantly increases cellular hydration within a few days, then stabilizes at higher levels over extended periods of time.

The body repairing properties M-Water are based on a holistic healing philosophy that is similar to many cultural medicines that support optimal health. Higher principles of health are invoked to help repair the body, mind and emotions, in the most comprehensive way possible.

Vibrational and energy changes to M-Water increase your hydration. Nothing chemical is added for the superior hydrating effects, except minute amounts of seed minerals from ancient clay sources.

By decreasing the water molecule size, a dramatic increase in hydration takes place through your gut wall, and into all the cells. When water molecules are smaller, they hydrate easier.

Patented M-Power Aqua Technology is used to transform ultra-purified water using the revolutionary Elix® system from Millipore with the addition of small amounts of minerals from ancient clay sources. NMR O17 spectroscopic analysis proves that M-Water contains much smaller H2O clusters than the same water that has not been transformed with Health BreakThrough’s patent pending technology.

M-Water Summary

by Dr. David Wheeler, quoting Dr. Klinghardt

Solution for Proper Body Hydration

Drinking M-Water results in greater vitality, less stress, less pain, discharge of cellular toxins, reduced fatigue, greater sense of emotional well being, increased cellular oxygen, increased libido and faster recovery! In fact it means reversing cellular aging!

Hydrate like never before! Your body has never experienced anything like this! Studies show 23% hydration improvement in one month!

Water: The human body is about 70% water. The brain is 80%. Normal metabolic activity can only occur when cells are at least 65% water. Brain function decreases rapidly with 1% dehydration.

Water’s main functions are to:

  • Dissolve nutrients
  • Transport nutrients to the cells
  • Remove waste
  • Remove toxins
  • Activate cellular energy

Properly hydrating water is THE super nutrient, and yet it is almost impossible to obtain. No nutrients from foods or supplements achieve their potential inside the body, without the super-hydration our cells are designed to receive. This IS now achievable!

The 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded for the explanation of how “Aquaporins” (the cell’s water channels) carry water, one molecule at a time through the cell membranes. We can now offer a solution to transform your drinking water into that perfect living, micro-cluster water nature intended and your cells aquaporin channels are craving.

By adding a small amount of M-Water to your drinking water, its structure (and taste) changes. The molecular clusters are smashed to tiny micro-clusters. The water’s energy jumps dramatically, and the water becomes vital again.

With proper hydration, cellular respiration improves. Anabolic/catabolic function increases, detoxification is more efficient, cell aging and death decreases as does inflammation.

Clinical studies, aura photography, in vitro analysis and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging all confirm that this is a unique and efficient micro-cluster water.

M-Water to Change Your Life and Health

Create Super Coherence in Living Chemistry

M-Water is a Perfect Living Water concentrate that is imbued with super coherent life supporting primordial vibration and energy as well as super coherent molecular Structure Enhancement. With M-Water there is an integration of advanced scientific theory and profound functional health benefits that go beyond limited medical mechanisms.

Water and Holistic Health

After reading the information on Water Crystallization that follows, please refer to the complete book on M-Water, written by David Wheeler.


The water crystallization photos were taken at I.H.M. Labs in Japan of water from Opal Springs in Oregon, which is one of David Wheelers favorite local bottled waters. The scientists at I.H.M. have observed that almost all spring water, glacial run off waters and other natural water sources have some level of crystallization, which is always in the form of a hexagon (consumers should stay away from altered water products that are not six sided – other geometric configurations are not natural and ultimately will not support the health of the body).

The photo on the left reveals a water crystal in Opal Springs water that has not had any Primordial M- Water added to it. The photo on the right reveals a water crystal in Opal Springs water with M-Water added – which is called M-Activated Water. The difference between the two photos is striking in that there is much more clarity and beauty in the water crystal on the right compared to the one on the left. In addition, the water crystal on the right demonstrates what a Primordial Water Crystal looks like. Furthermore, the crystal on the right is smaller, which provides one piece of information concerning M-Water hydration, with small molecular clusters absorbed easier. However, hydration must be based on coherence and not forced absorption into the cells, which is why most natural waters from the earth – with the exception of a few very special sources – will not support optimum health in the body.

