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Male Hormone Boost [best before May 2020]
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  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Great for Body Builders
  • Enhance Mental Capabilities and Clarity

Male Hormone Boost [best before May 2020]

$39.95 $29.95

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Ultimate Feel Good FormulaUltimate Feel Good Formula

Ultimate Feel Good Formula

Enhance your physical and metal capabilities. Get more energy, stamina and mental clarity that you need to achieve your daily goals.

Works like an anabolic steroid – withOUT the negative effects associated with steroid use, because it’s not an actual steroid.

This is an all natural formula.

Algoran Sports helps heavy mental stress drain away, leaving a more balanced person.

Whether you work out or not, Algoran Sports can get you through the day with more energy than ever before.

Three Powerful Energizing Ingredients

To combat the stress of your day, and your workout…

1. Fadogia Agrestis

  • Tremendous testosterone booster, back up to youthful levels
  • For working out, helps build muscle and shorten recovery time
  • Decreases the cortisol in your body to balance moods from stress
  • Used as an aphrodisiac.

Testing Fadogia Agrestis on animals (sadly, they’ve done this) shows (convincingly) that Fadogia Agrestis increases mating behaviors and increases testicle size. The animals’ blood showed a clear 200% increase in testosterone.

Many serious athletes have dabbled with steroids, and have heard of Fadogia Agrestis – the only natural ingredient that works similar to HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG is often used to keep testicles from shrinking when taking steroids, or to recover them from existing atrophy (shrinkage). Fadogia Agrestis does this too, naturally.

Almost 100% of anecdotal evidence from bodybuilders and athletes reports increased libido, fuller testicles, and an overall sense of well being. These reports coincide with lab research.

This Fadogia Agrestis is not the same as what is commonly available. Most claim that their product is a 10:1 ratio of concentration of the active ingredients. We tested 4 of the main suppliers and the best we found was a 4:1 ratio. The one that had the lowest mercury level was .08 ppm and this one measures .001 ppm of mercury – a true 20:1 ratio product.

2. Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Root is a powerful adaptogen that supports your adrenal gland functions and encourages a healthy response to physical, emotional and mental stress by normalizing cortisol levels and other stress-related hormones. Helps your body cope with your workout. Great for losing weight.

Also boosts your feel-good endorphins (hormones), according to a comprehensive review published in the journal of the American Botanical Council.

Common Uses for Rhodiola

  • Normalize adrenal hormones
  • Increase stamina
  • Decrease stress
  • Encourages a healthy mood
  • Enhance memory and brain functions
  • Stronger heart and cardiovascular functions
  • Helps prevent blood clots
  • Boosts immune system.

3. Ecklonia Cava

Especially good at reducing inflammation to relieve most chronic degenerative conditions.

Users report higher energy, sounder sleep (more sleep and falling asleep quicker), reduced pain and general improvement of health conditions – more good days every week.

Promotes weight loss, cardiovascular benefits from heart-healthy compounds that scavenge free radicals in the bloodstream and promotes healthy cholesterol levels.

Conditions Improved with Ecklonia Cava Extract

  • Constant fatigue
  • Degenerative muscle pain
  • Multiple chemical sensitivities
  • Any pain from inflammation
  • Allergies
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Erectile dysfunction.

Fadogia Agrestis, Rhodiola Rosea, Ecklonia Cava.

Directions for Use

Take 1 – 3 per day for the desired effect, or as recommended by a health practitioner.

For best results, take maximum dose for 4 months.

Recommended Use

Enhance your physical and metal capabilities – more energy, stamina and mental clarity to achieve your daily goals. Increase testosterone production and improve athletic performance (helps build muscle). Perfect for people with high levels of stress, more sedentary folks AND high performance athletes.

Related Articles

Ecklonia Cava – Cardiovascular

Ecklonia Cava tannins have been found to be powerful natural ACE inhibitors, demonstrating more than 15 times the power to inhibit ACE as the most powerful land-based polyphenols, as well as the natural hypotensive substance catechin found in green tea.

Ecklonia Cava – Obesity / Weight Loss

DGAT inhibition has recently been recognized as a novel and safe target for the treatment of obesity. DGAT (diacylglycerol acyltransferase) is a key enzyme involved in intestinal fat absorption, triglyceride levels, fat storage, and energy metabolism in muscles.

Fountain of Youth from South China Sea

Researchers gave Ecklonia Cava Extract to men with erectile difficulties and found their orgasmic function was boosted and they had increase intercourse satisfaction and overall satisfaction by more than 60%!

Scientific References: Ecklonia Cava

Scientific References: Herbs and Plants

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