Small Intestine Detox
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  • Healthy Microbiome Support
  • Fix Your Gut, Everything Else Improves
  • May Improve Mood and Confidence
  • Helps Regenerate Skin

Small Intestine Detox


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Lactimet supports good colon pH and microbiome health.

Lactic Acid in Lactimet

  • Helps improve your gut health that will affect everything else
  • Activates neural and intestinal stem cells, may have this effect on all stem cells
  • Skin regenerative effects, helping it feel softer and look younger
  • Contains no milk/dairy. It is suitable for those with dairy allergies or intolerances or vegans.

Supplementing with Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) supports a healthy microbiome. A healthy microbiome has 11 times more Gram-positive than Gram–negative bacteria. With age this changes to 2 times more Gram–negative than Gram-positive with disastrous effects. SCFAs may support a proper ratio between Gram-positive and Gram–negative bacteria.

Lactic acid is beneficial to the brain.  It improves mood and confidence and helps reduce the psychological pain of social rejection.

Lactic acid promotes resilience to stress and anxiety by restoring hippocampal class I histone deacetylase (HDAC) levels and activity. It is especially helpful when dealing with shyness and lack of confidence in social situations.

Lactic acid activates neural and intestinal stem cells. It may have this effect on all stem cells.

Proprietary Blend: L-Lactic acid, fulvic acid, acetic acid and purified water.

It is important to note that Lactic acid can exist in L+ or D- form. Many other natural substances exist in L and D forms, and only the L form is bioavailable. The D form can be even detrimental. The L and D describe the orientation of the molecule, left or right turning.

Directions for Use

  • Mix 20 drops in 2 ounces of fruit or vegetable juice
  • Drink through a glass straw
  • Rinse mouth out well after drinking
    (you are doing this to prevent leeching of minerals out of your teeth)
  • Take 1-3x/day.

In order for good bacteria to be able to kill or suppress bad bacteria, stool pH must be 6.8 or below (6.5 optimal). Use pH paper to test your stool pH.

Press the paper to a damp part of the stool. If the stool is dry, split the stool and sample from the center. If feces sticks to the paper, brush it off with paper towel. Paper must show dampness to read. Choose the  darkest color that appears and check against color code. Dark blue is 8 or more.

Lactimet is a strong acid. Do not take undiluted. Do not get on your eyes or skin. Discontinue if you have any kidney pain or other discomfort.

Recommended Use

Supports a healthy microbiome. Comfortable and thorough digestion enables overall well being with lesser or no pain.

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