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ParaProbiotics, Adaptogenic Immune Support
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  • Supports Stronger Immunity
  • May Help Skin Immune Reactions
  • Relieves Environmental Allergen Responses

ParaProbiotics, Adaptogenic Immune Support


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Healthy Gut, HoloImmuneHealthy Gut, HoloImmune



Adaptogenic immune support for healthy responses to the right things. Not the wrong things. We need a strong AND smart immune system, that is attuned to our environment and not at war with it. To have the appropriate responses to the current environment. No extra effort that can accidentally attack our own cells.

36+ Studies Back This Gut-Immune ParaProbiotic for Better Health

With up to 80% of immune cells in our gut, it is the main place for us to train the immune system.

HoloImmune supports stronger immunity and:

  • Upper respiratory immune health
  • Relieves skin immune reactions
  • May balance under-active or overactive immune systems
  • Supports stress and age related decline in immune function
  • Relieves environmental allergen response
  • Oral gum health.

Heat Killed Probiotics are a breakthrough technology also known as Paraprobiotics. Researchers found that these special strains offered promising immune system benefits including better function and balance. Now you can get all 3 in the same small easy to swallow capsule.

Your immune system has two sides: the adaptive and the innate.

Your adaptive immune system is slower but much more targeted, powerful, and has memory.

If a light touch works, you don’t want your immune system to use a hammer. When you need the strongest immune response, your body needs to hit it hard. It then needs your adaptive immune system to work.

5 Common Immune System Malfunctions

We all nee a strong AND smart immune system, that is attuned to our environment and not at war with it. To have the appropriate responses to the current environment. No extra effort that can accidentally attack our own cells.

  1. Under-Active Innate Immunity (too passive)
  2. Overactive Innate Immunity (too aggressive)
  3. Poor Communication between Innate and Adaptive immune systems (disorganized)
  4. Under-Active Adaptive Immunity (not smart enough)
  5. Overactive Adaptive Immunity (too destructive).

Any one of these 5 patterns can get triggered with stress, life changes or aging. To make matters more confusing, sometimes more than one pattern is happening at the same time.

Which is why taking an adaptogenic immune support product can be so helpful. Adaptogenic ParaProbiotics can help tune up or tune down the patterns that will guide us into more balance.

In the end we want a healthy immune system that creates a measured response that is not too harsh or too light.

HoloImmune’s four unique ingredients work synergistically to help regulate these 5 immune pathways.


Beta-1, 3/1-DGlucan powder (from Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus strain.

Healthy Gut, HoloImmune Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients:
Hypromellose (capsule).

Immuse is heat-killed Lactococcus lactis JCM 5805, a probiotic backed by 25+ studies and shown to uniquely support a rare type of immune leader called plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDC’s). These pDC’s are capable of helping the cross-talk between innate and adaptive immune systems. Not only that but through their unique leadership position they can support stronger Natural Killer cells.

Immuno-LP20 is heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum L-137 an immunobiotic backed by over 12 years of research. In studies it supports the balancing of Th1 cells and Th2 cells inside the adaptive immune system. Human studies on Immuno-LP20 ® show support beyond the immune system into oral health and general well-being.

Lactobacillus acidophilus strain L-92 is a heat killed probiotic strain that has origins that research started on in 1985. In several human studies L-92 shows support for helping to regulate Th1 and Th2 cells inside the adaptive immune system. Human studies also show support for lowering parts of an overreactive innate immune system due to environmental allergens.

Beta Glucans 1,3/1,6 from yeast has been studied extensively in humans and is shown to do many things. It was chosen for this formula because it’s been shown to support overall immune health for decades but also because it supports SIgA in the gut which is an important part of the innate immune system. Beyond that studies suggest this prebiotic is also supportive to moods and overall well being.

Directions for Use

Take one capsule/day with food or as directed by your health practitioner.

Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place in original container.
Do not expose to excessive heat.

Speak with your healthcare provider before using, especially if you have a health condition, take medications, are pregnant or nursing.

Recommended Use

Adaptogenic immune support for balanced immune reactions. May help skin immune reactions and environmental allergen responses.

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