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MPS-Gold 3X

Amplify Immune Boost from MPS-Gold 100
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  • MPS-Gold 3X should not be taken independently.
  • Please only take with MPS-Gold 100

Amplify Immune Boost from MPS-Gold 100


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MPS-Gold 3X GalactoMannan Glyconutrients Aloe Vera Powder 2.15 ozMPS-Gold 3X GalactoMannan Glyconutrients Aloe Vera Powder 2.15 oz


MPS-Gold 3X should not be taken independently.

Please only take with MPS-Gold 100

To read more benefits, please go to MPS-Gold 100.

You May Recover FASTER from a Catastrophic Health Setback

MucoPolySaccharides (MPS) and Glyconutrients have improved so many conditions. Difficult to list them all because positive effects have shown in every cell, organ, gland and system in the body.

To read more benefits, please go to MPS-Gold 100.

The difference between MPS-Gold 100 and MPS-Gold 3X:

  1. The Aloe Vera extract in MPS-Gold 3X provides extra immune support.
  2. This is achieved by a stabilized proprietary molecular weight range.

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MPS-Gold 3X is extracted from Aloe Vera Gel as a loose powder and separated from the leaf and then dried with a proprietary process.

The powder extract from Aloe Vera is stabilized to contain a proprietary molecular weight range, that provides tremendous support to the immune system.
Added to MPS-Gold 3X is larch tree powder that assists absorption of its very large Glyconutrient Galactomannan molecules.

Where as MPS-Gold 100 contains a broad range of molecular weights, with each specific molecular weight range associated with a specific health benefit, MPS-Gold 3X contains a proprietary and narrow molecular weight range that is associated with supporting the T4 and Macrophage cells in your immune system. These molecular weights are considered Galactomannan Glyconutrients in the same way that the broad range of molecular weights in MPS-Gold 100 are also considered Glyconutrient Galactomannans.

By taking MPS-Gold 3X along with MPS-Gold 100, support is given to its Acemannan component (the molecular weights of 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 Daltons) an additional boost is given to your immune system.

Acemannan can be defined as a D-isomer mucopolysaccharide that is extracted from aloe leaves. Acemannan has been demonstrated to induce macrophages to secrete interferon, tumor necrosis factor-a, and interleukins – which might help in preventing or abrogating viral infection. These three cytokines are known to cause inflammation and interferon is released in response to viral infections. In vitro studies have shown to inhibit HIV replication. Acemannan is currently being used for treatment and clinical management of tumors in dogs and cats. Administration of acemannan has been shown to increase tumor necrosis or prolonged survival of the animals.

Directions for Use

For tasty refreshing drink, add 3x as half dose of MPS-Gold 100 to pure water or juice and mix thoroughly.

Take once a day in the morning before eating or drinking anything else.

Recommended Use

MPS-Gold 3X must be taken only with MPS-Gold 100.

It provides extra immune support. Helps rebuild tissues damaged by blood clots or oxygen deprivation. Supports circulatory, nervous and digestive systems. May reduce inflammation and pain to increase mobility.

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