Nutrient-Rich Blue/Green Algae
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  • Powerful, Balanced and Complete Natural Nutrition
  • Ultimate Fuel for Your Body
  • High Protein Content - Excellent for Building Muscle

Nutrient-Rich Blue/Green Algae


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One Teaspoon = Whole Salad

One teaspoon of Spirulina powder supplies the phytonutrients contained in a whole salad. An excellent supplement for anyone needing additional nourishment, like dieters, athletes, convalescents and the elderly.

Relieve Pain from Inflammation

Spirulina is a rich source Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that’s proven very helpful to relieve joint pain.

Fights Serious, Contagious Viral Infections

Scientific studies show usefulness of Spirulina against serious contagious viral infection outbreaks.

Powerful Natural Detoxifier

Spirulina has a cleansing effect that works on digestion, on blood and the entire body (after several months of use).

Alkaline to Balance your Body’s pH

Most diseases thrive in acidic cellular terrain. Junk food, fast food, overcooked, processed foods, especially soft drinks (the worst is cola with pH of 2.7) push your pH towards acidity. These “foods” are largely responsible for rising tumor rates – one third of all people in the United States will grow a tumor in their lifetime. Thirty years ago, tumors in children were almost unheard of. Now they have entire hospital wards.

Spirulina Tablets

Your body is perfectly capable of healing itself, when given the necessary nutrients. Many foods can do this, and Spirulina is at the top of it’s class providing a wide range of divers nutrients:

Spirulina is Nature’s Richest Source of:

Organic Iron
58 times richer in organic iron than raw spinach and 28 times richer than raw beef liver, bio-chelated, completely nontoxic.

Vitamin B-12
4-6 times richer than raw beef liver, known for providing energy, it’s crucial for your brain, heart, nervous system and the health of all your DNA in all your cells.

Probiotics, Digestive and Other Enzymes
Supports the reproduction of lactobacilli, the bacteria that helps your digestive system.

Vitamin E
3 times the Vitamin E than raw wheat germ – its biological activity is 49% greater than synthetic vitamin E.

Beta-Carotene (Pro Vitamin A)
25 times the Beta-Carotene than raw carrots, completely nontoxic even in mega doses.

Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD)
An essential enzyme crucial to assimilate amino acids (protein).

Spirulina is a complete protein, meaning it has all eight essential amino acids, and ten others. Most animal protein contain large amounts of fat (Spirulina does not), and Spirulina has less than four calories per gram.

100% Pure Organic Spirulina (spirulina plantensis) – Pure Food

The most nutrient-rich blue/green algae in the world, supplies highly concentrated phyto-nutrients. One of the oldest foods on the planet.

Mineral rich from clean ocean water. Enjoy the extra calcium, magnesium and all essential trace elements. antastic source of protein, vitamins and minerals, in whole food form to nourish every cell in your body.

Protected and made available to you, freeze dried right after harvesting, packaged with oxygen absorbers and sealing caps that prevent oxidization.

Directions for Use

Add a 1/2 teaspoon or more to your smoothies.

Eat tablets as a snack.

Spirulina has a 95% digestibility rate, compared to 10-15% for most foods.

Recommended Use

Whole food source of protein, vitamins and minerals to nourish every cell, Spirulina is especially important dieters, athletes, convalescents and the elderly.