M-Water is highly coherent water that hydrates easily to support health over disease of the cells. These two photos demonstrate the imperfections that exist in Opal Spring waters, which reinforces Wheelers position that it is very difficult to find Perfect Living Water in the environment. However, by adding M-Water to a good quality drinking water the crystallization is perfected, which reflects the normalization of vibration, energy and molecular Structure Enhancement in water that is 100% supportive of living chemistry based on coherence versus incoherence. Finally, these two water samples illustrate that the perfect water crystal is not necessarily “feathered” in that there are lots of extensions on the corners of the central hexagon.

Since the clinical benefits of M-Water are already proven without a doubt above and beyond any other water product available in the world today, this provides conclusive proof concerning the importance of the Primordial Water Crystal as the coherent essence of life supporting water. Please review the water crystal in the Water Memory section of this article demonstrates how even placing M-Water next to other water sources tends to transform water to be much more life supporting based on increasing the coherence of the water crystal manifestation. As people drink M-Water and M-Activated Water every day, they as water beings (humans are 75% water) will transform other humans to become healthier and balanced simply based on water memory transfer of coherence that will decrease incoherence on the most fundamental levels of who people are.

Advanced Scientific Understanding

The M-Water Activation Technology involves re-patterning water with platonic solid inversion geometry in motion, which is a super coherent duplication of how water is transformed by the forces of nature under ideal conditions in the environment. Ideal conditions have existed in such places as Hunza Land high in the Himalayan Mountains and a few isolated sacred Native North American springs; although even these revered water sources have degraded to less than perfect because of the encroachment of human society.

Zero point is reached within the context an ongoing pulsating sequence of vortexes via M-Water Activation Technology in order to tap into the expression of life supporting vibration and energy and the Structure Enhancement of the water molecule. The “M comes from the M-Theory of mainstream physics, which is symbolic of the Mystery behind everything in the universe as an infinite array of primordial vibrational strings that are even more fundamental than the quantum level of quarks, photons and other fundamental particles. These vibrational strings are the underlying Universal Intelligence that determines the design of the universe and life itself.

The M-Theory explains how the subtle effects of vibration and energy in water can have dramatic effects on the health of the body, mind and emotions – by virtue of integrating the invisible microcosm of the body in terms of its molecular structure with the observable macrocosm of how healthy a person looks and feels. The water microscopy photo on the product label – as well as in official company publications – reveals a Primordial Water Crystal found in M-Water. This Primordial Water Crystal demonstrates its molecular Structure Enhancement tendency, which is formed as a coherent expression of the underlying primordial vibration and energy that supports optimum health.

Super Coherence Creates Healing Miracles

The photos depicted at the beginning of this article truly emphasize the importance of coherence versus chaos in the healing process. Living Chemistry depends on the intrinsic capacity to maintain coherence versus chaos, which is the same as life versus death of the body. The photo of the Primordial Water Crystal on the right demonstrates coherence versus chaos compared to the water crystal on the left in every conceivable way, which is visually ascertainable to anyone who views these two photos.

Therefore, the capacity to hydrate easily because of frequency compatibility and smaller molecular Structure Enhancement needs to have a foundation in coherence in order for life to be promoted over death of the cells in the body – increasing hydration as a water property can actually be damaging to the body without underlying coherent messages vibrationally, energetically and how the h30 molecules cluster geometrically ( adding colloidal minerals, ionizing electric currents, exposure to magnets and other altering effects will only impart incoherence instead of coherence to water). The dramatic difference in coherence that is observed in the outward crystallization tendencies of M-Water water reflects the coherent arrangement of frequencies that functions as a pleasing vibrational symphony to the body and supportive of life.

The cells automatically accept the hydration of frequency compatible water. The incoherence in the water crystal in the non-activated water reflects the high degree of incoherent vibration that actually occurs in many different water supplies all over the world that are irritating in some degree to the body and therefore causing hydration resistance by the cells. The high degree of coherence in M-Water is directly related to the process of super coherent motion involved in the M-Water Activation Technology and this is the reason why people report what they consider to be healing miracles in their lives from drinking M-Water.

Functional Health Benefits

The healing properties of M-Water are based on a holistic healing philosophy akin to many different cultural medicine systems down through the ages that supports optimum health. In all traditional cultural medicine systems there is an emphasis on going beyond limited mechanistic considerations. Higher principles of healing are invoked in ancient healthcare systems to bring about healing in the body, mind and emotions in the most comprehensive way possible. Fortunately, modern science can now reveal underlying physical changes that result from using a holistic healing approach. In the case of drinking M-Water, the most important change is how water is hydrated into the body.

