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Mental Health Supplement
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  • Enhances Mental Clarity
  • Boosts Mood Stability
  • Proven Blend of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids

Mental Health Supplement


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Renova, Neuro C3Renova, Neuro C3


Neuro C3 (formerly EMPower Plus) provides optimal nutrition for your brain and nerves.

  • Nutrition for Your Brain and Nerves
  • Contains Potential Life-changing Essential Nutrients
  • Supports, Maximizes and Enhances Optimal Mood Stability
  • Memory ~ Concentration ~ Calm Clarity

And the ability to cope with all that life throws at you.

Also please consider that this product has the chance of correcting the deficiency that is causing the imbalance to begin with.

A Solution, NOT a Bandaid

We offer the product a discount when you commit to automatic monthly shipments.

In as little as one week, many feel a difference. New hope for those who suffer with serious mental and mood disorders. Results are encouragingly significant.

May help:

  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Helps optimal mood stability
  • Feel greater calm, coping and clarity
  • May replace psychoactive drugs
  • Helps eliminate violent or suicidal urges.

These Essential Nutrients are often Life-changing for children and adults. Carefully designed and time tested. In a safe and effective dose.

Balanced, Highly Absorbable Nutrition

Proprietary, bioavailable formula, carefully designed and tested to deliver 36 vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Its claims are solidly backed by clinical studies, and it is safe dose at any dose – take as much as you need.

The unique processing is what makes Neuro C3 so remarkable – why people’s results are so much better than from other supplements.

By micronizing the minerals into nano-particles, the surface area is dramatically increased for better absorbability. Then after micronizing, the mixture is chelated for 96 hours. Over this time, the alkaline minerals are changed into organic mineral acids, and these are rapidly and completely absorbed by your intestinal lining.

In essence, this unique processing (micronization and chelation) creates an active complex of micro-nutrients that your body recognizes, absorbs and utilizes, with far more efficiency than other multi-supplements.

Protecting your good health begins with essential nutrition, and Neuro C3 fills the bill perfectly. It’s not necessary to take huge doses of vitamins and minerals for best effect. Too much of a good thing may be harmful. Balance is key.

 Ingredients Boost Each Other

All the ingredients play a crucial role in boosting the benefits of the others, increasing their penetration across the blood-brain barrier as well as into cell walls. This protects your body and brain from damage and the ravages of aging. Your immune system works better to resist infections, such as colds and flu.

More and more these days we are discovering how our bodies and brains are worn and damaged from our environment and activities. Be it pollution, devitalized foods, or sports injuries – they can all cause a serious risk to our physical, mental and emotional health.

Even minor head trauma (like heading a soccer ball) can cause damage to small blood vessels in the brain, causing inflammation that eats up nutrients for the struggling brain cells to survive.

Past traumatic events of any kind can leave the brain at a less-than-optimal state, while seeking to keep up with daily demands and starved for nutrition.

Story of Neuro C3

It started in Canada, in 2003. Health Canada (the analog of the FDA) sued True Hope for making medical claims without supporting studies. The judge ruled in True Hope’s favor, and gave it a special status by calling on the Good Samaritan Law, which orders it to provide this product, because it is needed to alleviate suffering.

Since that time over 20 studies were conducted, and Neuro C3 is now fully substantiated. If you are concerned, and want your doctor to understand what you are going to take, please direct them to “Clinical Studies for Neuro C3“.


Cell metabolism stimulants in Neuro C3 cause your mitochondria (energy-producers in cells) to increase their activity. This greatly increases the rate at which toxins are flushed from cells and tissues.

Pycnogenols from grape seed extract have shown to reduce toxicity, kill viruses and protect cells. Over time, toxins such as heavy metals, metabolic or medication by-products are more effectively cleared from your system.

Optimize Your Cell Functions

Within one hour of taking Neuro C3, mineral levels rise in your blood, brain and other tissues too. The extracellular fluid (in which your cells are bathed) becomes supercharged with essential minerals and trace elements.

This greatly affects cell metabolism, as communication between cells and extracellular fluid are normalized. This in turn affects the bioelectrical polarity that is so crucial for optimal cell function.

Most Researched Micronutrient Formula

Over $25 million in independent research (no funding from the manufacturer). Conducted at 16 universities in four countries. Including Harvard University. It’s also the subject of 22 studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Reading the research conducted at major universities would astound you. It would also take you thousands of hours. You may not need to read all of it, but you will want to read this one “Clinical Studies for Neuro C3“.

If you are transitioning from medications to Neuro C3, it’s important to include a broad-spectrum, free-form amino acid  such as Aminopower. To help reduce or buffer withdrawal effects. They have also been helpful in mitigating cravings.

Prescription Drugs and Suicide Rates

I doubt that you have been able to avoid the topic of mental health recently.
Suicide definitely tops the list, at about 12 people per 100,000 every year.

