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Portable Laser Therapy
Price: $599.00
  • Helps Relieve Pain and Inflammation
  • May Repair Tissues at Cellular Level
  • People Report it's Fast and Effective

Portable Laser Therapy


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Laser therapy eqipment with accessoriesLaser therapy eqipment with accessories


InfraHelios helps initiate tissue repair at the cellular level. People report fast and effective results with pain and inflammation.

Helps reduce or eliminate the need for potentially addictive medication.

InfraHelios laser therapy uses a combination of light stimulation and tissue warming. Supports deep cellular activation and improvement in micro-circulation. Helps reduce inflammation (swelling) and pain in conditions such as:

  • Hands and feet
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Knees

InfraHelios Portable Infrared Light can be used alone, or with physical therapies.

Infrahelios Laser supports repair at the cellular level, to reduce chronic inflammation and related pain. Repeated use stimulates healing and new tissue generation.

The LEDs emit infrared light at the wave length of 980 nm. This differs from other laser therapy products, such as cold lasers.  For example, cold lasers utilize a low power and small spot size. While sometimes effective, the time, the number and frequency of required treatments are much higher.  The 980 nm is a well-researched wavelength that promotes healing by its ability to penetrate and interact with tissue in the body.

The 980 nm infrared light has been effectively used to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory conditions and pain.

The InfraHelios stimulates the mitochondria due to a chromophore receptor at the 980nm wavelength. This increases production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which drives biochemical activity inside the living cells and is a building block of DNA and RNA. While normally the food you eat and air you breathe provides the input for ATP production, the photons from the laser add another energy source, accelerating the ATP production, leading to accelerated healing for many different conditions.
Recent anecdotal evidence has shown that use of the InfraHelios has helped to increase SPO2 levels, (Dr. Wally Unruh, Colorado.) We also know that the application of the laser and InfraHelios can help reduce scar tissue formation.
  • Four power settings
  • Lightweight at less than 8 ounces
  • Compact with dimensions of 8″ x 4″ x 1″
  • Velcro straps for easy attachment to your body

Single wavelength LED’s used at a lower power enables home use.  Therefore no goggles are needed when using this home healing device.

May be used with a UL-approved extension cord.


Directions for Use

Apply to affected area for 20 to 30 minutes. Do not use for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Allow 12 hours between treatments.

Never use over clothing.
When placing under garments wear light-colored materials.

The black arrows below indicate the location of the hole. Insert the Velcro straps into the hole and pull the straps through until secure. Once you’ve securely fastened both straps, firmly plug in the power supply.

Velcro Straps

Secure with velcro straps as shown below:

Ankle Treatment

Neck TreatmentShoulder TreatmentInfraHelios

Recommended Use

Helps reduce pain and inflammation, and supports tissue repair at the cellular level.

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