The hydration of water into the cells of the body is increased and integrated based on coherence, which in turn establishes the foundation for the four basic functional benefits from drinking M-Water. Four Functional Benefits from Drinking M-Water: 1) increased absorption and utilization of nutrients; 2) more effective and efficient detoxification of the whole body; 3) increased oxygen utilization by the cells; and 4) a more perfect cellular replication process. Based on these four basic functional benefits from drinking M-Water, all systems of the body can function in such a way as to support health and life against death and disease of the cells.

In addition, all other natural supplements and nutrients will become absorbed and utilized much more effectively by the cells to promote the health of the body as whole. Since there is nothing chemical added to make M-Water in order to increase hydration, the vibration and energy changes must be responsible for the hydrating effects. Another important factor in hydration that is emphasized in many other water supplements is that by decreasing the size of molecular Structure Enhancement of the water molecule a dramatic increase in hydration will take place through the gut wall and into all the cells. It is a simple fact that when the h30 molecular clusters are smaller then they will hydrate easier.

Water crystallization studies indicating smaller crystals – as in the case of M-Water – demonstrate that on a molecular level there are smaller molecular clusters. Fortunately, with M-Water there is no need for colloidal minerals to create smaller molecular clusters or special technologies that ultimately distorts the water molecule and damages health – instead a Perfect Living Water will naturally contain smaller molecular clusters to hydrate easier without altering it through limited technologies. The essence of what takes place in M-Water goes beyond the size issue of the molecular clusters.

At a deeper level of what water is all about there is a coherent frequency message in M-Water This coherent frequency message in M-Water is compatible with the frequency of the water that makes up the cells of the body, which in turn allows water to become easily absorbed into the cells of the gut and then to the general circulation and to every cell of the body. In contrast, even what is considered high quality bottled spring water does not usually absorb easily once consumed, which is because of frequency incompatibility between the water consumed and the cells of the body.

Based on the water crystal studies photos it is also evident that even high quality spring water may not have small enough molecular clusters to facilitate quick absorption. The lack of frequency compatibility and molecular clusters that are too large explains why so many people do not like to drink water because of it sitting heavily in the gut unabsorbed. People who drink M-Water often express that they enjoy drinking it as compared to the opposite experience previously – and often cite that drinking water no longer creates discomfort in the gut. To read what doctors and the general public are saying about the health benefits from drinking M-Water, please refer to the company website here and official company publications.

Water Crystal Microscopy

The water Structure Enhancement photo taken of M-Water under high magnification with a microscope were taken by the staff at the prestigious I.H.M. labs in Japan. Dr. Masaru Emoto is the inventor of the process to take pictures of water crystals in thin slices when a water sample is frozen in order to demonstrate how different subtle effects change the way in which water crystallizes – which is as an indicator of the way in which the water molecules actually cluster. Mr. Emoto maintains that it is the vibration at a subatomic level that is changed via subtle input, which in turn changes the outcome of water crystallization.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is well known around the world for his book, Messages from Water, which has many photographs illustrating the difference between negative and positive input into water as it effects how water crystallizes when frozen. Positive effects result in beautiful water crystal photos and negative effects result in ugly water crystal photos. This can best be understood by considering the way in which snowflakes tend to form as a crystalline structure and that no two are the same. Accordingly, when water is frozen and examined with a microscope it is noted that different subtle influences will cause water crystals formation in an infinite number of ways.

The memory of the invisible subtle vibrational and energetic input needs to be stabilized in water so its manifestation of the snow flake effect can be looked at when the water is frozen. The water crystal pictures of M-Water are fundamentally different than any other crystal formations in water products that are sold as a natural supplement to promote health. The reason for this difference is based on the fact that instead of a water crystal being formed by virtue of minerals or other substances already existing or placed in water, there is actually no physical contact with the water when utilizing the M-Water Activation Technology to transform Oregon spring water into M-Water.

The effect of adding even very small amounts of minerals that are literally homeopathic in concentration is to increase what is called feathering on the water crystal. Water crystal pictures of M-Water reveal something even more foundational that does not include feathering. The perfectly coherent water crystal found in M-Water is more simplified than the perfectly coherent feathered water crystals that manifest in water that has been unnaturally altered with technology. When viewing the Primordial Water Crystal that exists in M-Water there is no feathering but instead a very clear and aligned hexagon with a smaller very clear and aligned hexagon at each corner.

