Miracle II

Miracle Neutralizer, powder

Make Your Own Miracle Neutralizer
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  • Detoxify & Alkalize Your Body, By Either Drinking or Bathing
  • Alleviate Indigestion, Constipation and Even Colic
  • Eliminate Body Odors, Fungi and Yeast Infections Too

Make Your Own Miracle Neutralizer


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Make Your Own Miracle NeutralizerMake Your Own Miracle Neutralizer


Energized Mineral Supplement

Miracle Neutralizer, powder can be taken internally or used externally on your skin, your pets and your plants too.

This liquid is colorless and tasteless, and can be taken alone, with water, or with any beverage.

Often used in combination with Miracle II Liquid Soap.

When taken internally, the Miracle II Neutralizer will remineralize and balance your body. It restores proper functioning at the cellular level, and balances electrolytes in your bloodstream. You will have proper absorption of nutrients for healthy functioning, and this can bring back your health, even from very challenging illnesses.

Miracle Neutralizer, powder internally:

  • alleviate indigestion
  • constipation
  • and even colic in infants.

Miracle Neutralizer, powder externally on Your Skin:

  • When sprayed in the nose, it can clear nasal congestion due to colds or allergies, and stop nose bleeds.
  • Added to a vaporizer will relieve harsh coughs due to bronchitis or croup.
  • Detoxify yourself by adding to your bath.
  • End the life of any fungus on finger & toe nails.
  • Taken as a douche will clear up a yeast infection.
  • Body odors can be eliminated, not covered up.
  • Works beautifully as a hair conditioner.

Plant Fertilizer:

  • house plants
  • gardens
  • field crops.

This Neutralizer has had some astounding results: in agriculture, crop yields have been improved by over 100%, with enhanced taste & nutrition, and without using any chemical or organic fertilizer.

Ash of Dedecyl solution, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium. Just add water.

Directions for Use

Reconstitute in 1 gallon of good water (preferably distilled or reverse osmosis) to make Neutralizer. Use less water for stronger solution.

Most common use is 15 ml (half ounce) of the dissolved Neutralizer in a bath, together with the same amount of soap.

7 to 10 drops in every glass of water you drink. It is safe even at 1 oz per day.

Recommended Use

Cleanse & detoxify, clear up yeast & fungus, alkalize internally, and fertilize your house plants, gardens, and field crops.

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