For Your Hydrion pH Paper DispenserFor Your Hydrion pH Paper Dispenser

pH Paper Refill – 5 Rolls

For Your Hydrion pH Paper Dispenser
Price: $39.00
  • Check your pH daily
  • Economical refills
  • Half-point accuracy - finer grade

For Your Hydrion pH Paper Dispenser


  • Hydrion
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Great savings for high volume users to test their pH balance regularly.

For use in testing the pH of your saliva or urine, to determine your acidity and your state of health.

Dispenser roll is 15 yards and is calibrated for human testing, with range of 5.5 to 8.0 pH.

Refill only – does not include the dispenser.

Recommended Use

Economical way to refill your Hydrion pH Paper Dispenser.

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