Have you been affected by the recent, untimely passing of Robin Williams?
I’ve been reminded of multiple facets, the many sides to this story. Most of all I really enjoyed the clips of his performances and highlights of his past interviews. He was such a fantastically talented man, and yet so complex. I hope that his passing made it possible for many people to talk about their mental health, and even their own suicidal thoughts.

I’ve had my own run with that: when I was poisoned by mercury (thanks to my dentist) I had very frequent dark moments, especially just before going to sleep, when I was contemplating the “end of my suffering” practically every day. Interestingly, once I detoxed the heavy metals out of my brain, these thoughts went away.

Something that I fail to notice in the news is people asking whether Robin Williams was taking any psychoactive medications. A prevalent pattern of both suicides and violent acts (like school shootings) has been that people who either just started, just stopped, or just changed, their dosage of their psychiatric or psychotropic drugs. These include Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil, Effexor, Ritalin. Lexapro, Xanax, Ambien, etc. I only heard that Robin was suffering from depression and was trying to do something about it.

At least 10% of people are on prescription anxiety/depression drugs, and the numbers are growing.

People are having trouble coping – maybe it’s the faster pace of our modern lives, or maybe it’s the imbalances brought on by our industrial environment. Chances are you or someone close to you is taking an anxiety / depression drug.

There is of course more: not just anxiety/depression, bi-polar and manic, OCD, schizophrenia, and the ADD-Autistic spectrum as well. All of these are treated with drugs that suppress symptoms, often at a horrible price of turning the patient into a medicated zombie.

Neuro C3 has been the subject of numerous articles and television segments. And no wonder – the story of how a nutritional supplement came to be developed for mental and mood disorders and the many personal stories of success are of interest to a great many people!

A Promise of Hope by April Stringam In the poignant, fascinating, and remarkable A Promise of Hope, Autumn describes their amazing recovery through their father’s incredible discovery, one that has helped her, her brother, and thousands of others.

Key Ingredients:
Magnesium, Iodine, Zinc, Inositol, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Ginkgo Biloba.

Proprietary Blend:
DL-phenylalanine, Vanadium chelate, Lemon Bioflavonoid Complex 10% (from Citrus Limon Fruit), L-Glutamine, Inositol, L-Methionine, Boron Chelate, Grape Seed Extract, Ginkgo Leaf Extract, Germanium Sesquioxide, Nickel Chelate.

Renova, EMPowerplus Advanced

Other ingredients:
Gelatin (with Titanium dioxide), Magnesium stearate, Glycine, Microcrystalline cellulose, Citric acid, Silicon dioxide, Mineral wax.

Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Non-GMO and Vegan.

About The Chelation Process
Because minerals are difficult for the body to digest in pure form, the minerals in EMPowerplus go through a rigorous process that wraps them in organic molecules and binds them to proteins the body can easily recognize and digest. There are many types of chelation in nature and in medicine; the chelation agents used in EMPowerplus are natural biological agents that are proprietary, as is that technology.

The amount of calcium in 4 capsules of Neuro C3 is 352 mg. Recent studies indicate that too much calcium is not a good thing, but one could take up to 6-8 capsules daily for a reasonable supplement dosage for calcium. The Tolerable Upper Limit or UL is 2500 mg and the RDA is 1000 mg or more for adults.

Phenylalanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is in the food you eat every day. It has many benefits and no toxicity or side effects when taken appropriately, as in the small doses in Neuro C3. It goes directly to dopamine and adrenalin and is useful for energy, stress, fatigue, and pain. This is a widely used, safe essential amino acid that is produced by yeasts and bacteria as metabolic byproducts in the breakdown of protein.

Vitamin B6
The form of vitamin B6 is pyridoxine hydrochloride, which is very easily digested and does not cause stomach upset in the dose contained in Neuro C3. This form of vitamin B6 is created through specialized bacteria and yeasts.

Vitamin B12
Neuro C3 contains the cyanocobalamin form of vitamin B12. Cyanocobalamin is more stable than methylcobalamin; it also requires more methylcobalamin from supplements to equal the same amount of cyanocobalamin.

The prolonged chelation process for Neuro C3 fosters the formation of organic acids, such as fulvic and malic acid, which bind with the micronized minerals to form highly bioavailable organic mineral salts. Alkaline minerals (as used in almost all other supplements) are very difficult to absorb and utilize. The overall result with Neuro C3 is a balanced and appropriately-dosed blend of vitamins and minerals that have shown direct benefits for general health and several specific health conditions.

If you have questions about the medical properties of Neuro C3 – especially if you are concerned about coming off addictive medical drugs and their side effects – you may wish to contact MicroNutrient Support at 1-866-397-3116 or at (there may be a cost associated with their support).

MicroNutrient Support is an independent, third party that specializes in micronutrient and mental health research and education, that has over the last 15 years compiled the most extensive collection of data and research about micronutrient products and supplementation programs available anywhere in the world. They provide this information to individuals and health care providers.

Directions for Use

Dosage for Adults
The recommended dosage for adults is two capsules, twice per day.

