Miracle II

Moisturizing Miracle Soap

Good for Dry and Sensitive Skin
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  • For Sensitive Skin and Hair
  • Concentrated - Use Full Strength or Dilute
  • Astounding Health Benefits (see user reports)

Good for Dry and Sensitive Skin


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Good for Dry and Sensitive SkinGood for Dry and Sensitive Skin


Natural Soap with Moisturizers

The perfect cornerstone for any skin and hair regime, as it will clean and deodorize anything that water will not damage, and benefit from the added moisture.

Alleviate inflamed and dry skin conditions, rashes, dandruff and diaper rash.

Moisturizing Miracle Soap

Excellent for normal and dry skin and hair, as it gently cleanses away any dirt, pests, impurities and toxins. Add to a bath, use as a body wash, or in place of shampoo.

By using Miracle II products you will eliminate toxic and caustic chemicals from our environment.

Use Moisturizing Miracle Soap and you will enjoy unexpected health benefits and be contributing to our collective survival.

This product is a blend of three Miracle II products: Miracle Soap, Neutralizer and Moisturizer.

Often used in combination with Miracle II Neutralizer or Neutralizer Gel.

Biodegradable and naturally concentrated. The special moisturizers within contain no synthetic oils, no animal fat or preservatives

Contains :
Electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water, Ash of Dedecyl solution, Dehydrabiethylamine (a safe substance that chemists cannot correctly identify, not to be confused with Dehydrobiethylamin), Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Foaming Agent, Cold pressed Avocado, Almond, Olive and Coconut Oils and Vitamin E.

Directions for Use

Apply to your skin like any other soap

Recommended Use

Antibacterial agent, detoxifier, insecticide and fertilizer. Great on dry skin and as a shampoo. Use on everything from a newborn baby, to cracked chafed mechanic’s hands.

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Many Functions of Miracle II Products

The pores become clogged from within and septic conditions are allowed to flourish from within the skin, which in turn causes the body to become more toxic because this organ of elimination is no longer able to perform that function.

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Miracle II Scientific Data

This particular non-harmful transformed surfactant specifically targets and cleanses gram-positive pathogens and substances toxic to humans out of the body after it has been subjected to the manufacturers process.

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