Miracle II

Miracle Soap

Natural Plant-Based Soap
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  • Adjust Concentration to Clean ANYthing
  • Eliminates Head Lice and Other Parasites
  • Great Bubble Bath
  • Continues Down the Drain to Help Clean Sewage

Natural Plant-Based Soap


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Natural Plant-Based SoapNatural Plant-Based Soap


Natural Plant-Based Soap

Degreaser and Antibacterial Agent, Detoxifier, Insecticide, and Fertilizer

By adjusting the concentration, this is the only product in the world that can do everything from washing the skin of a newborn baby, to clean up an oil spill, and everything in between.

Support the health of all systems: use internally and externally. Cleanse, detoxify, deodorize and eliminate pests & parasites on yourself, pets, plants & livestock. Fertilize your plants, gardens and field crops.

Miracle Soap is exceptionally versatile.

By varying the dilution, it can perform diverse jobs such as:

  • cleanse and repair humans and animals (internally & externally)
  • household, industrial and institutional cleaning and deodorizing
  • fertilizing house plants, gardens and field crops
  • cleaning up industrial oil spills.

Add to your bathing routine to cleanse, detoxify, relieve muscle & joint pain, and eliminate body odor. Take internally or apply topically for healing of inflammatory skin conditions and rashes (bites, stings), age spots, stretch marks, scars and bed sores. Also very effective treating head lice and parasites. Wonderful as a shampoo and body wash for normal or oily skin and hair.

For household cleaning or industrial and institutional use.

By using Miracle II products you will eliminate toxic and caustic chemicals from our environment, while saving hundreds of dollars every year. After this natural soap has finished cleaning, it goes down the drain, continuing to clean up our environment.

Miracle Soap contains no synthetic oils, no animal fat, and no preservatives. It is biodegradable and naturally concentrated. Use sparingly, as less is better.

Miracle Soap is often used in combination with Miracle Neutralizer or Neutralizer Gel.

Miracle Soap contains no synthetic oils, no animal fat, and no preservatives.
It is biodegradable and naturally concentrated. Use sparingly, as less is better.


  • Electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water
  • Ash of Dedecyl solution
  • Dehydrabiethylamine (a safe substance that chemists cannot correctly identify, not to be confused with dehydrobiethylamine)
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Natural Foaming Agent

Directions for Use

Use concentrated or diluted as required. It is strong, yet nontoxic.

Commonly used soaps and lotions contain animal fat, synthetic moisturizers, deep acting surfactants, and preservatives that clog pores.

Miracle Soap opens pores that are clogged with oil. This will restore the ability to eliminate toxins, and promote the natural healing of sores and abrasions. It is biodegradable and naturally concentrated, and can be diluted into light, medium and heavy cleaning solutions. From the experience of thousands, we can say that one 22 ounce bottle of Miracle Soap can make up to:

  • 384 gallons glass cleaner
  • 2 gallons dish washing soap
  • 50 gallons car or truck wash
  • 22-35 loads of clothes wash
  • 50 gallons carpet cleaner
  • 2 gallons oven cleaner or carport cleaner
  • 50 quart bottles spot cleaner
  • 50 gallons fire ant or wasp spray
  • 50 gallons garden spray
  • 50 shampoos for your dog or cat

Miracle II Products are so versatile they not only cleanse your body, they also eliminate toxic and harsh chemicals from your environment. Use them in your kitchen, in your bathroom, on your plants and your pets.

Often used in combination with Miracle Neutralizer or Neutralizer Gel.

Recommended Use

Natural plant-based concentrated soap (antibacterial, internally detoxifying) – adjust the concentration to clean anything (your body, hair, car, house and pets). Great plant fertilizer and insecticide too.

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