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Speed Repair Both Internally and Externally
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  • Antiseptic to Speed Healing
  • Aids Digestion
  • Delicious Seasoning for Food

Speed Repair Both Internally and Externally


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Speed Repair Both Internally and ExternallySpeed Repair Both Internally and Externally


Anti-aging is the most valuable aspect of Sage Oil – used extensively in anti-aging and skin care products because it’s antioxidant properties slow down aging and prevents symptoms (wrinkles, sagging skin and muscles, reduced vision and hearing, declining brain functions and nervous disorders).

  • Research shows that Sagenol has three times more antioxidant power than vitamin E
  • Speeds healing of wounds and helps eliminate scars, even those left by boils, pox and sores
  • Stimulates your brain, nervous system, liver, spleen, circulatory and excretory systems – this activates and optimizes their functions
  • Delicious flavoring for foods, especially meat and poultry.
  • When applied topically, it has a potent preservation action, for skin health and beauty
  • Protects form infections, both topically and internally.

Antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties – helps heal wounds including surgical incisions. Speeds the healing of infections in ears, nose, throat, eyes, genitals, urethra, colon, intestines as well as on the skin and wounds.

Aids Digestion
Promotes secretion of bile and gastric juices to speed food breakdown, improving overall digestion. Also inhibits the growth of bad bacteria in your digestive system, that interferes with your digestion and immune system.

Sage Oil speeds up the removal of toxins from your blood through excretion or sweat.

Treats all types of issues from spasms (convulsions, stomach and intestinal cramps, deep chest coughs).

Helps Expel Excess Mucous
Relieves congestion due to colds/influenza, and infections in respiratory tract.

Helps Regulate Menstrual Cycles
Relief from problems like headaches, nausea, weakness, fatigue, anxiety and mood swings.

Facilitates excretion (eliminate constipation) by stimulating the intestines.

There’s an old proverb about Sage: “Age never touches the person who has sage in his garden.” Sage is associated with wisdom, and wise is the person who uses it frequently.

North American Herb & Spice, Speed Repair Both Internally and ExternallyContains:
Wild Sage Oil from a remote mountain-grown source, in the finest extra virgin olive oil.

Certified wild, non-GMO, handpicked from remote mountain regions. A great addition to any marinade.

Directions for Use

Internally (many uses – see Product Overview tab)
Take 5 or more drops under your tongue or in juice/water daily.

Delicious flavor for any meat dishes, especially poultry.

Massage on any other area of concern (face, hands, feet).

Recommended Use

Antiseptic, antioxidant, antispasmodic (digestive cramps, coughs, convulsions), stimulates expelling mucous from coughs, detoxifying through sweat, and laxative.


Being a nerve stimulant, those with epilepsy, hysteria, or a history of either, should not use Sagenol.

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