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Caprylic Acid Complex

Kill Bad Bacteria and Yeast
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  • Reduce and Inhibit Yeast/Candida Albicans
  • Improved Digestion Supports Better Immune Function
  • Contains Eleven Beneficial Active Substances

Kill Bad Bacteria and Yeast


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Kill Bad Bacteria and YeastKill Bad Bacteria and Yeast

Caprylic Acid Complex contains eleven beneficial active substances known to help reduce and inhibit the growth of detrimental bacteria, yeast and Candida Albicans within the digestive system.

This will help restore a normal healthy balance of microorganisms in the body and encourages the growth of healthy microflora within the digestive tract.

Healthier Digestive System = Healthier Immune System

Among the many successful natural treatments for candida albicans, Caprylic Acid Complex is considered to be one of the most helpful…

  • Works by dissolving the cell membranes of the yeast to penetrate and kill the fungi.
  • It’s a medium chain fatty acid which is also called octanoic acid. It is found naturally in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, butter fat as well as in human breast milk.
  • Known to have antifungal as well as some antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Helps maintain the growth of beneficial friendly bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Helps establish the growth of lactic bacteria (friendly bowel bacteria).

Matrix ~ Better For You Supplements

All Matrix supplements (including Caprylic Acid Complex) provide nutrients in a Whole Food Matrix which means they will be presented to your body in the same form as they are in food, and have have been tested by independent labs, and found they are:

  • Significantly better absorbed, longer retained and better used than standardchemical supplements
  • Do not need to be taken with food because they inherently contain all foodfactors necessary for absorption.
  • Nourish whichever part of the body they are needed
  • Have no known allergic reactions
  • Are suitable for vegetarians.
Components Per capsule
Caprylic Acid 250mg
CoEnzyme Q10 5mg
Glutamine 20mg
Slippery Elm 50mg
Garlic 30mg
Aloe Vera 25mg
Pau D’Arco 25mg
Cinnamon 15mg
Lemon Grass 10mg
Grapefruit seed 10mg
Peppermint 5mg

Product Ingredients
Caprylic acid, Slippery elm, Garlic, Aloe vera, Pau d’arco, Glutamine, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Grapefruit seed, Peppermint, Coenzyme Q10.

All botanicals dried and powdered.

Product Non-Ingredients
Vegetable Cellulose

Capsule shell
Vegetable cellulose.

Free From
Wheat, starch, gluten, milk products (lactose, added sugars, colorings, flavorings and preservatives.

Directions for Use

Take two capsules daily before evening meal.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Recommended Use

Reduce and inhibit the growth of detrimental bacteria, yeast (Candida Albicans) within the digestive system.

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