In water products that include minerals as part of the transformation process, there is always a lot of feathering at the corners of the hexagon. It is important to note that water crystals from natural spring waters and waters from other natural sources are always six sided in shape, which vary depending on any coloring of the crystal formation and how the crystals form at the corner to produce what is called feathering (to view beautiful versus ugly water crystals and to see the difference between the Primordial Water Crystal that exists in M-Water and other water crystals in terms of feathering, refer to Masaru Emotos book, Messages From Water, which can be purchased online and at many bookstores).

M-Water Is Totally Safe to Drink

With most of the water products on the market that emphasize increasing hydration, the consumer is informed by the companies who make them that care must be taken concerning the amount consumed. With all of these water products other than M-Water, health problems can arise if too much is consumed. However, with M-Water there is no need to regulate the amount consumed, other than to use common sense in terms of how much water a person drinks. Therefore, for young and old and for all animals and plants, M-Water is totally safe to drink and there is no need to be concerned with dosage other than to use the product wisely to get the most out of it in terms of cost (refer to the directions for information on usage). Additional benefits are that M-Water does not have to be kept at a specific temperature to insure its effectiveness and it can be added to any clean drinking water rather than requiring any special type of water.

M-Water Is Resistant to Negative Input

A big problem with drinking water in the world today is that it is will of the wisp water. In other words, most drinking water is constantly changing with every influence from the environment, which means that that vibration and energy and the molecular Structure Enhancement tendencies in the water is constantly changing. Because of the stable and balanced vibration and energy and molecular Structure Enhancement in M-Water that is perfectly coherent it is very resistant to change from external input – which even includes radiation.

The Primordial Water Crystal that has been identified in M-Water was still present even after sending a sample to Japan to be exposed to radiation from x-ray machines from going through customs and then on to a very long wait before microscopy analysis takes place. When M-Water is added to clean drinking water it becomes resistant to negative input as well by. When people drink M-Activated Water (made by adding small amounts of M-Water to clean drinking water) and the concentrated M-Water every day all the water in the body is transformed to become more resistant against outside influence so that people are stronger and more balanced in the face of every day circumstances (the body is 75% waterlife is essentially just water!).

Water Memory Transfer

A fundamental property of water is that it remembers everything that it has been exposed to. But as indicated in the previous section on resistance it is necessary for water to be able to adapt to outside influence and maintain its integrity of balanced vibration and energy and the Structure Enhancement of the water molecule, which takes place in M-Water. As proposed by the Nobel Prize winning scientist Linus Pauling, PhD and substantiated at the European Union Physics Lab in France at the end of the last millennium, water molecules do transfer memory.

Other alternative researchers such as Wolfgang Ludwig, PhD have also determined that water molecules do transfer memory of subtle vibrational and energetic information. Therefore, when M-Water is added in small amounts to clean drinking water it memorizes the subsequent changes in vibration, energy and molecular Structure Enhancement (just two teaspoons of M-Water are added to a gallon of clean drinking water, which then is defined as M-Activated Water based on water memory transfer) This fundamental memory transfer has been validated with the water crystallization studies of M-Water and M-Activated Water.

Furthermore, water transformation takes place simply by placing a bottle of M-Water next to a bottle of non-activated water. The photo below illustrates that the water crystal below is more perfectly formed than the photo at the beginning of this article on the left of non-activated spring water. The feathering patterns are more uniform, the messy interior is cleaned up and the borders of the hexagon are more aligned in the crystal photo below as compared to the one on the left at the beginning of this article. The outcome of using M-Water is that drinking water and the water in the body becomes more coherent in terms of the underlying vibration, energy and molecular cluster, which in turn creates more coherent body chemistry.

However, the water crystal photo below does not depict the perfection of the Primordial Water Crystal that is depicted on the right at the beginning of this article. It is necessary to mix M-Water with clean drinking water in order to get the complete transfer of information to transform water crystallization into the Primordial Water Crystal. By having more and more people drink M-Water and M-Activated Water every day a transmission of the more underlying coherence in the water in peoples bodies will transfer to other people. Those who drink M-Water every day will be helping other people heal through increasing coherence simply by being in close proximity.

Pure water, energetically charged.

Directions for Use

Long term, Careful Applied Use
For a refreshing and tasty water drink, use two capfuls per gallon or just a few drops in a glass of water

Super Healing Response
To super charge the healing response, take a capful of undiluted M-Water right after waking up and right before going to sleep.

Recommended Use

Transform drinking water for better hydration. Helps increase nutrient absorption and waste elimination. This strengthens immunity, helps balance emotions and may clear thinking.

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