If you have an ongoing mental or emotional condition and feel better taking higher doses, then go for it. As you increase the dosage, allow 1-2 weeks to stabilize before adding more capsules.

Some take 10 -12 capsules a day or more, but others, even with a history of mental/emotional conditions (very low moods), can do well on 4-6 a day.

The most important factor in determining dosage is how you feel, and gradually increasing the dose until you feel your best works well.

Neuro C3 will increase your energy levels. If you find that you feel a little too energized, then cut back on the dosage.

Neuro C3d combines well with almost all medications and health conditions. If you are taking an antidepressant or mood stabilizer, for example, you can continue to take. As you respond to the balanced and chelated micronutrients you may want to taper off some or all of your meds, but you should always make that decision with the counsel of your prescribing doctor. Your doctor will need to know how you are feeling, as that will guide the decisions. It is usually best to taper off slowly, depending on the medication. If you are increasing your dosage, do so slowly, one capsule at a time, so you can gauge how you feel on each dosage.

Dosage For Children Varies by Age
Ages 2 and under, one capsule per day.
Ages 2-3, two capsules per day.
Ages 3-5, three capsules per day.
Ages 5 years and above, four capsules per day.
The best way to give Neuro C3 to children that cannot swallow pills, is to open the capsule and mix it into food or drink. Warm liquids may decrease bioavailability somewhat, but may also make some components absorb more rapidly. Its probably a wash overall, so use what is most convenient for you and your family.

To reduce withdrawal effects in transition from other medications to Neuro C3, it is very beneficial to take Aminopower.

Recommended Use

Nutritional support for optimal mood stability, your brain and central nervous system. May replace psychoactive drugs, and helps eliminate violent or suicidal urges. May help you feel “just right”.


Can I stop taking prescription medications now that I’m taking Neuro C3?
We do not prescribe or claim to cure, prevent or mitigate any disease. Do not change your course of prescribed medication without consulting your healthcare provider.

Who should not take Neuro C3 due to the phenylalanine content?
People with Phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare genetic condition, should avoid phenylalanine. Also, people who currently are being treated for melanoma should not take Neuro C3 due to the phenylalanine content. Those in remission from cancer should have no issue.

Upset Stomach?
Though Neuro C3 has very minimal side effects, some may experience stomach upset due to the vitamin and mineral content, especially when first taking the product. Taking Neuro C3 with food, such as a banana or yogurt, can help ease the problem.

Though rare, some may experience headaches when first taking the product, due to the mineral and vitamin content. If headaches occur, we recommend that you reduce your daily intake to one tablet or capsule daily, and slowly increase to one twice per day, up to the recommended adult dosage of two twice per day.

Pregnant or Nursing Women?
In all cases where there is a known UL (Tolerable Upper Limit) for specific nutrients in pregnancy, 4 capsules of Neuro C3 is below this level. Although our medical advisory board considers Neuro C3 safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding, pregnant or nursing women should always consult their healthcare provider before beginning any new supplement program, including Neuro C3.

Weight Gain? – No
Neuro C3 should not cause weight gain or a significant increase in appetite. The best thing to do if you find yourself gaining weight is to get more exercise and fill up on fresh, leafy vegetables.

Face Breakouts?
For some people, large amounts of iodine might cause a breakout, but the amount of iodine in Neuro C3 is minor. One shake of table salt has about as much iodine as Neuro C3. Iodine is a vital nutrient, and without it the thyroid can’t function, and skin may become dry and rough.

Can I take sleep aid products with Neuro C3?
Neuro C3 will not interact with sleep aid products. However, some sleep aids slow the brain and other functions the next day.

Fatigue and Sleeplessness?
If you’ve just stopped taking a medication (to start Neuro C3), you may feel fatigue and other symptoms, so you will likely need to give your body time to readjust. Please note that we do not recommend that you discontinue any prescribed medications without consulting your healthcare provider.
If you have trouble sleeping at night, we suggest you take Neuro C3 in the morning and the early afternoon no later than 5 pm. It is even better to take the afternoon dose by 4 pm or even 3 pm. If taken in the evening, Neuro C3 may cause sleeplessness in some people. If sleep is a problem, you might also try scaling back your dosage.

If this occurs and persists, we suggest you stop Neuro C3 for a week, and then restart at a lower dose. Then increase to the normal dose after a week and see how it goes (see the recommended dosages for children above). Neuro C3 should be used at the proper dose; if your child is taking more than 4 capsules per day, that might overstimulate him/her.

Regarding Additional Vitamins and Minerals

Because Neuro C3 is a combination that relies on a precise balance of ingredients, for best results, we generally recommend that no additional mineral supplements be taken along with it, other than as recommended by a customer’s healthcare provider. However, in cases where people may wish to take additional supplements, we suggest you consult the ingredient dose on the Neuro C3 ingredient label, add the dose of additional supplements you wish to take, and compare the value against the Tolerable Upper Limits set by the Institute of Medicine (this information is easily found online). You can then make an informed decision (along with your healthcare provider) about whether the additional supplement is appropriate for you.

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